2020 Chapter 11 Filings in Delaware Bankruptcy Court (Part 1)

2020 Chapter 11 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, January through June 2020, are listed below. Without going into a level of detail that most people do not real want, in many but not all cases, one can expect preference avoidance actions will be filed within 2 years of the bankruptcy filing date. See 11 U.S. Code § 546. Thus, we can anticipate that in or before 2022, we will see preference complaints filed in relation to those bankruptcy petitions filed in 2020. Click here for Part 2.

Date Case Number Debtor Name

1/5/2020 20-10010-CSS Borden Dairy Company
1/5/2020 20-10011-CSS Borden Dairy Holdings, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10012-CSS National Dairy, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10013-CSS Borden Dairy Company of Alabama, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10014-CSS Borden Dairy Company of Cincinnati, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10015-CSS Borden Transport Company of Cincinnati, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10016-CSS Borden Dairy Company of Florida, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10017-CSS Borden Dairy Company of Kentucky, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10018-CSS Borden Dairy Company of Louisiana, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10019-CSS Borden Dairy Company of Madisonville, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10020-CSS Borden Dairy Company of Ohio, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10021-CSS Borden Transport Company of Ohio, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10022-CSS Borden Dairy Company of South Carolina, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10023-CSS Borden Dairy Company of Texas, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10024-CSS Claims Adjusting Services, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10025-CSS Georgia Soft Serve Delights, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10026-CSS NDH Transport, LLC
1/5/2020 20-10027-CSS RGC, LLC
1/6/2020 20-10028-LSS Paddock Enterprises, LLC
1/6/2020 20-10034-BLS Education Corporation of America
1/14/2020 20-10072-JTD REVA Medical, Inc.
1/15/2020 20-10091-CSS Prometheus Health Imaging, Inc.
1/23/2020 20-10134-JTD SFP Franchise Corporation
1/23/2020 20-10135-JTD Schurman Fine Papers
1/27/2020 20-10156-MFW BL Restaurants Holding, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10157-MFW BL Restaurant Operations, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10158-KBO Southland Royalty Company LLC
1/27/2020 20-10159-MFW BL Restaurant Franchises, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10160-MFW BL Hunt Valley, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10161-LSS American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10162-LSS Legendary Baking, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10163-LSS Legendary Baking Holdings, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10164-LSS Legendary Baking of California, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10165-LSS SVCC, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10166-JTD Lucky's Market Parent Company, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10167-JTD Lucky's Farmers Market Holding Company, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10168-JTD Lucky's Market Operating Company, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10169-JTD LFM Stores LLC
1/27/2020 20-10170-JTD Lucky's Farmers Market, LP
1/27/2020 20-10171-JTD Lucky's Farmers Market Resource Center, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10172-JTD Lucky's Market Holding Company 2, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10173-JTD Lucky's Market GP 2, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10174-JTD Lucky's Market 2, LP
1/27/2020 20-10175-JTD Lucky's Market of Longmont, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10176-JTD Lucky's Farmers Market of Billings, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10177-JTD Lucky's Farmers Market of Columbus, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10178-JTD Lucky's Farmers Market of Rock Hill, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10179-JTD LFM Jackson, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10180-JTD Lucky's Farmers Market of Ann Arbor, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10181-JTD Lucky's Market of Gainesville, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10182-JTD Lucky's Market of Bloomington, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10183-JTD Lucky's Market of Plantation, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10184-JTD Lucky's Market of Savannah, GA, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10185-JTD Lucky's Market of Traverse City, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10186-JTD Lucky's Market of Naples, FL, LLC
1/27/2020 20-10187-JTD Sinoc, Inc.
2/2/2020 20-10239-CSS API Americas Inc.
2/2/2020 20-10240-CSS API (USA) Holdings Limited
2/3/2020 20-10247-JTD WC Hirshfeld Moore, LLC
2/3/2020 20-10248-JTD WC 103 East Fifth, LLC
2/3/2020 20-10249-JTD WC 320 Congress, LLC
2/3/2020 20-10250-JTD WC 422 Congress, LLC
2/3/2020 20-10251-JTD WC 805-809 East Sixth, LLC
2/3/2020 20-10252-JTD WC 901 East Cesar Chavez, LLC
2/3/2020 20-10253-JTD WC 1212 East Sixth, LLC
2/3/2020 20-10254-JTD WC 9005 Mountain Ridge, LLC
2/4/2020 20-10255-KBO EF Investment Holdings, Inc.
2/4/2020 20-10256-KBO Earth Fare, Inc.
2/9/2020 20-10290-LSS Valeritas Holdings, Inc.
2/9/2020 20-10291-LSS Valeritas, Inc.
2/9/2020 20-10292-LSS Valeritas Security Corporation
2/9/2020 20-10293-LSS Valeritas US, LLC
2/12/2020 20-10312-BLS RentPath Holdings, Inc.
2/12/2020 20-10313-BLS RentPath, LLC
2/12/2020 20-10314-BLS Consumer Source Holdings LLC
2/12/2020 20-10315-BLS Discover Home Network, LLC
2/12/2020 20-10316-BLS Easy Media, LLC
2/12/2020 20-10317-BLS Electronic Lead Management, Inc.
2/12/2020 20-10318-BLS Electronic Lead Management MA, Inc.
2/12/2020 20-10319-BLS Electronic Lead Management VA, Inc.
2/12/2020 20-10320-BLS Live Response Solutions Holdings, LLC
2/12/2020 20-10321-BLS Live Response Solutions, LLC
2/12/2020 20-10322-BLS Viva Group, LLC
2/12/2020 20-10323-BLS Viva Group Brokerage, Inc.
2/13/2020 20-10332-JTD SpineGuard, Inc.
2/18/2020 20-10342-LSS Delaware BSA, LLC
2/18/2020 20-10343-LSS Boy Scouts of America
2/18/2020 20-10344-MFW VIP Property Management II, LLC
2/18/2020 20-10345-MFW VIP Cinema Holdings, Inc.
2/18/2020 20-10346-MFW HIG Cinema Intermediate Holdings, Inc.
2/18/2020 20-10347-MFW VIP Components, LLC
2/18/2020 20-10348-MFW VIP Cinema, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10360-KBO Hygea of Delaware, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10361-KBO Hygea Holdings Corp.
2/19/2020 20-10362-KBO Hygea Health Holdings, Inc.
2/19/2020 20-10363-KBO All Care Management Services, Inc.
2/19/2020 20-10364-KBO First Harbour Health Management, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10365-KBO First Harbour Medical Centers, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10366-KBO Florida Group Healthcare LLC
2/19/2020 20-10367-KBO Gemini Healthcare Fund, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10368-KBO Hygea Acquisition Longwood, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10369-KBO Hygea Acquisition Orlando, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10370-KBO Hygea IGP, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10371-KBO Hygea IGP of Central Florida, Inc.
2/19/2020 20-10372-KBO Hygea Medical Centers of Florida, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10373-KBO Hygea Medical Partners, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10374-KBO Hygea of Georgia, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10375-KBO Hygea of Pembroke Pines, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10376-KBO Hygea Primum Acquisition, Inc.
2/19/2020 20-10377-KBO Medlife Activity Center, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10378-KBO Mobile Clinic Services, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10379-KBO Palm A.C. MSO, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10380-KBO Palm Allcare Medicaid MSO, Inc.
2/19/2020 20-10381-KBO Palm Allcare MSO, Inc.
2/19/2020 20-10382-KBO Palm Medical Group, Inc.
2/19/2020 20-10383-KBO Palm Medical MSO LLC
2/19/2020 20-10384-KBO Palm Medical Network, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10385-KBO Palm MSO System, Inc.
2/19/2020 20-10386-KBO Palm PGA MSO, Inc.
2/19/2020 20-10387-KBO Physician Management Associates East Coast, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10388-KBO Physician Management Associates SE, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10389-KBO Physicians Group Alliance, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10390-KBO Primum Alternatives, Inc.
2/19/2020 20-10391-KBO Primum Healthcare, LLC
2/19/2020 20-10392-KBO Professional Health Choice, Inc.
2/24/2020 20-10417-BLS Cosi, Inc.
2/24/2020 20-10418-BLS Xando Cosi Maryland, Inc.
2/24/2020 20-10419-BLS Cosi Sandwich Bar, Inc.
2/24/2020 20-10420-BLS Hearthstone Associates, LLC
2/24/2020 20-10421-BLS Hearthstone Partners, LLC
2/24/2020 20-10422-BLS Cosi Restaurant Holdings LLC
2/24/2020 20-10423-BLS Cosi Franchise Holdings LLC
2/26/2020 20-10432-MFW Suitable Technologies, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10472-BLS Roadhouse Parent Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10473-BLS CraftWorks Holdings, LLC
3/3/2020 20-10474-BLS CraftWorks Intermediate Co, LLC
3/3/2020 20-10475-BLS CraftWorks Parent, LLC
3/3/2020 20-10476-BLS Logan's Restaurants, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10477-BLS Logan's Roadhouse of Kansas, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10478-BLS Logan's Roadhouse of Texas, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10479-BLS Big River Breweries, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10480-BLS Brew Moon Colorado, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10481-BLS Chophouse License, LLC
3/3/2020 20-10482-BLS Craft Brewery Holding, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10483-BLS CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries Group, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10484-BLS CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10485-BLS CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, LLC
3/3/2020 20-10486-BLS GB Acquisition, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10487-BLS GB Franchise, LLC
3/3/2020 20-10488-BLS GB Kansas, LLC
3/3/2020 20-10489-BLS GB Maryland, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10490-BLS GB Parent, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10491-BLS GBBR Texas, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10492-BLS Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10493-BLS Harbor East Brewery, LLC
3/3/2020 20-10494-BLS Logan's Roadhouse, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10495-BLS LRI Holdings, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10496-BLS Old Chicago Franchising LLC
3/3/2020 20-10497-BLS Old Chicago of Colorado, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10498-BLS Old Chicago of Kansas, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10499-BLS Old Chicago Oregon, LLC
3/3/2020 20-10500-BLS Old Chicago Parker Crossing, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10501-BLS Old Chicago Taproom, LLC
3/3/2020 20-10502-BLS Old Chicago Westminster, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10503-BLS Roadhouse Intermediate Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10504-BLS Roadhouse Midco Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10505-BLS Rock Bottom Arizona, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10506-BLS Rock Bottom License, LLC
3/3/2020 20-10507-BLS Rock Bottom of Minneapolis, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10508-BLS Wadsworth Old Chicago, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10509-BLS Walnut Brewery, Inc.
3/3/2020 20-10513-JTD Lucky's Farmers Market of Ellisville, LLC
3/3/2020 20-10514-JTD Lucky's Farmers Market of Lexington, KY, LLC
3/9/2020 20-10566-MFW Bluestem Brands, Inc.
3/9/2020 20-10567-MFW Haband Company LLC
3/9/2020 20-10568-MFW Orchard Brands Sales Agency, LLC
3/9/2020 20-10569-MFW Blair LLC
3/9/2020 20-10570-MFW Home Forever LLC
3/9/2020 20-10571-MFW Gold Violin LLC
3/9/2020 20-10572-MFW Norm Thompson Outfitters LLC
3/9/2020 20-10573-MFW Value Showcase LLC
3/9/2020 20-10574-MFW Northstar Holdings Inc.
3/9/2020 20-10575-MFW Bluestem Sales, Inc.
3/9/2020 20-10576-MFW Appleseed's Holdings, Inc.
3/9/2020 20-10577-MFW Bluestem Enterprises, Inc.
3/9/2020 20-10578-MFW Bluestem Fulfillment, Inc.
3/9/2020 20-10579-MFW Orchard Brands International, Inc.
3/9/2020 20-10580-MFW Orchard Brands Corporation
3/9/2020 20-10581-MFW Draper's & Damon's LLC
3/9/2020 20-10582-MFW Johnny Appleseed's, Inc.
3/9/2020 20-10583-MFW Wintersilks, LLC
3/30/2020 20-10701-CSS BroadVision, Inc.
3/31/2020 20-10738-BLS United States of America Rugby Football Union, Ltd
4/2/2020 20-10746-LSS Rudy's Barbershop Holdings, LLC
4/2/2020 20-10747-LSS Rudy's Barber Shop, LLC
4/2/2020 20-10748-LSS Rudy's New York, LLC
4/2/2020 20-10749-LSS Rudy's Hollywood, LLC
4/2/2020 20-10750-LSS Rudy's Portland, LLC
4/2/2020 20-10751-LSS Rudy's Southeast, LLC
4/5/2020 20-10755-BLS Ravn Air Group, Inc.
4/5/2020 20-10756-BLS Ravn Air Group Holdings, LLC
4/5/2020 20-10757-BLS JJM, Inc.
4/5/2020 20-10758-BLS HoTH, Inc.
4/5/2020 20-10759-BLS Corvus Airlines, Inc.
4/5/2020 20-10760-BLS Frontier Flying Service, Inc.
4/5/2020 20-10761-BLS Hageland Aviation Services, Inc.
4/5/2020 20-10762-BLS Peninsula Aviation Services, Inc.
4/7/2020 20-10766-KBO Quorum Health Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10767-KBO McKenzie-Willamette Regional Medical Center
4/7/2020 20-10768-KBO MWMC Holdings, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10769-KBO QHCCS, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10770-KBO McKenzie Physician Services, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10771-KBO Triad of Oregon, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10772-KBO Springfield Oregon Holdings, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10773-KBO Quorum Health Investment Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10774-KBO Forrest City Holdings, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10775-KBO Forrest City Clinic Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10776-KBO Forrest City Arkansas Hospital Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10777-KBO Ambulance Services of Forrest City, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10778-KBO Paintsville HMA Physician Management, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10779-KBO Paintsville Hospital Company,LLC
4/7/2020 20-10780-KBO Phillips Hospital Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10781-KBO Phillips Clinic Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10782-KBO Mesquite Clinic Management Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10783-KBO MMC of Nevada, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10784-KBO Fort Payne Clinic Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10785-KBO Fort Payne HBP, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10786-KBO Fort Payne Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10787-KBO Fort Payne RHC Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10788-KBO QHC California Holdings, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10789-KBO Hospital of Barstow, Inc.
4/7/2020 20-10791-KBO Barstow Healthcare Management, Inc.
4/7/2020 20-10792-KBO Blue Ridge Georgia Holdings, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10793-KBO Blue Ridge Georgia Hospital Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10794-KBO Hidden Valley Medical Center, Inc.
4/7/2020 20-10795-KBO Fannin Regional Orthopaedic Center, Inc.
4/7/2020 20-10796-KBO Anna Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10797-KBO Anna Clinic Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10798-KBO Knox Clinic Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10799-KBO In-Home Medical Equipment Supplies and Services, I
4/7/2020 20-10800-KBO Galesburg Professional Services, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10801-KBO Galesburg Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10802-KBO Granite City ASC Investment Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10803-KBO Granite City Clinic Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10805-KBO Granite City HBP Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10806-KBO Granite City Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10807-KBO Granite City Illinois Hospital Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10808-KBO Granite City Orthopedic Physicians Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10809-KBO Granite City Physicians Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10810-KBO Edwardsville Ambulatory Surgery Center, L.L.C.
4/7/2020 20-10811-KBO Marion Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10812-KBO Memorial Management, Inc.
4/7/2020 20-10813-KBO River to River Heart Group, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10814-KBO Southern Illinois Medical Care Associates, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10815-KBO Heartland Rural Healthcare, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10816-KBO National Imaging of Carterville, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10817-KBO Crossroads Physician Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10818-KBO National Imaging of Mount Vernon, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10819-KBO National Healthcare of Mt. Vernon, Inc.
4/7/2020 20-10820-KBO King City Physician Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10821-KBO Red Bud Clinic Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10822-KBO Red Bud Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10823-KBO Red Bud Illinois Hospital Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10824-KBO Red Bud Physician Group, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10825-KBO Red Bud Regional Clinic Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10826-KBO Monroe County Surgical Center, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10827-KBO Waukegan Clinic Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10828-KBO Waukegan Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10829-KBO Waukegan Illinois Hospital Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10830-KBO Lindenhurst Illinois Hospital Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10831-KBO Lindenhurst Surgery Center, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10832-KBO OHANI, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10834-KBO Jackson Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10835-KBO Jackson Physician Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10837-KBO Kentucky River HBP, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10838-KBO Kentucky River Physician Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10839-KBO Hospital of Louisa, Inc.
4/7/2020 20-10840-KBO Three Rivers Medical Clinics, Inc.
4/7/2020 20-10841-KBO Williamston Clinic Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10842-KBO Williamston HBP Services, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10843-KBO Williamston Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10844-KBO Deming Clinic Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10845-KBO Deming Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10846-KBO Deming Nursing Home Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10847-KBO San Miguel Clinic Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10848-KBO San Miguel Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10849-KBO Summit Emergency Medicine, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10851-KBO Big Bend Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10852-KBO Tooele Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10853-KBO Tooele Clinic Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10854-KBO CHS Utah Holdings, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10855-KBO Ambulance Services of Tooele, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10856-KBO Evanston Clinic Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10857-KBO Evanston Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10858-KBO QHC ARM Shared Services, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10859-KBO QHC HIM Shared Services, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10860-KBO QHR Development, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10861-KBO QHR Healthcare Affiliates, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10862-KBO QHR Intensive Resources, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10863-KBO QHR International, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10864-KBO Quorum Health Resources, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10865-KBO Quorum Purchasing Advantage, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10866-KBO Quorum Solutions, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10867-KBO Quorum Health Foundation, Inc.
4/7/2020 20-10868-KBO Our Healthy Circle
4/7/2020 20-10869-KBO Quorum Health Corporation Political Action Committ
4/7/2020 20-10870-KBO DHSC, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10871-KBO Doctors Hospital Physician Services, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10872-KBO Massillon Community Health System LLC
4/7/2020 20-10873-KBO Massillon Health System, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10874-KBO Massillon Holdings, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10875-KBO Massillon Physician Services, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10876-KBO QHG of Massillon, Inc.
4/7/2020 20-10877-KBO Augusta Hospital, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10878-KBO Augusta Physician Services, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10879-KBO CSRA Holdings, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10880-KBO Monroe Diagnostic Testing Centers, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10881-KBO Monroe HMA Physician Management, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10882-KBO Monroe HMA, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10883-KBO Barrow Health Ventures, Inc.
4/7/2020 20-10884-KBO Georgia HMA Physician Management, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10885-KBO Winder HMA, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10886-KBO Hamlet H.M.A., LLC
4/7/2020 20-10887-KBO Hamlet HMA Physician Management, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10888-KBO Hamlet HMA PPM, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10889-KBO Blue Island Clinic Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10890-KBO Blue Island HBP Medical Group, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10891-KBO Blue Island Hospital Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10892-KBO Blue Island Illinois Holdings, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10893-KBO QHC Blue Island Urgent Care Holdings, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10894-KBO Central Alabama Physician Services, Inc.
4/7/2020 20-10895-KBO Greenville Clinic Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10896-KBO Greenville Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10897-KBO Clinton Hospital Corporation
4/7/2020 20-10898-KBO Haven Clinton Medical Associates, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10899-KBO Lock Haven Clinic Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10900-KBO McKenzie Clinic Corp.
4/7/2020 20-10901-KBO Ambulance Services of McKenzie, Inc.
4/7/2020 20-10902-KBO McKenzie Tennessee Hospital Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10903-KBO Sunbury Clinic Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10904-KBO Sunbury Hospital Company, LLC
4/7/2020 20-10905-KBO Big Spring Hospital Corporation
4/8/2020 20-10910-CSS TZEW Holdco LLC
4/8/2020 20-10911-CSS Apex Parks Group, LLC
4/8/2020 20-10912-CSS Apex Real Property Holdings, LLC
4/8/2020 20-10913-CSS Speedzone Beverage Company, LLC
4/8/2020 20-10914-CSS Speedzone Holdings, LLC
4/8/2020 20-10915-CSS Speedzone Management, LLC
4/8/2020 20-10916-CSS TZEW Intermediate Corp.
4/12/2020 20-10927-MFW Pace Industries, LLC
4/12/2020 20-10928-MFW KPI Holdings, LLC
4/12/2020 20-10929-MFW KPI Capital Holdings, Inc.
4/12/2020 20-10930-MFW KPI Holdings, Inc.
4/12/2020 20-10931-MFW KPI Intermediate Holdings, Inc.
4/12/2020 20-10932-MFW Pace FQE, LLC
4/12/2020 20-10933-MFW Pace Industries, Inc.
4/12/2020 20-10934-MFW Pace Industries of Mexico, L.L.C.
4/12/2020 20-10935-MFW Port City Group, Inc.
4/12/2020 20-10936-MFW Muskegon Castings, LLC
4/12/2020 20-10937-MFW Alloy Resources, LLC
4/13/2020 20-10940-LSS Alpha Entertainment LLC
4/13/2020 20-10941-CSS True Religion Apparel, Inc.
4/13/2020 20-10942-CSS TRLG Intermediate Holdings, LLC
4/13/2020 20-10943-CSS True Religion Sales, LLC
4/13/2020 20-10944-CSS TRLGGC Services, LLC
4/13/2020 20-10945-CSS Guru Denim LLC
4/14/2020 20-10950-BLS Longview Intermediate Holdings C, LLC
4/14/2020 20-10951-BLS Longview Power, LLC
4/14/2020 20-10953-LSS SureFunding, LLC
4/20/2020 20-10973-JTD Apogee Healthcare Holdings LLC
4/28/2020 20-11007-CSS Superior Air Charter, LLC
4/30/2020 20-11033-KBO Klausner Lumber One LLC
5/6/2020 20-11043-MFW John Varvatos Enterprises, Inc.
5/6/2020 20-11044-MFW Lion/Hendrix Corporation
5/6/2020 20-11045-MFW John Varvatos Apparel Corp.
5/6/2020 20-11049-LSS Techniplas, LLC
5/6/2020 20-11050-LSS Techniplas Finance Corp.
5/6/2020 20-11051-LSS Nyloncraft, Inc.
5/6/2020 20-11052-LSS DMP Monterrey Holdings LLC
5/6/2020 20-11053-LSS WEIDPLAS North America, LLC
5/6/2020 20-11054-LSS DMP International Holdings, LLC
5/6/2020 20-11055-LSS Nyloncraft of Michigan, LLC
5/6/2020 20-11056-LSS DMP Exports, Inc.
5/12/2020 20-11087-JTD Sustainable Restaurant Holdings, Inc.
5/12/2020 20-11088-JTD SRG Operations, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11089-JTD Quickfish, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11090-JTD Bamboo Sushi, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11091-JTD Quickfish Pearl District, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11092-JTD Quickfish SW Stark, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11093-JTD Quickfish Slabtown, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11094-JTD Quickfish Avanti (Bamboo Sushi Avanti), LLC
5/12/2020 20-11095-JTD Bamboo Sushi NE Alberta, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11096-JTD Bamboo Sushi Lake Oswego, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11097-JTD Bamboo Sushi SW 12th, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11098-JTD Bamboo Sushi Denver Lo-Hi, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11099-JTD Bamboo Sushi NW 23rd, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11100-JTD Bamboo Sushi Seattle Cap Hill, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11101-JTD Bamboo Sushi U Village Seattle, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11102-JTD Bamboo Sushi Embarcadero SF, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11103-JTD Bamboo Sushi Bishop Ranch, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11104-JTD Bamboo Sushi Kierland Scottsdale, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11105-JTD Bamboo Sushi Commissary Kitchen, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11106-JTD Bamboo Sushi Biltmore Phoenix, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11107-JTD Bamboo Sushi Valley Fair, LLC
5/12/2020 20-11108-JTD Bamboo Sushi Washington Square, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11119-LSS CTTS Leasing, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11120-LSS Comcar Industries, Inc.
5/17/2020 20-11121-LSS CCC Spotting, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11122-LSS CCC Transportation, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11123-LSS Coastal Transport Logistics, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11124-LSS Commercial Carrier Logistics, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11125-LSS CT Transportation, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11126-LSS CTL Distribution Logistics, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11127-LSS CTL Transportation, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11128-LSS Fleet Maintenance Services, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11129-LSS MCT Transportation, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11130-LSS Midwest Coast Logistics, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11131-LSS 16th Street Pompano Beach, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11132-LSS Charlotte Avenue Auburndale, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11133-LSS Comcar Logistics, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11134-LSS Cortez Blvd. Brooksville, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11135-LSS East Broadway Tampa, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11136-LSS East Columbus Drive Tampa, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11137-LSS New Kings Road Jacksonville, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11138-LSS Old Winter Haven Road Auburndale, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11139-LSS W. Airport Blvd. Sanford, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11140-LSS Willis Shaw Logistics, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11141-LSS WSE Transportation, LLC
5/17/2020 20-11142-LSS Comcar Properties, Inc.
5/17/2020 20-11143-LSS Coastal Transport, Inc.
5/17/2020 20-11144-LSS Commercial Carrier Corporation
5/17/2020 20-11145-LSS Commercial Truck and Trailer Sales Inc.
5/17/2020 20-11146-LSS CTL Distribution, Inc.
5/17/2020 20-11147-LSS Midwest Coast Transport, Inc.
5/19/2020 20-11157-CSS Exide Holdings, Inc.
5/19/2020 20-11158-CSS Exide Technologies, LLC
5/19/2020 20-11159-CSS Dixie Metals Company
5/19/2020 20-11160-CSS Refined Metals Corporation
5/19/2020 20-11161-CSS Exide Delaware LLC
5/20/2020 20-11174-KBO Akorn Sales, Inc.
5/20/2020 20-11177-KBO Akorn, Inc.
5/20/2020 20-11178-KBO 10 Edison Street LLC
5/20/2020 20-11180-KBO 13 Edison Street LLC
5/20/2020 20-11182-KBO Advanced Vision Research, Inc.
5/20/2020 20-11183-KBO Akorn (New Jersey), Inc.
5/20/2020 20-11185-KBO Akorn Animal Health, Inc.
5/20/2020 20-11186-KBO Akorn Ophthalmics, Inc.
5/20/2020 20-11187-KBO Clover Pharmaceuticals Corp.
5/20/2020 20-11188-KBO Covenant Pharma, Inc.
5/20/2020 20-11189-KBO Hi-Tech Pharmacal Co., Inc.
5/20/2020 20-11190-KBO Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
5/20/2020 20-11191-KBO Olta Pharmaceuticals Corp.
5/20/2020 20-11192-KBO Oak Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
5/20/2020 20-11193-KBO VPI Holdings Corp.
5/20/2020 20-11194-KBO VersaPharm Incorporated
5/20/2020 20-11195-KBO VPI Holdings Sub, LLC
5/22/2020 20-11218-MFW The Hertz Corporation
5/22/2020 20-11219-MFW Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.
5/22/2020 20-11220-MFW Thrifty Rent-A-Car System, LLC
5/22/2020 20-11221-MFW Thrifty, LLC
5/22/2020 20-11222-MFW Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc.
5/22/2020 20-11223-MFW Firefly Rent A Car LLC
5/22/2020 20-11224-MFW CMGC Canada Acquisition ULC
5/22/2020 20-11225-MFW Hertz Aircraft, LLC
5/22/2020 20-11226-MFW Dollar Rent A Car, Inc.
5/22/2020 20-11227-MFW Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group Canada Inc.
5/22/2020 20-11228-MFW Donlen Corporation
5/22/2020 20-11229-MFW Donlen FSHCO Company
5/22/2020 20-11230-MFW Hertz Canada Limited
5/22/2020 20-11231-MFW Donlen Mobility Solutions, Inc.
5/22/2020 20-11232-MFW DTG Canada Corp.
5/22/2020 20-11233-MFW DTG Operations, Inc.
5/22/2020 20-11234-MFW Hertz Car Sales LLC
5/22/2020 20-11235-MFW DTG Supply, LLC
5/22/2020 20-11236-MFW Hertz Global Services Corporation
5/22/2020 20-11237-MFW Hertz Local Edition Corp.
5/22/2020 20-11238-MFW Hertz Local Edition Transporting, Inc.
5/22/2020 20-11239-MFW Donlen Fleet Leasing Ltd.
5/22/2020 20-11240-MFW Hertz System, Inc
5/22/2020 20-11241-MFW Smartz Vehicle Rental Corporation
5/22/2020 20-11242-MFW Thrifty Car Sales, Inc.
5/22/2020 20-11243-MFW Hertz Technologies, Inc.
5/22/2020 20-11244-MFW TRAC Asia Pacific, Inc.
5/22/2020 20-11245-MFW Hertz Transporting, Inc.
5/22/2020 20-11246-MFW Rental Car Group Company, LLC
5/22/2020 20-11247-MFW Rental Car Intermediate Holdings, LLC
5/26/2020 20-11259-JTD Advantage Holdco, Inc.
5/26/2020 20-11260-JTD Advantage Vehicles LLC
5/26/2020 20-11261-JTD Central Florida Paint & Body, LLC
5/26/2020 20-11262-JTD E-Z Rent A Car, LLC
5/26/2020 20-11263-JTD RAC Vehicle Financing, LLC
5/26/2020 20-11264-JTD Advantage Opco, LLC
5/26/2020 20-11265-JTD Advantage Vehicle Financing LLC
5/27/2020 20-11266-JTD PQ New York, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11267-JTD PQ Meatpacking District, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11268-JTD 33rd Street Bakery, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11269-JTD PQ Melrose, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11270-JTD Florence Bakery, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11271-JTD PQ 97th Street, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11272-JTD PQ Merrifield, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11273-JTD LPQ 14th & K Street, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11274-JTD PQ Mineral Springs, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11275-JTD LPQ 205 Bleecker, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11276-JTD PQ Alexandria, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11277-JTD PQ Montague, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11278-JTD LPQ 85 Broad, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11279-JTD PQ Mt. Vernon, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11280-JTD PQ Americana, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11281-JTD LPQ Aventura, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11282-JTD PQ New Canaan, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11283-JTD LPQ Cabin John, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11284-JTD PQ Bakery, LLC
5/27/2020 20-11285-JTD LPQ Claremont, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11286-JTD PQ Newport Beach Bakery, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11287-JTD LPQ Coconut Grove, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11288-JTD PQ Operations, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11289-JTD PQ Battery Park, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11290-JTD LPQ Garden City, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11291-JTD PQ Park & 33rd, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11292-JTD PQ Bethesda, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11293-JTD LPQ King & Hudson, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11294-JTD PQ Park Slope, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11295-JTD LPQ N. Wells St, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11296-JTD PQ Beverly Hills, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11297-JTD PQ Robertson, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11298-JTD LPQ Naperville, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11299-JTD LPQ North Michigan, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11300-JTD PQ Rye, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11301-JTD PQ Blaine Mansion, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11302-JTD LPQ Pasadena, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11303-JTD PQ San Vicente, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11304-JTD LPQ Reston, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11305-JTD PQ Bleecker, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11306-JTD LPQ Sailboat Pond, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11307-JTD PQ Brentwood, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11308-JTD LPQ South End Ave, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11309-JTD PQ Santa Monica, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11310-JTD LPQ South Gayley, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11311-JTD PQ Bryant Park, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11312-JTD PQ Soho, LLC
5/27/2020 20-11313-JTD PQ Calabasas, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11314-JTD PQ Spring Valley, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11315-JTD LPQ South Lasalle, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11316-JTD LPQ Toluca Lake, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11317-JTD PQ Studio City, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11318-JTD LPQ West 55th & 8th St, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11319-JTD PQ Capitol Hill, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11320-JTD LPQ Woodbury, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11321-JTD PQ 17th Street, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11322-JTD PQ Carnegie Hill, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11323-JTD PQ The Village at Topanga, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11324-JTD PQ 44th & Madison, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11325-JTD PQ Tribeca, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11326-JTD PQ Carroll Square, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11327-JTD PQ 44th Street, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11328-JTD PQ Tysons Corner, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11329-JTD PQ Central Park, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11330-JTD PQ UN, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11331-JTD PQ 53rd Street, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11332-JTD PQ Chelsea, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11333-JTD PQ 550 Hudson, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11334-JTD PQ Union Square, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11335-JTD PQ Chevy Chase, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11336-JTD PQ 55th & 1st, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11337-JTD PQ Union Station, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11338-JTD PQ 6th & Olive, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11339-JTD PQ Clarendon, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11340-JTD PQ Upper West, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11341-JTD PQ Culver Plaza, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11342-JTD PQ 6th Ave., Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11343-JTD PQ Villa Marina, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11344-JTD PQ East 65th St, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11345-JTD PQ Walnut Street, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11346-JTD PQ 8th & Walnut, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11347-JTD PQ East 77th, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11348-JTD PQ Wayne, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11349-JTD PQ 8th Street, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11350-JTD PQ East 83rd St, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11351-JTD PQ West 72nd, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11352-JTD PQ 933 Broadway, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11353-JTD PQ West 84th, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11354-JTD PQ Encino Bakery, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11355-JTD PQ Westlake, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11356-JTD PQ First Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11357-JTD PQ Wildwood, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11358-JTD PQ French Market, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11359-JTD PQ Georgetown Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11360-JTD Tuxedo Bakery, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11361-JTD PQ Gold Coast, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11362-JTD Walnut St. Bakery, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11363-JTD PQ Granary, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11364-JTD PQ Greenwich, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11365-JTD PQ Harbor Point, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11366-JTD PQ Larchmont, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11367-JTD PQ Lexington, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11368-JTD PQ Lincoln Park, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11369-JTD PQ Lincoln Square, Inc.
5/27/2020 20-11370-JTD PQ Manhattan Beach, Inc.
5/29/2020 20-11413-KBO LVI Intermediate Holdings, Inc.
5/29/2020 20-11414-KBO Total Vision Institute, LLC
5/29/2020 20-11415-KBO QualSight, LLC
5/29/2020 20-11416-KBO The LASIK Vision Institute, LLC
5/29/2020 20-11417-KBO Cataract Vision Institute, LLC
5/29/2020 20-11418-KBO Healthcare Marketing Services, LLC
5/29/2020 20-11419-KBO Cataract Vision Institute Florida, LLC
5/29/2020 20-11420-KBO TLC Vision Center Holdings, LLC
5/29/2020 20-11421-KBO TLC Whitten Laser Eye Associates, LLC
5/29/2020 20-11422-KBO TLC Vision Centers, LLC
5/29/2020 20-11423-KBO TruVision, LLC
5/29/2020 20-11424-KBO TruVision Contacts, LLC
5/29/2020 20-11425-KBO Laser Eye Surgery, LLC
5/29/2020 20-11426-KBO TLC Laser Eye Centers (Refractive I), LLC
5/29/2020 20-11427-KBO TLC The Laser Center (Pittsburgh) L.L.C.
5/29/2020 20-11428-KBO TLC The Laser Center (Indiana) LLC
5/29/2020 20-11429-KBO TLC The Laser Eye Center (Institute), LLC
5/29/2020 20-11430-KBO LVI Missouri, LLC
6/1/2020 20-11439-LSS Libbey Glass Inc.
6/1/2020 20-11440-LSS Libbey Inc.
6/1/2020 20-11441-BLS Templar Energy LLC
6/1/2020 20-11442-BLS TE Holdcorp, LLC
6/1/2020 20-11443-LSS Libbey.com LLC
6/1/2020 20-11444-LSS LGFS Inc.
6/1/2020 20-11445-BLS TE Holdings, LLC
6/1/2020 20-11446-LSS Syracuse China Company
6/1/2020 20-11447-LSS LGC Corp.
6/1/2020 20-11448-LSS The Drummond Glass Company
6/1/2020 20-11449-BLS TE Holdings II, LLC
6/1/2020 20-11450-LSS LGAC LLC
6/1/2020 20-11451-LSS World Tableware Inc.
6/1/2020 20-11452-BLS Templar Operating LLC
6/1/2020 20-11453-LSS LGA4 Corp.
6/1/2020 20-11454-BLS Templar Midstream LLC
6/1/2020 20-11455-LSS LGAU Corp.
6/1/2020 20-11456-LSS LGA3 Corp.
6/1/2020 20-11457-BLS TE Holdings Management LLC
6/1/2020 20-11462-JTD Basin Transload, LLC
6/2/2020 20-11465-KBO OptiScan Biomedical Corporation
6/3/2020 20-11466-CSS APC Automotive Technologies Intermediate Holdings,
6/3/2020 20-11467-CSS Airtek, LLC
6/3/2020 20-11468-CSS AP Emissions Technologies, LLC
6/3/2020 20-11469-CSS AP Exhaust Products DISC, Inc.
6/3/2020 20-11470-CSS APC Automotive Technologies, LLC
6/3/2020 20-11471-CSS Aristo, LLC
6/3/2020 20-11472-CSS CWD Acquisition, LLC
6/3/2020 20-11473-CSS CWD Holding Corp.
6/3/2020 20-11474-CSS CWD Intermediate Holding Corp.
6/3/2020 20-11475-CSS CWD, LLC
6/3/2020 20-11476-CSS Eastern Manufacturing, LLC
6/3/2020 20-11477-CSS Qualis Automotive, L.L.C.
6/3/2020 20-11478-CSS Qualis Enterprises, Inc.
6/10/2020 20-11501-KBO Maines Funding Corporation
6/10/2020 20-11502-KBO Maines Paper & Food Service, Inc.
6/10/2020 20-11503-KBO Maines Paper & Food Service - Chicago, Inc.
6/10/2020 20-11504-KBO Maines Paper & Food Service - Dallas, Inc.
6/10/2020 20-11505-KBO Maines Paper & Food Service - Great Lakes, Inc.
6/10/2020 20-11506-KBO Maines Paper & Food Service - Maryland, Inc.
6/10/2020 20-11507-KBO Maines Paper & Food Service - Mid-Atlantic, Inc.
6/10/2020 20-11508-KBO Maines Paper & Food Service - New England, Inc.
6/10/2020 20-11509-KBO Maines Paper & Food Service - NY Metro, Inc.
6/10/2020 20-11510-KBO Maines Paper & Food Service - Ohio, Inc.
6/10/2020 20-11511-KBO Maines Paper & Food Service - Tennessee, Inc.
6/10/2020 20-11512-KBO Maines Paper & Food Service - Worcester, Inc.
6/10/2020 20-11513-KBO Warehouse & Logistics, Inc
6/10/2020 20-11518-KBO Klausner Lumber Two LLC
6/14/2020 20-11532-MFW Skillsoft Corporation
6/14/2020 20-11533-MFW SumTotal Systems LLC
6/14/2020 20-11534-MFW Amber Holding Inc.
6/14/2020 20-11535-MFW MindLeaders, Inc.
6/14/2020 20-11536-MFW Accero, Inc.
6/14/2020 20-11537-MFW CyberShift, Inc.
6/14/2020 20-11538-MFW CyberShift Holdings, Inc.
6/14/2020 20-11539-MFW SSI Investments I Limited
6/14/2020 20-11540-MFW Pointwell Limited
6/14/2020 20-11541-MFW SSI Investments II Limited
6/14/2020 20-11542-MFW SSI Investments III Limited
6/14/2020 20-11543-MFW Skillsoft Limited
6/14/2020 20-11544-MFW Skillsoft Ireland Limited
6/14/2020 20-11545-MFW ThirdForce Group Limited
6/14/2020 20-11546-MFW Skillsoft U.K. Limited
6/14/2020 20-11547-MFW Skillsoft Canada, Ltd.
6/14/2020 20-11548-CSS Extraction Oil & Gas, Inc.
6/14/2020 20-11549-CSS 7N, LLC
6/14/2020 20-11550-CSS 8 North, LLC
6/14/2020 20-11551-CSS Axis Exploration, LLC
6/14/2020 20-11552-CSS Extraction Finance Corp.
6/14/2020 20-11553-CSS Mountaintop Minerals, LLC
6/14/2020 20-11554-CSS Northwest Corridor Holdings, LLC
6/15/2020 20-11555-CSS Table Mountain Resources, LLC
6/15/2020 20-11556-CSS XOG Services, LLC
6/15/2020 20-11557-CSS XTR Midstream, LLC
6/15/2020 20-11558-KBO 24 Hour Fitness Worldwide, Inc.
6/15/2020 20-11559-KBO 24 Hour Holdings II LLC
6/15/2020 20-11560-KBO 24 Hour Fitness United States, Inc.
6/15/2020 20-11561-KBO 24 Hour Fitness USA, Inc.
6/15/2020 20-11562-KBO 24 Hour Fitness Holdings LLC
6/15/2020 20-11563-KBO 24 San Francisco LLC
6/15/2020 20-11564-KBO 24 New York LLC
6/15/2020 20-11565-KBO 24 Denver LLC
6/15/2020 20-11566-KBO RS FIT Holdings LLC
6/15/2020 20-11567-KBO RS FIT CA LLC
6/15/2020 20-11568-KBO RS FIT NW LLC
6/15/2020 20-11569-LSS GSP Properties, LLC
6/15/2020 20-11570-LSS Pyxus International, Inc.
6/15/2020 20-11571-LSS Alliance One International, LLC
6/15/2020 20-11572-LSS Alliance One North America, LLC
6/15/2020 20-11573-LSS Alliance One Specialty Products, LLC
6/15/2020 20-11580-BLS Proteus Digital Health, Inc.
6/17/2020 20-11592-BLS Chisholm Oil and Gas Operating II, LLC
6/17/2020 20-11593-BLS Chisholm Oil and Gas Operating, LLC
6/17/2020 20-11594-BLS Cottonmouth SWD, LLC
6/17/2020 20-11595-BLS Chisholm Oil and Gas Nominee, Inc.
6/17/2020 20-11596-BLS Chisholm Oil and Gas Management II, LLC
6/18/2020 20-11597-MFW NorthEast Gas Generation, LLC
6/18/2020 20-11598-MFW NorthEast Gas Generation GP, LLC
6/18/2020 20-11599-MFW Millennium Power Partners, L.P.
6/18/2020 20-11600-MFW New Athens Generating Company, LLC
6/18/2020 20-11602-BLS Factom, Inc.
6/20/2020 20-11606-JTD Recovery First of Florida, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11607-JTD Fitrix, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11608-JTD Oxford Treatment Center, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11609-JTD Oxford Outpatient Center, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11610-JTD Concorde Treatment Center, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11611-JTD New Jersey Addiction Treatment Center, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11612-JTD ABTTC, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11613-JTD Laguna Treatment Hospital, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11614-JTD AAC Las Vegas Outpatient Center, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11615-JTD Greenhouse Treatment Center, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11616-JTD AAC Dallas Outpatient Center, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11617-JTD Forterus Health Care Services, Inc.
6/20/2020 20-11618-JTD Solutions Treatment Center, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11619-JTD San Diego Addiction Treatment Center, Inc.
6/20/2020 20-11620-JTD River Oaks Treatment Center, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11621-JTD Singer Island Recovery Center LLC
6/20/2020 20-11622-JTD B&B Holdings Intl LLC
6/20/2020 20-11623-JTD The Academy Real Estate, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11624-JTD BHR Oxford Real Estate, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11625-JTD Concorde Real Estate, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11626-JTD BHR Greenhouse Real Estate, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11627-JTD BHR Ringwood Real Estate, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11628-JTD BHR Aliso Viejo Real Estate, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11629-JTD Behavioral Healthcare Realty, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11630-JTD Clinical Revenue Management Services, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11631-JTD Recovery Brands, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11632-JTD Referral Solutions Group, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11633-JTD Taj Media LLC
6/20/2020 20-11634-JTD Sober Media Group, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11635-JTD American Addiction Centers, Inc.
6/20/2020 20-11636-JTD Tower Hill Realty, Inc.
6/20/2020 20-11637-JTD Lincoln Catharine Realty Corporation
6/20/2020 20-11638-JTD AdCare Rhode Island, Inc.
6/20/2020 20-11639-JTD Green Hill Realty Corporation
6/20/2020 20-11640-JTD AdCare Hospital of Worcester, Inc.
6/20/2020 20-11641-JTD Diversified Healthcare Strategies, Inc.
6/20/2020 20-11642-JTD AdCare Criminal Justice Services, Inc.
6/20/2020 20-11643-JTD AdCare, Inc.
6/20/2020 20-11644-JTD Sagenex Diagnostics Laboratory, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11645-JTD RI - Clinical Services, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11646-JTD Addiction Labs of America, LLC
6/20/2020 20-11647-JTD AAC Healthcare Network, Inc.
6/20/2020 20-11648-JTD AAC Holdings, Inc.
6/20/2020 20-11649-JTD San Diego Professional Group, P.C.
6/20/2020 20-11650-JTD Grand Prairie Professional Group, P.A.
6/20/2020 20-11651-JTD Palm Beach Professional Group, Professional Corpor
6/20/2020 20-11652-JTD Pontchartrain Medical Group
6/20/2020 20-11653-JTD Oxford Professional Group, P.C.
6/20/2020 20-11654-JTD Las Vegas Professional Group - Calarco, P.C.
6/23/2020 20-11662-KBO GNC Holdings, Inc.
6/23/2020 20-11663-KBO GNC Parent LLC
6/23/2020 20-11664-KBO GNC Corporation
6/23/2020 20-11665-KBO General Nutrition Centers, Inc.
6/23/2020 20-11666-KBO General Nutrition Corporation
6/23/2020 20-11667-KBO General Nutrition Investment Company
6/23/2020 20-11668-KBO Lucky Oldco Corporation
6/23/2020 20-11669-KBO GNC Funding, Inc.
6/23/2020 20-11670-KBO GNC International Holdings, Inc.
6/23/2020 20-11671-KBO GNC China Holdco LLC
6/23/2020 20-11672-KBO GNC Headquarters LLC
6/23/2020 20-11673-KBO Gustine Sixth Avenue Associates, Ltd.
6/23/2020 20-11674-KBO GNC Canada Holdings, Inc.
6/23/2020 20-11675-KBO General Nutrition Centres Company
6/23/2020 20-11676-KBO GNC Government Services, LLC
6/23/2020 20-11677-KBO GNC Puerto Rico Holdings, Inc.
6/23/2020 20-11678-KBO GNC Puerto Rico, LLC

Click here for Part 2 - 2020 Chapter 11 Filings, July through December 2020

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