2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (Part 3)

2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware are listed below. Without going into a level of detail that most people do not real want, in many but not all cases, one can expect preference avoidance actions will be filed within 2 years of the bankruptcy filing date. See 11 U.S. Code § 546. Thus, we can anticipate that in or before 2020, we will see preference complaints filed in relation to those bankruptcy petitions filed in 2018.

18-10701-MFWARP Ballentine LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10702-MFWARP Chickamauga LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10703-MFWARP Hartsville LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10704-MFWARP James Island LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10705-MFWARP Moonville LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10706-MFWARP Morganton LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10707-MFWARP Winston Salem LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10708-MFWBI-LO Finance Corp.3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10709-MFWBI-LO Holding Finance, Inc.3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10710-MFWBI-LO Holding Finance, LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10711-MFWBI-LO Holding, LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10712-MFWBI-LO, LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10713-MFWDixie Spirits Florida, LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10714-MFWDixie Spirits, Inc.3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10715-MFWOpal Holdings, LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10716-MFWSamson Merger Sub, LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10717-MFWWinn-Dixie Logistics, LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10718-MFWWinn-Dixie Montgomery Leasing, LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10719-MFWWinn-Dixie Montgomery, LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10720-MFWWinn-Dixie Properties, LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10721-MFWWinn-Dixie Raleigh Leasing, LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10722-MFWWinn-Dixie Raleigh, LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10723-MFWWinn-Dixie Stores, Inc.3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10724-MFWWinn-Dixie Stores Leasing, LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10725-MFWWinn-Dixie Supermarkets, Inc.3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10726-MFWWinn-Dixie Warehouse Leasing, LLC3/27/2018 Walrath
18-10732-LSSDestination Properties of America LLC3/27/2018 Silverstein
18-10733-KJCFrog Rock Investments, LLC3/27/2018 Carey
18-10734-KJCM77 Frog Rock Holding Company, LLC3/27/2018 Carey
18-10735-KJCM89 Mount Washington Holding Company, LLC3/27/2018 Carey
18-10736-KJCMount Washington Investments, LLC3/27/2018 Carey
18-10801-CSSEV Energy Finance Corp.4/2/2018 Sontchi
18-10802-CSSEnerVest Monroe Marketing, Ltd.4/2/2018 Sontchi
18-10803-CSSEnerVest Monroe Gathering, Ltd.4/2/2018 Sontchi
18-10804-CSSEnerVest Production Partners, Ltd.4/2/2018 Sontchi
18-10806-CSSBelden & Blake, LLC4/2/2018 Sontchi
18-10807-CSSEVPP GP, LLC4/2/2018 Sontchi
18-10808-CSSCGAS Properties, L.P.4/2/2018 Sontchi
18-10809-CSSEVCG GP, LLC4/2/2018 Sontchi
18-10810-CSSEnerVest Mesa, LLC4/2/2018 Sontchi
18-10811-CSSEV Properties, L.P.4/2/2018 Sontchi
18-10813-CSSEV Properties GP, LLC4/2/2018 Sontchi
18-10814-CSSEV Energy Partners, L.P.4/2/2018 Sontchi
18-10815-CSSEV Energy GP, L.P.4/2/2018 Sontchi
18-10816-CSSEV Management, LLC4/2/2018 Sontchi
18-10834-KGVER Technologies HoldCo LLC4/5/2018 Gross
18-10835-KGVER Technologies MidCo LLC4/5/2018 Gross
18-10836-KGVER Technologies LLC4/5/2018 Gross
18-10837-KGFull Throttle Films, LLC4/5/2018 Gross
18-10838-KGFAAST Leasing California, LLC4/5/2018 Gross
18-10839-KGRevolution Display, LLC4/5/2018 Gross
18-10840-KGVER Finco, LLC4/5/2018 Gross
18-10841-KGCPV Europe Investments LLC4/5/2018 Gross
18-10842-KGMaxwell Bay Holdings LLC4/5/2018 Gross
18-10894-MFWBertucci's Holdings, Inc.4/15/2018 Walrath
18-10895-MFWBertucci's Holdings, LLC4/15/2018 Walrath
18-10896-MFWBertucci's Corporation4/15/2018 Walrath
18-10897-MFWBertucci's of Anne Arundel County, Inc.4/15/2018 Walrath
18-10898-MFWBertucci's, Inc.4/15/2018 Walrath
18-10899-MFWBertucci's of Columbia, Inc.4/15/2018 Walrath
18-10900-MFWBertucci's of Baltimore County, Inc.4/15/2018 Walrath
18-10901-MFWTwo Ovens Restaurant Corp.4/15/2018 Walrath
18-10902-MFWBertucci's of Bel Air, Inc.4/15/2018 Walrath
18-10903-MFWBertucci's Restaurant Corp.4/15/2018 Walrath
18-10904-MFWBertucci's of White Marsh, Inc.4/15/2018 Walrath
18-10934-BLSHillary J. White Soho Salon Spa, Inc.4/19/2018 Shannon
18-10989-BLSNighthawk Royalties LLC4/30/2018 Shannon
18-10990-BLSNighthawk Energy plc4/30/2018 Shannon
18-11025-CSSGibson Brands, Inc.5/1/2018 Sontchi
18-11026-CSSBaldwin Piano, Inc.5/1/2018 Sontchi
18-11027-CSSGibson Holdings, Inc.5/1/2018 Sontchi
18-11028-CSSGuitar Liquidation Corporation5/1/2018 Sontchi
18-11029-CSSGibson Cafe & Gallery, LLC5/1/2018 Sontchi
18-11030-CSSConsolidated Musical Instruments, LLC5/1/2018 Sontchi
18-11031-CSSGibson International Sales LLC5/1/2018 Sontchi
18-11032-CSSGibson Innovations USA, Inc.5/1/2018 Sontchi
18-11033-CSSGibson Pro Audio Corp.5/1/2018 Sontchi
18-11034-CSSNeat Audio Acquisition Corp.5/1/2018 Sontchi
18-11035-CSSWurlitzer Corp.5/1/2018 Sontchi
18-11036-CSSGibson Europe B.V.5/1/2018 Sontchi
18-11078-LSSBioAmber Inc.5/4/2018 Silverstein
18-11092-BLSRMH Franchise Holdings, Inc.5/8/2018 Shannon
18-11093-BLSNuLnk, Inc.5/8/2018 Shannon
18-11094-BLSRMH Illinois, LLC5/8/2018 Shannon
18-11095-BLSRMH Franchise Corporation5/8/2018 Shannon
18-11096-BLSContex Restaurants, Inc.5/8/2018 Shannon

2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (Part 4)

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