List of Adversary Proceedings filed in GFX Holdings, LLC bankruptcy

Adversary Proceedings filed in GFX Holdings, LLC bankruptcy, Case No. 20-10753 (JTD) starting on March 31, 2022.

22-50236-JTD    Beskrone v. Aegon USA
22-50237-JTD    Beskrone v. Ann Harris Bennett, Harris County Tax Assessor-Col
22-50238-JTD    Beskrone v. CPI Wirecloth & Screens, Inc.
22-50239-JTD    Beskrone v. U.S. Department of the Treasury
22-50240-JTD    Beskrone v. Forged Components, Inc.
22-50241-JTD    Beskrone v. G&C Steel Fabricators, LLC
22-50242-JTD    Beskrone v. Greentree Transportation Co.
22-50243-JTD    Beskrone v. Griffin Trade Group, LP
22-50244-JTD    Beskrone v. GTO Welding Services LLC
22-50245-JTD    Beskrone v. Houston Inspection Services
22-50246-JTD    Beskrone v. North Shore Supply Company, Inc., d/b/a North Shor
22-50247-JTD    Beskrone v. Overhead Crane Service, LLC
22-50248-JTD    Beskrone v. Performance Insulation Contractors, Inc.
22-50249-JTD    Beskrone v. Tray-Tec, Inc.
22-50250-JTD    Beskrone v. Uni-Form Components Co.
22-50251-JTD    Beskrone v. Vestek Industries LLC
22-50252-JTD    Beskrone v. Zion Tower Services Inc.
22-50253-JTD    Beskrone v. Allstate Supply Company, Inc.

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