2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (Part 6)

2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware are listed below. Without going into a level of detail that most people do not real want, in many but not all cases, one can expect preference avoidance actions will be filed within 2 years of the bankruptcy filing date. See 11 U.S. Code § 546. Thus, we can anticipate that in or before 2020, we will see preference complaints filed in relation to those bankruptcy petitions filed in 2018.

18-12267-CSSMattress Holdco, Inc.10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12268-CSSMattress Holding Corp.10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12269-CSSMD Acquisition LLC10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12270-CSSRobbinsville 7A Warehouse Group, LLC10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12271-CSSRoute 352 Management Partners, LLC10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12272-CSS32 - Scranton Avenue Associates, LLC10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12273-CSSSINT, LLC10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12274-CSSSleep Country USA, LLC10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12275-CSSSleepy's, LLC10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12276-CSSSouth Oyster Bay Realty, LLC10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12277-CSSST San Diego, LLC10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12278-CSSThe Mattress Venture, LLC10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12279-CSSThe Sleep Train, Inc.10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12280-CSSViewmont Drive Realty, LLC10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12281-CSSWhitehall Management Partners, LLC10/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12309-CSSONE Aviation Corporation10/9/2018 Sontchi
18-12310-CSSACC Manufacturing, Inc.10/9/2018 Sontchi
18-12311-CSSAircraft Design Company10/9/2018 Sontchi
18-12312-CSSBrigadoon Aircraft Maintenance, LLC10/9/2018 Sontchi
18-12313-CSSDR Management, LLC10/9/2018 Sontchi
18-12314-CSSEclipse Aerospace, Inc.10/9/2018 Sontchi
18-12315-CSSInnovatus Holding Company10/9/2018 Sontchi
18-12316-CSSKestrel Aircraft Company, Inc.10/10/2018 Sontchi
18-12317-CSSKestrel Brunswick Corporation10/10/2018 Sontchi
18-12318-CSSKestrel Manufacturing, LLC10/10/2018 Sontchi
18-12319-CSSKestrel Tooling Company10/10/2018 Sontchi
18-12320-CSSOAC Management, Inc.10/10/2018 Sontchi
18-12378-KGWelded Construction, L.P.10/22/2018 Gross
18-12379-KGWelded Construction Michigan, LLC10/22/2018 Gross
18-12388-CSSStripes US Holding, Inc.10/24/2018 Sontchi
18-12394-KJCNSC Wholesale Holdings LLC10/24/2018 Carey
18-12395-KJCNational Wholesale Liquidators of Lodi, Inc.10/24/2018 Carey
18-12396-KJCNSC Realty Holdings LLC10/24/2018 Carey
18-12397-KJCNSC of West Hempstead, LLC10/24/2018 Carey
18-12398-KJCTop Key LLC10/24/2018 Carey
18-12399-KJCBP Liquor LLC10/24/2018 Carey
18-12400-KJCTeara LLC10/24/2018 Carey
18-12439-BLSEgalet Corporation10/30/2018 Shannon
18-12440-BLSEgalet US Inc.10/30/2018 Shannon
18-12441-BLSEgalet Limited10/30/2018 Shannon
18-12474-KGFR Dixie Holdings Corp.11/2/2018 Gross
18-12475-KGFR Dixie Acquisition Corp.11/2/2018 Gross
18-12476-KGFR Dixie Acquisition Sub Corp.11/2/2018 Gross
18-12477-KGDixie Electric, LLC11/2/2018 Gross
18-12478-KGMonahans Electric, Inc.11/2/2018 Gross
18-12479-KGK&S Electric, Inc.11/2/2018 Gross
18-12480-KGL&K Electric, LLC11/2/2018 Gross
18-12481-KGPatriot Automation & Control, LLC11/2/2018 Gross
18-12482-KGEpic Integrated Services, LLC11/2/2018 Gross
18-12483-KGAction Electric Holdings, Inc.11/2/2018 Gross
18-12484-KGAction Electric, Inc.11/2/2018 Gross
18-12485-KGMac Supply, Inc. Electrical Contractors11/2/2018 Gross
18-12486-KGWellkeeper, Inc.11/2/2018 Gross
18-12491-CSSPromise Healthcare Group, LLC11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12492-CSSPromise Properties of Shreveport, LLC11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12493-CSSHLP HealthCare, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12494-CSSPromise Healthcare Holdings, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12495-CSSQuantum Health, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12496-CSSHLP Properties, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12497-CSSQuantum Properties, L.P.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12498-CSSPromise Healthcare of California, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12499-CSSPromise Healthcare, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12500-CSSPH-ELA, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12501-CSSPromise Hospital of East Los Angeles, L.P.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12502-CSSPromise Healthcare #2, LLC11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12503-CSSSuccess Healthcare, LLC11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12504-CSSHLP of Los Angeles, LLC11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12505-CSSPromise Hospital of Dallas, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12506-CSSPromise Hospital of Overland Park, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12507-CSSPromise Hospital of Wichita Falls, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12508-CSSPromise Skilled Nursing Facility of Overland Park,11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12509-CSSPromise Skilled Nursing Facility of Wichita Falls,11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12510-CSSPromise Hospital of Phoenix, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12511-CSSPromise Hospital of Ascension, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12512-CSSPromise Hospital of Baton Rouge, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12513-CSSPromise Hospital of Louisiana, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12514-CSSProfessional Rehabilitation Hospital, L.L.C.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12515-CSSPromise Hospital of Salt Lake, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi
18-12516-CSSPromise Hospital of Vicksburg, Inc.11/5/2018 Sontchi

2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (Part 7)

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