2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (Part 7)

2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware are listed below. Without going into a level of detail that most people do not real want, in many but not all cases, one can expect preference avoidance actions will be filed within 2 years of the bankruptcy filing date. See 11 U.S. Code § 546. Thus, we can anticipate that in or before 2020, we will see preference complaints filed in relation to those bankruptcy petitions filed in 2018.

18-12517-CSSHLP of Shreveport, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12518-CSSBossier Land Acquisition Corp.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12519-CSSPromise Hospital of Florida at The Villages, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12520-CSSPromise Hospital of Dade, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12521-CSSPromise Hospital of Lee, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12522-CSSPromise Properties of Dade, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12523-CSSPromise Properties of Lee, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12524-CSSSuccess Healthcare 1, LLC11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12525-CSSSuccess Healthcare 2, LLC11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12526-CSSSt. Alexius Hospital Corporation #111/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12527-CSSSt. Alexius Properties, LLC11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12528-CSSLH Acquisition, LLC11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12529-CSSHLP Properties of Vidalia, LLC11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12530-CSSVidalia Real Estate Partners, LLC11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12531-CSSHLP Properties at The Villages Holdings, LLC11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12532-CSSHLP Properties at The Villages, L.L.C.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12533-CSSPromise Behavioral Health Hospital of Shreveport,11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12534-CSSPromise Rejuvenation Centers, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12535-CSSPromise Rejuvenation Center at The Villages, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12536-CSSPHG Technology Development and Services Company, I11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12537-MFWPGHC Holdings, Inc.11/5/2018 Walrath
18-12538-MFWPapa Gino's Holdings Corp.11/5/2018 Walrath
18-12539-MFWPapa Gino's Inc.11/5/2018 Walrath
18-12540-MFWPapa Gino's Franchising Corp.11/5/2018 Walrath
18-12541-MFWPapa Gino's/D'Angelo Card Services, Inc.11/5/2018 Walrath
18-12542-MFWD'Angelo's Sandwich Shops, Inc.11/5/2018 Walrath
18-12543-MFWProgressive Food, Inc.11/5/2018 Walrath
18-12544-MFWD'Angelo Franchising Corporation11/5/2018 Walrath
18-12545-MFWDelops, Inc.11/5/2018 Walrath
18-12601-BLSPrescription Advisory Systems & Technology, Inc.11/13/2018 Shannon
18-12608-MFWStarion Energy, Inc.11/14/2018 Walrath
18-12609-MFWStarion Energy PA, Inc.11/14/2018 Walrath
18-12611-MFWStarion Energy NY, Inc.11/14/2018 Walrath
18-12614-KGWhite Eagle General Partner, LLC11/14/2018 Gross
18-12615-KGLamington Road Designated Activity Company11/14/2018 Gross
18-12622-MFWOklahoma ProCure Management, LLC11/15/2018 Walrath
18-12634-LSSDB Investors, Inc.11/19/2018 Silverstein
18-12635-LSSDavid's Bridal, Inc.11/19/2018 Silverstein
18-12636-LSSDB Holdco, Inc.11/19/2018 Silverstein
18-12637-LSSDB Midco, Inc.11/19/2018 Silverstein
18-12649-CSSVen Graff11/20/2018 Sontchi
18-12651-KJCAlno AG11/20/2018 Carey
18-12654-CSSLiberman Broadcasting, Inc.11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12655-CSSLBI Media, Inc.11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12656-CSSLBI Media Holdings, Inc.11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12657-CSSLBI Media Intermediate Holdings, Inc.11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12658-CSSEmpire Burbank Studios LLC11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12659-CSSLiberman Broadcasting of California LLC11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12660-CSSLBI Radio License LLC11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12661-CSSLiberman Broadcasting of Houston LLC11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12662-CSSLiberman Broadcasting of Houston License LLC11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12663-CSSLiberman Television of Houston LLC11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12664-CSSKZJL License LLC11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12665-CSSLiberman Television LLC11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12666-CSSKRCA Television LLC11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12667-CSSKRCA License LLC11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12668-CSSLiberman Television of Dallas LLC11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12669-CSSLiberman Television of Dallas License LLC11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12670-CSSLiberman Broadcasting of Dallas LLC11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12671-CSSLiberman Broadcasting of Dallas License LLC11/21/2018 Sontchi
18-12684-LSSFairway Energy, LP11/26/2018 Silverstein
18-12685-LSSFairway Energy Partners, LLC11/26/2018 Silverstein
18-12686-LSSFairway Energy GP, LLC11/26/2018 Silverstein
18-12714-KJCArgos Therapeutics, Inc.11/30/2018 Carey
18-12772-BLSinterTouch Holdings LLC12/10/2018 Shannon
18-12773-BLSinterTouch Topco LLC12/10/2018 Shannon
18-12794-KGCheckout Holding Corp.12/12/2018 Gross
18-12795-KGCatalina Marketing Corporation12/12/2018 Gross
18-12796-KGCatalina Marketing Procurement, LLC12/12/2018 Gross
18-12797-KGCatalina Marketing Technology Solutions, Inc.12/12/2018 Gross
18-12798-KGCatalina Marketing Worldwide, LLC12/12/2018 Gross
18-12799-KGCellfire Inc.12/12/2018 Gross
18-12800-KGModiv Media, Inc.12/12/2018 Gross
18-12801-KGPDM Group Holdings Corporation12/12/2018 Gross
18-12802-KGPDM Holdings Corporation12/12/2018 Gross
18-12803-KGPDM Intermediate Holdings A Corporation12/12/2018 Gross
18-12804-KGPDM Intermediate Holdings B Corporation12/12/2018 Gross
18-12808-KGWhite Eagle Asset Portfolio, LP12/13/2018 Gross
18-12839-CSSAlcor Energy, LLC12/19/2018 Sontchi
18-12903-KGAngel Medical Systems, Inc.12/31/2018 Gross
19-10031-CSSBeauty Brands, LLC1/6/2019 Sontchi
19-10032-CSSBeauty Brands Payroll Holdings, Inc.1/6/2019 Sontchi
19-10033-CSSBeauty Brands Payroll, LLC1/6/2019 Sontchi
19-10118-KJCMaremont Corporation1/22/2019 Carey
19-10119-KJCMaremont Exhaust Products, Inc.1/22/2019 Carey
19-10120-KJCAVM, Inc.1/22/2019 Carey
19-10121-KJCFormer Ride Control Operating Company, Inc.1/22/2019 Carey
19-10165-BLSConsolidated Infrastructure Group, Inc.1/30/2019 Shannon
19-10209-KJCNovum Pharma, LLC2/3/2019 Carey
19-10210-LSSCharlotte Russe Holding, Inc.2/3/2019 Silverstein
19-10211-LSSCharlotte Russe Holdings Corporation2/3/2019 Silverstein
19-10212-LSSCharlotte Russe Intermediate Corporation2/3/2019 Silverstein
19-10213-LSSCharlotte Russe Enterprise, Inc.2/3/2019 Silverstein
19-10214-LSSCharlotte Russe, Inc.2/3/2019 Silverstein
19-10215-LSSCharlotte Russe Merchandising, Inc.2/3/2019 Silverstein
19-10216-LSSCharlotte Russe Administration, Inc.2/3/2019 Silverstein
19-10226-BLSArsenal Energy Holdings LLC2/4/2019 Shannon
19-10234-KGThings Remembered, Inc.2/6/2019 Gross
19-10236-KGTRM Holdco Corp.2/6/2019 Gross
19-10238-KGTRM Holdings Corporation2/6/2019 Gross
19-10248-CSSAvadel Specialty Pharmaceuticals, LLC2/6/2019 Sontchi

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2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (Part 1)

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