2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (Part 4)

2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware are listed below. Without going into a level of detail that most people do not real want, in many but not all cases, one can expect preference avoidance actions will be filed within 2 years of the bankruptcy filing date. See 11 U.S. Code § 546. Thus, we can anticipate that in or before 2020, we will see preference complaints filed in relation to those bankruptcy petitions filed in 2018.

18-11120-BLSVG Liquidation, Inc.5/10/2018 Shannon
18-11121-BLSCollider Media, Inc.5/10/2018 Shannon
18-11122-BLSVG MT Liquidation LLC5/10/2018 Shannon
18-11123-BLSLucidMedia Networks, Inc.5/10/2018 Shannon
18-11124-BLSVG Liquidation Ltd.5/10/2018 Shannon
18-11142-CSSAV Debtor Holdings, et al5/14/2018 Sontchi
18-11143-CSSAV Debtor5/14/2018 Sontchi
18-11144-CSSAV Debtor IC DISC5/14/2018 Sontchi
18-11145-LSSThe Relay Shoe Company, LLC5/14/2018 Silverstein
18-11146-LSSRelay Blocker, LLC5/14/2018 Silverstein
18-11147-LSSThe Relay Group Holdings, LLC5/14/2018 Silverstein
18-11148-LSSRelay 1-P Holdings, LLC5/14/2018 Silverstein
18-11149-LSSRelay Intermediate Holdings, LLC5/14/2018 Silverstein
18-11150-LSSRelay Class D, LLC5/14/2018 Silverstein
18-11151-LSSThe Relay Group, LLC5/14/2018 Silverstein
18-11152-LSSDrydock Footwear, LLC5/14/2018 Silverstein
18-11153-LSSDD Management Services LLC5/14/2018 Silverstein
18-11154-LSSRelay Opco Canada ULC5/14/2018 Silverstein
18-11172-BLSNighthawk Production LLC5/15/2018 Shannon
18-11173-BLSOilquest USA LLC5/15/2018 Shannon
18-11174-KGEnduro Resource Partners LLC5/15/2018 Gross
18-11175-KGEnduro Resource Holdings LLC5/15/2018 Gross
18-11176-KGEnduro Operating LLC5/15/2018 Gross
18-11177-KGEnduro Management Company LLC5/15/2018 Gross
18-11178-KGWashakie Midstream Services LLC5/15/2018 Gross
18-11179-KGWashakie Pipeline Company LLC5/15/2018 Gross
18-11212-BLSEBH Topco, LLC5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11214-BLSElements Behavioral Health, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11215-BLSEBH Holding Company, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11216-BLSEBH Big Rock, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11217-BLSSoCal Rehab and Recovery, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11218-BLSThe Sexual Recovery Institute, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11220-BLSWestside Sober Living Centers, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11221-BLSEhrman Subsidiary Corp.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11223-BLSPROMAL2, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11224-BLSPROMAL4, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11225-BLSSBAR2, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11226-BLSPromises Residential Treatment Center VI, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11227-BLSAssurance Toxicology Services, LLC5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11228-BLSElements Screening Services, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11229-BLSTRS Behavioral Care, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11230-BLSSpirit Lodge, LLC5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11231-BLSSan Cristobal Treatment Center, LLC5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11234-BLSEBH Acquisition Subsidiary, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11235-BLSEBH Services of Florida, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11236-BLSOutpatient Services FL, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11237-BLSElements Medical Group of Arizona, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11238-BLSEBH Northeast Services, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11239-BLSIntensive Outpatient Services PA, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11240-BLSElements Medical Group of Mississippi, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11241-BLSWrightsville Services, LLC5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11242-BLSSoutheast Behavioral Health Services, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11243-BLSNE Sober Living, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11244-BLSElements Medical Group of Utah, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11245-BLSNortheast Behavioral Services, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11246-BLSThe Ranch on the Piney River, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11247-BLSEBH Southwest Services, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11248-BLSOutpatient Services TN, Inc.5/23/2018 Shannon
18-11272-LSSCSH Winddown, Inc.5/29/2018 Silverstein
18-11273-LSSCSN Winddown, Inc.5/29/2018 Silverstein
18-11274-LSSHG Winddown, Inc.5/29/2018 Silverstein
18-11275-LSSLSG Winddown, Inc.5/29/2018 Silverstein
18-11333-CSSSancilio Pharmaceuticals Company, Inc.6/5/2018 Sontchi
18-11334-CSSSancilio & Company, Inc.6/5/2018 Sontchi
18-11335-CSSBlue Palm Advertising Agency, LLC6/5/2018 Sontchi
18-11368-MFWNew MACH Gen, LLC6/11/2018 Walrath
18-11369-MFWMACH Gen GP, LLC6/11/2018 Walrath
18-11370-MFWMillennium Power Partners, L.P.6/11/2018 Walrath
18-11371-MFWNew Athens Generating Company, LLC6/11/2018 Walrath
18-11372-MFWNew Harquahala Generating Company, LLC6/11/2018 Walrath
18-11398-LSSABT Molecular Imaging, Inc.6/13/2018 Silverstein
18-11555-KJCRitchie Risk-Linked Strategies, L.L.C.6/28/2018 Carey
18-11579-CSSSIW Holding Company, Inc.7/2/2018 Sontchi
18-11580-CSSWIS Holdings Corp.7/2/2018 Sontchi
18-11581-CSSWashington Inventory Service7/2/2018 Sontchi
18-11582-CSSWestern Inventory Service, Inc.7/2/2018 Sontchi
18-11583-CSSWIS International, Inc.7/2/2018 Sontchi
18-11584-CSSService Support International, Inc.7/2/2018 Sontchi
18-11585-CSSLabor Support International, Inc.7/2/2018 Sontchi
18-11625-KJCTintri, Inc.7/10/2018 Carey

2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (Part 5)

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