List of Adversary Proceedings filed in Comcar Industries, Inc. bankruptcy

Adversary Proceedings filed in the bankruptcy of Comcar Industries, Inc., Case No. 20-11120-LSS on May 3, 2022.

22-50270-LSS    O'Malley v. American Heritage Life Insurance Company
22-50271-LSS    O'Malley v. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina
22-50272-LSS    O'Malley v. Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
22-50273-LSS    O'Malley v. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
22-50274-LSS    O'Malley v. 3 H Investments of Louisiana, Inc.
22-50275-LSS    O'Malley v. AAA Trailer Services, Inc.
22-50276-LSS    O'Malley v. Admin America, Inc.
22-50277-LSS    O'Malley v. Alpha Bulk Logistics LLC
22-50278-LSS    O'Malley v. BankDirect Capital Finance, LLC
22-50279-LSS    O'Malley v. Black Hills Corporation
22-50280-LSS    O'Malley v. Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC
22-50281-LSS    O'Malley v. Buck Lumber & Supply Longwood, Inc.
22-50282-LSS    O'Malley v. Bulk Manufacturing of Florida, Inc.
22-50283-LSS    O'Malley v. CDW Direct, LLC
22-50284-LSS    O'Malley v. Corporation Service Company
22-50285-LSS    O'Malley v. Datum Computing Systems LLC
22-50286-LSS    O'Malley v. Demarteleare
22-50287-LSS    O'Malley v. Delta Dental Insurance Company
22-50288-LSS    O'Malley v. HireRight, LLC
22-50289-LSS    O'Malley v. Imperial Supplies LLC
22-50290-LSS    O'Malley v. Innovative Business Technologies LLC
22-50291-LSS    O'Malley v. KelohTech, LLC
22-50292-LSS    O'Malley v. Lincoln Life Assurance Company of Boston
22-50293-LSS    O'Malley v. Low Country Loading Service, Inc.
22-50294-LSS    O'Malley v. M.B.T. Transport, Inc.
22-50295-LSS    O'Malley v. Maryland Transportation Authority
22-50296-LSS    O'Malley v. MBL Transport LLC
22-50297-LSS    O'Malley v. New Life Transport Parts Center, Inc.
22-50298-LSS    O'Malley v. Omnitracs, LLC
22-50299-LSS    O'Malley v. Orange Commercial Credit, Inc.
22-50300-LSS    O'Malley v. Paperwise, Inc.
22-50301-LSS    O'Malley v. Premier Dissolution, LLC
22-50302-LSS    O'Malley v. Quantum Health, Inc.
22-50303-LSS    O'Malley v. Robert Jellis Trucking, Inc.
22-50304-LSS    O'Malley v. Royalty Capital Inc.
22-50305-LSS    O'Malley v. Scopelitis, Garvin, Light, Hanson & Feary, PC
22-50306-LSS    O'Malley v. Service Express, LLC
22-50307-LSS    O'Malley v. Seward & Kissel LLP
22-50308-LSS    O'Malley v. Sunshine Tag LLC
22-50309-LSS    O'Malley v. Tank Trailer Cleaning, Inc.
22-50310-LSS    O'Malley v. Transflo Express, LLC
22-50311-LSS    O'Malley v. Trimble Transportation Enterprise Solutions Inc.
22-50312-LSS    O'Malley v. Tri-State Trailer Rentals, LLC
22-50313-LSS    O'Malley v. Xenolytic Dana Solutions, LLC
22-50314-LSS    O'Malley v. Emergency Response and Training Solutions, Inc.
22-50315-LSS    O'Malley v. Metro Trailer, Inc.
22-50316-LSS    O'Malley v. American Express Company
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