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Beginning on March 21, 2023, Douglas T. Tabachnik, in his capacity as the chapter 7 trustee of the bankruptcy estate of The Worth Collection, Ltd., began filing complaints, opening adversary proceedings, seeking to avoid and recover certain transfers made to the individual defendants and to disallow the claim(s) held by individual defendants.  Approximately 163 such complaints have been filed thus far.

The complaints essentially allege that the transfers were preferential and/or fraudulent under the Bankruptcy Code and state law, and to disallow the claim(s) held by individual defendants.  

Specifically, through the comprehensive complaints, Plaintiff seeks to claw back certain payments made to the individual Defendants, avoiding and recovering all (a) preferential transfers of property of the Debtors that occurred during the ninety (90) day period prior to the commencement of the bankruptcy proceedings, pursuant to sections 547 and 550 of the Bankruptcy Code, and/or (b) any transfers that may have been fraudulent conveyances pursuant to sections 544, 548 and 550 of the Bankruptcy Code and/or delaware state law, 6 Del C. §§ 1304, 1305, 1307.

In addition, Plaintiff seeks to disallow, pursuant to sections 502 of the Bankruptcy Code, any claim that the individual Defendant has filed or asserted against the Debtors or that has been scheduled for the individual Defendant.

Procedural History:

On February 14, 2020, an involuntary petition was filed against the Debtor under chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code in the Bankruptcy Court, thereby
commencing the Chapter 7 Case.

On March 24, 2021, the Bankruptcy Court entered an Order for Relief against the Debtor, thereby allowing the Chapter 7 Case to proceed.

On June 23, 2021, the Bankruptcy Court entered an order appointing Douglas T. Tabachnik as the chapter 7 trustee to administer the Chapter 7 Case.

The bankruptcy case and these adversary actions are before the Honorable Judge Brendan L. Shannon.

Background Specific to the Debtor’s Sales Agents, as alleged by Plaintiff:
16. A significant element of the Debtor’s business model involved engaging numerous independent contractors as sales agents for the marketing and sale of high-end women’s apparel.
17. The Debtor referred to such sales agents as “stylists.”
18. Many of the Debtor’s sales agents maintained friendships and relationships with individuals who were likely to purchase the Debtor’s high end women’s apparel.
19. Many of the Debtor’s sales agents performed their services for the Debtor on a parttime, rather than full-time, basis.
20. The agreements between the Debtor and its sales agents provided for commissions to be paid to such sales agents for the sale of the Debtor’s merchandise.
21. In addition to commissions, the Debtor’s sales agents also could receive sales incentives, free merchandise, and reduced cost merchandise from the Debtor.
22. The Debtor had multiple tiers of contracts with its independent contractors, including what it termed as “Agency Leaders,” “Associate Agency Leaders,” and “Associates.”
23. Certain independent contractors of the Debtor would receive commissions based not only on what merchandise they sold themselves, but would additionally receive commissions based on what merchandise other independent contractors of the Debtor sold.
24. For example, an independent contractor of the Debtor that qualified as an “Agency Leader” could earn commissions on merchandise sold by certain other independent contractors of the Debtor.

Common Defenses in Preference Actions

The United States Bankruptcy Code provides many affirmative defenses to preference actions, contained within Section 547(c). For example, the most common defenses that may be available to a Defendant under Section 547(c) may include:

    •    the transfer was a contemporaneous exchange for new value given to the debtor (i.e., the debtor received something of value in exchange for the transfer); 11 U.S.C. §547(c)(1);

    •    after such transfer, Defendant gave new value to or for the benefit of the debtor (i.e., the Defendant extended additional credit to the Debtor after receiving the transfer) 11 U.S.C. §547(c)(4); or

    •    the transfer was in payment of a debt incurred by the debtor in the ordinary course of business or financial affairs of the debtor and the recipient (i.e., Defendant made the transfer under ordinary business terms). 11 U.S.C. §547(c)(2).

For more information, see our page on Preference Defense Litigation:

The following Adversary Proceedings were filed in the Delaware Bankruptcy Case of The Worth Collection, LTD.

23-50154-BLS    Tabachnik v. American Express
23-50155-BLS    Tabachnik v. Better Pak Container Corp.
23-50156-BLS    Tabachnik v. Coroc / Hilton Head I L.L.C.
23-50157-BLS    Tabachnik v. Eagle Logistic Service, Inc.
23-50158-BLS    Tabachnik v. NEW 520 GSH LLC
23-50159-BLS    Tabachnik v. Parkwood Seven, LLC
23-50160-BLS    Tabachnik v. PIXAVO, LLC
23-50161-BLS    Tabachnik v. Lombardo & Partners, LLC
23-50162-BLS    Tabachnik v. Sino American Knitwear (H.K.) Ltd.
23-50163-BLS    Tabachnik v. Evenica Corp.
23-50164-BLS    Tabachnik v. Baena
23-50165-BLS    Tabachnik v. Gabay
23-50166-BLS    Tabachnik v. Wilferth
23-50167-BLS    Tabachnik v. Shelby
23-50168-BLS    Tabachnik v. Holmen
23-50169-BLS    Tabachnik v. Crump
23-50170-BLS    Tabachnik v. Evans
23-50171-BLS    Tabachnik v. Mullican
23-50172-BLS    Tabachnik v. Gunn
23-50173-BLS    Tabachnik v. Moore
23-50174-BLS    Tabachnik v. Borden
23-50175-BLS    Tabachnik v. Steele
23-50176-BLS    Tabachnik v. McCann
23-50177-BLS    Tabachnik v. Barta
23-50178-BLS    Tabachnik v. Crane
23-50179-BLS    Tabachnik v. Villers
23-50180-BLS    Tabachnik v. Reed
23-50181-BLS    Tabachnik v. Troutman
23-50182-BLS    Tabachnik v. Lawrence-Hegner
23-50183-BLS    Tabachnik v. Fredrickson
23-50184-BLS    Tabachnik v. Wasson
23-50185-BLS    Tabachnik v. Bond
23-50186-BLS    Tabachnik v. Burke
23-50187-BLS    Tabachnik v. McElhinney
23-50188-BLS    Tabachnik v. Tomazin
23-50189-BLS    Tabachnik v. Mackey
23-50190-BLS    Tabachnik v. Olson
23-50191-BLS    Tabachnik v. Mardre
23-50192-BLS    Tabachnik v. Ochab
23-50193-BLS    Tabachnik v. Hord
23-50194-BLS    Tabachnik v. Mills
23-50195-BLS    Tabachnik v. Ladines
23-50196-BLS    Tabachnik v. Fleming
23-50197-BLS    Tabachnik v. Hofmann
23-50198-BLS    Tabachnik v. McCarroll
23-50199-BLS    Tabachnik v. Baker
23-50200-BLS    Tabachnik v. Watson
23-50201-BLS    Tabachnik v. Yanke
23-50202-BLS    Tabachnik v. Javello
23-50203-BLS    Tabachnik v. Morrow
23-50204-BLS    Tabachnik v. Burer
23-50205-BLS    Tabachnik v. Covell
23-50206-BLS    Tabachnik v. Nullman
23-50207-BLS    Tabachnik v. Corral
23-50208-BLS    Tabachnik v. Jarvis
23-50209-BLS    Tabachnik v. Palmer
23-50210-BLS    Tabachnik v. Greenspan
23-50211-BLS    Tabachnik v. Torgal
23-50212-BLS    Tabachnik v. Gilly
23-50213-BLS    Tabachnik v. Moore
23-50214-BLS    Tabachnik v. Mahoney
23-50215-BLS    Tabachnik v. Cooke
23-50216-BLS    Tabachnik v. Weaver
23-50217-BLS    Tabachnik v. Boesch
23-50218-BLS    Tabachnik v. Hines
23-50219-BLS    Tabachnik v. Middlesworth
23-50220-BLS    Tabachnik v. Pfeffer
23-50221-BLS    Tabachnik v. Maxwell
23-50222-BLS    Tabachnik v. Sleeper
23-50223-BLS    Tabachnik v. Callaway
23-50224-BLS    Tabachnik v. Thompson
23-50225-BLS    Tabachnik v. Gibbs
23-50226-BLS    Tabachnik v. Fernandez
23-50227-BLS    Tabachnik v. Quigley
23-50228-BLS    Tabachnik v. Kendrick
23-50229-BLS    Tabachnik v. Crawford
23-50230-BLS    Tabachnik v. DeRienzo
23-50231-BLS    Tabachnik v. DeForest
23-50232-BLS    Tabachnik v. Smith
23-50233-BLS    Tabachnik v. Bryant
23-50234-BLS    Tabachnik v. Muzzy
23-50235-BLS    Tabachnik v. Mavrides
23-50236-BLS    Tabachnik v. Fickinger
23-50237-BLS    Tabachnik v. Bouchein
23-50238-BLS    Tabachnik v. House
23-50239-BLS    Tabachnik v. Fite
23-50240-BLS    Tabachnik v. Watson
23-50241-BLS    Tabachnik v. Epifanio
23-50242-BLS    Tabachnik v. Dunkel
23-50243-BLS    Tabachnik v. Bebout
23-50244-BLS    Tabachnik v. Nini
23-50245-BLS    Tabachnik v. Davis
23-50246-BLS    Tabachnik v. Solomon
23-50247-BLS    Tabachnik v. Majev
23-50248-BLS    Tabachnik v. Ventresca
23-50249-BLS    Tabachnik v. Faryniarz
23-50250-BLS    Tabachnik v. Willets
23-50251-BLS    Tabachnik v. Kennedy
23-50252-BLS    Tabachnik v. Hewlett
23-50253-BLS    Tabachnik v. Bellin
23-50254-BLS    Tabachnik v. Cooper
23-50255-BLS    Tabachnik v. Mavar
23-50256-BLS    Tabachnik v. McGillen
23-50257-BLS    Tabachnik v. Dyer
23-50258-BLS    Tabachnik v. Owens
23-50259-BLS    Tabachnik v. Peterson
23-50260-BLS    Tabachnik v. Burkhart
23-50261-BLS    Tabachnik v. Reid
23-50262-BLS    Tabachnik v. Black
23-50263-BLS    Tabachnik v. Badalamenti
23-50264-BLS    Tabachnik v. Prew
23-50265-BLS    Tabachnik v. Welch
23-50266-BLS    Tabachnik v. Blackburn
23-50267-BLS    Tabachnik v. Bazarian
23-50268-BLS    Tabachnik v. Chenot
23-50269-BLS    Tabachnik v. Froehlich
23-50270-BLS    Tabachnik v. Barnwell
23-50271-BLS    Tabachnik v. Coonrad
23-50272-BLS    Tabachnik v. Boone
23-50273-BLS    Tabachnik v. ADO Professional Solutions, Inc.
23-50274-BLS    Tabachnik v. 40 & 210 Meadowland Parkway, LLC
23-50275-BLS    Tabachnik v. Dickinson
23-50276-BLS    Tabachnik v. Williams
23-50277-BLS    Tabachnik v. Abbott
23-50278-BLS    Tabachnik v. Finnell
23-50279-BLS    Tabachnik v. Fredricks
23-50280-BLS    Tabachnik v. Fales
23-50281-BLS    Tabachnik v. Dunkenberger
23-50282-BLS    Tabachnik v. Cox
23-50283-BLS    Tabachnik v. Gross
23-50284-BLS    Tabachnik v. Pattison
23-50285-BLS    Tabachnik v. Meybohm
23-50286-BLS    Tabachnik v. Weintraub
23-50287-BLS    Tabachnik v. Wilson
23-50288-BLS    Tabachnik v. Conner
23-50289-BLS    Tabachnik v. Thomas
23-50290-BLS    Tabachnik v. Gray
23-50291-BLS    Tabachnik v. Adams
23-50292-BLS    Tabachnik v. Thuston
23-50293-BLS    Tabachnik v. Goosman
23-50294-BLS    Tabachnik v. Bergs
23-50295-BLS    Tabachnik v. Ingham
23-50296-BLS    Tabachnik v. DiGiglia
23-50297-BLS    Tabachnik v. Parter
23-50298-BLS    Tabachnik v. Dexter
23-50299-BLS    Tabachnik v. Lawrence
23-50300-BLS    Tabachnik v. Johnson
23-50301-BLS    Tabachnik v. Usherwood
23-50302-BLS    Tabachnik v. Howle
23-50303-BLS    Tabachnik v. Gaines Barusch
23-50304-BLS    Tabachnik v. Arnell
23-50305-BLS    Tabachnik v. Lifeline Data Centers, LLC
23-50306-BLS    Tabachnik v. Babij
23-50307-BLS    Tabachnik v. Riverside Solutions
23-50308-BLS    Tabachnik v. Stahle
23-50309-BLS    Tabachnik v. Carlisle
23-50310-BLS    Tabachnik v. Howard
23-50311-BLS    Tabachnik v. Dieter
23-50312-BLS    Tabachnik v. Smith
23-50313-BLS    Tabachnik v. Miromar Outlet West, LLC
23-50317-BLS    Tabachnik v. Szychowski
23-50407-BLS    Tabachnik v. Haynes
23-50408-BLS    Tabachnik v. Wilcox
23-50762-BLS    Tabachnik v. Sklaver
23-50763-BLS    Tabachnik v. Grimsley
23-50764-BLS    Tabachnik v. Sturtevant
23-50765-BLS    Tabachnik v. Shore
23-50766-BLS    Tabachnik v. IPFS of New York, LLC

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