2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (Part 1)

2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware are listed below. Without going into a level of detail that most people do not real want, in many but not all cases, one can expect preference avoidance actions will be filed within 2 years of the bankruptcy filing date. See 11 U.S. Code § 546. Thus, we can anticipate that in or before 2020, we will see preference complaints filed in relation to those bankruptcy petitions filed in 2018.

18-10039-CSSSBSH Winddown, Inc.(fka SeaStar Holdings, Inc.)1/8/2018
18-10041-CSSSeaborne Puerto Rico, LLC.1/8/2018
18-10040-CSSSBVI Winddown, Inc.(fka Seaborne Virgin Islands, Inc.)1/8/2018
18-10055-KGHobbico, Inc.1/10/2018
18-10080-MFWFirst River Energy, LLC.1/12/2018
18-10085-CSSParker School Uniforms, LLC.1/12/2018
18-10122-KGPES Holdings, LLC.1/21/2018
18-10130-KGPhiladelphia Energy Solutions Refining and Marketing LLC1/21/2018
18-10160-LSSScottish Holdings, Inc.,1/28/2018
18-10161-LSSScottish Annuity & Life Insurance Company (Cayman) Ltd.1/28/2018
18-10175-BLSRand Logistics, Inc.1/29/2019
18-10182-KGEnsequence, Inc.1/30/2018
18-10189-KGPatriot National, Inc.1/30/2018
18-10252-MFWBon-Ton Distribution, LLC2/4/2018
18-10248-MFWThe Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.2/4/2018
18-10265-LSSAscent Resources Marcellus Holdings, LLC2/6/2018
18-10284-KJCCarbondale Glen Lot L-2, LLC2/9/2018
18-10286-KJCCarbondale Peaks Lot L-12/9/2018
18-10287-KJCH18 Massabesic Holding Company, LLC2/9/2018 Carey
18-10288-KJCH33 Hawthorn Holding Company, LLC2/9/2018 Carey
18-10289-KJCH50 Sachs Bridge Holding Company, LLC2/9/2018 Carey
18-10290-KJCH64 Pennhurst Holding Company, LLC2/9/2018 Carey
18-10291-KJCHawthorn Investments, LLC2/9/2018 Carey
18-10292-KJCLilac Valley Investments, LLC2/9/2018 Carey
18-10293-KJCMassabesic Investments, LLC2/9/2018 Carey
18-10294-KJCM58 Springvale Holding Company, LLC2/9/2018 Carey
18-10295-KJCM96 Lilac Valley Holding Company, LLC2/9/2018 Carey
18-10296-KJCPennhurst Investments, LLC2/9/2018 Carey
18-10297-KJCSachs Bridge Investments, LLC2/9/2018 Carey
18-10298-KJCSpringvale Investments, LLC2/9/2018 Carey
18-10344-KJCPinktoe Tarantula Limited2/17/2018 Carey
18-10345-KJCDesert Blonde Tarantula Limited2/17/2018 Carey
18-10346-KJCRed Rump Tarantula Limited2/17/2018 Carey
18-10384-MFWFallbrook Technologies Inc.2/26/2018 Walrath
18-10385-MFWFallbrook Technologies International Co.2/26/2018 Walrath
18-10386-MFWHodyon, Inc.2/26/2018 Walrath
18-10387-MFWHodyon Finance, Inc.2/26/2018 Walrath
18-10395-KJCJet Midwest Group, LLC2/26/2018 Carey
18-10467-KGHCR ManorCare, Inc.3/4/2018 Gross
18-10474-LSSThe Walking Company Holdings, Inc.3/6/2018 Silverstein
18-10475-LSSThe Walking Company3/6/2018 Silverstein
18-10476-LSSBig Dog USA, Inc.3/6/2018 Silverstein
18-10477-LSSFootSmart, Inc.3/6/2018 Silverstein
18-10507-KJCBellflower Funding, LLC3/9/2018 Carey
18-10508-KJCWall 123, LLC3/9/2018 Carey
18-10512-CSSZohar III, Corp.3/11/2018 Sontchi
18-10513-CSSZohar II 2005-1 Corp.3/11/2018 Sontchi
18-10514-CSSZohar CDO 2003-1, Corp.3/11/2018 Sontchi
18-10515-CSSZohar III, Limited3/11/2018 Sontchi
18-10516-CSSZohar II 2005-1, Limited3/11/2018 Sontchi
18-10517-CSSZohar CDO 2003-1, Limited3/11/2018 Sontchi
18-10518-KGOrexigen Therapeutics, Inc.3/12/2018 Gross
18-10580-LSSAugustus Energy Resources, LLC3/16/2018 Silverstein
18-10583-MFWClaire's Inc.3/19/2018 Walrath
18-10584-MFWClaire's Stores, Inc.3/19/2018 Walrath
18-10585-MFWClaire's Puerto Rico Corp.3/19/2018 Walrath
18-10586-MFWCBI Distributing Corp.3/19/2018 Walrath
18-10587-MFWClaire's Boutiques, Inc.3/19/2018 Walrath

2018 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (Part 2)

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