Adversary Proceedings filed in HMR Foods Holding, LP

Adversary Proceedings filed in HMR Foods Holding, LP Bankruptcy, Case No. 16-11540-KJC, between June 15, 2018 and June 22, 2018:

18-50525-KJC    Giuliano v. Bonollo Provisions Co., Inc.
18-50526-KJC    Giuliano v. Brazos Marketing Corporation
18-50527-KJC    Giuliano v. Bunzl Distribution Northeast, LLC
18-50528-KJC    Giuliano v. Colonial Cumberland, LLC
18-50529-KJC    Giuliano v. Double "D" International Food Co., Inc.
18-50530-KJC    Giuliano v. Eastland Food Products, Inc.
18-50531-KJC    Giuliano v. Easy Pak, LLC
18-50532-KJC    Giuliano v. Garden Fresh Salad Co., Inc.
18-50533-KJC    Giuliano v. G.S., Inc.
18-50534-KJC    Giuliano v. A & R Fabrication and Controls, Corp.
18-50535-KJC    Giuliano v. Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
18-50536-KJC    Giuliano v. Asgaard Capital LLC
18-50537-KJC    Giuliano v. Atlapac Trading Company, Inc.
18-50538-KJC    Giuliano v. Avo-King International, Inc.
18-50539-KJC    Giuliano v. Georgia Power Company
18-50540-KJC    Giuliano v. Marzetti Frozen Pasta, Inc.
18-50541-KJC    Giuliano v. Richard Barton Enterprises
18-50542-KJC    Giuliano v. National Grid Corporate Services LLC
18-50543-KJC    Giuliano v. Castle Importing, Inc.
18-50544-KJC    Giuliano v. Proseal America, Inc.
18-50545-KJC    Giuliano v. Sysco Atlanta LLC
18-50546-KJC    Giuliano v. Cerami Sales Company, Inc.
18-50547-KJC    Giuliano v. Clean Sweep Supply Company, Inc.
18-50548-KJC    Giuliano v. G & J Forklift Inc.
18-50549-KJC    Giuliano v. Yavar Manufacturing Company, Inc.
18-50550-KJC    Giuliano v. Cryovac, Inc.
18-50551-KJC    Giuliano v. Praxair Distribution, Inc.,
18-50552-KJC    Giuliano v. Edgewood Partners Insurance Center
18-50553-KJC    Giuliano v. Elite Spice, Inc.
18-50554-KJC    Giuliano v. Empire Marketing Strategies, Inc.
18-50556-KJC    Giuliano v. Perrin Bernard Supowitz, Inc.
18-50557-KJC    Giuliano v. King Plastics, Inc.
18-50558-KJC    Giuliano v. Printech Label Corporation
18-50559-KJC    Giuliano v. Sysco Ventura, Inc.
18-50560-KJC    Giuliano v. Tampico Spice Co., Incorporated
18-50561-KJC    Giuliano v. West Coast Labels
18-50562-KJC    Giuliano v. Brazos Marketing Corporation
18-50563-KJC    Giuliano v. Bunzl Dallas, Inc.
18-50564-KJC    Giuliano v. Lakeview Cheese Co. LLC
18-50565-KJC    Giuliano v. Coldwater Canyon Corporation
18-50566-KJC    Giuliano v. Golden West Trading, Inc.
18-50567-KJC    Giuliano v. Hidden Villa Ranch Produce, Inc.
18-50568-KJC    Giuliano v. Western Mixers Produce & Nuts, Inc.
18-50569-KJC    Giuliano v. Mullinix Packages, Inc.
18-50570-KJC    Giuliano v. Newport Ingredients
18-50571-KJC    Giuliano v. Pack-Line West, Inc.
18-50572-KJC    Giuliano v. Penske Truck Leasing Co., L.P. et al
18-50573-KJC    Giuliano v. Plymouth Poultry Company
18-50574-KJC    Giuliano v. Proseal America, Inc.
18-50575-KJC    Giuliano v. Rancho Foods, Inc.
18-50576-KJC    Giuliano v. Rockview Dairies, Inc.
18-50577-KJC    Giuliano v. R.W. Zant Co.
18-50578-KJC    Giuliano v. Health Net of California, Inc.
18-50579-KJC    Giuliano v. Sampco, Inc.
18-50580-KJC    Giuliano v. Soup Bases Loaded, Inc.
18-50581-KJC    Giuliano v. Steven H. Haney, a Law Corporation
18-50582-KJC    Giuliano v. Sysco North Texas
18-50583-KJC    Giuliano v. T & J Sausage Kitchen, Inc.
18-50584-KJC    Giuliano v. TSS Personnel, Inc.
18-50585-KJC    Giuliano v. Waste & Recycling Services, Inc.
18-50586-KJC    Giuliano v. XTuple, LLC
18-50587-KJC    Giuliano v. MAC Trailer Leasing, Inc.
18-50588-KJC    Giuliano v. Marzetti Frozen Pasta, Inc.
18-50589-KJC    Giuliano v. Michelson Laboratories, Inc.
18-50590-KJC    Giuliano v. Shepard Bros., Inc.
18-50591-KJC    Giuliano v. Food and Dairy Research Associates, Inc.
18-50592-KJC    Giuliano v. Lineage Logisitics Holdings, LLC et al
18-50593-KJC    Giuliano v. Sonoco Products Company et al
18-50594-KJC    Giuliano v. Signature Transportation, Inc.
18-50595-KJC    Giuliano v. City of Vernon, California et al
18-50596-KJC    Giuliano v. MBN Construction, Inc.
18-50598-KJC    Giuliano v. Xpert Packaging, Inc.
18-50599-KJC    Giuliano v. H.W. Temps, Inc.
18-50600-KJC    Giuliano v. Sycamore Sales, Inc.
18-50601-KJC    Giuliano v. Double D Foods, Inc. et al
18-50602-KJC    Giuliano v. United States Department of Agriculture et al

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