2017 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

2017 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware are listed below.  Without going into a level of detail that most people do not real want, in many but not all cases, one can expect preference avoidance actions will be filed within 2 years of the bankruptcy filing date.  See 11 U.S. Code § 546. Thus, we can anticipate that as 2019 rolls on, we will see preference complaints filed in relation to those bankruptcy petitions filed in 2017.

Likewise, we can expect preference actions to be filed in or before 2020 for those cases filed in 2018.

12/29/2017    17-13030-MFW  Life Settlements Absolute Return I, LLC            
12/19/2017    17-12958-CSS    Rentech WP U.S. Inc.           
12/14/2017    17-12938-CSS    ePropertyData.com, LLC           
12/14/2017    17-12937-CSS    Xceligent, Inc.            
12/13/2017    17-12925-CSS    Mammoet-Starneth LLC            
12/12/2017    17-12917-KG     J.G. Wentworth, LLC           
12/12/2017    17-12914-KG     Orchard Acquisition Company, LLC            
12/11/2017    17-12913-KJC    Dextera Surgical Inc.            
12/11/2017    17-12906-CSS    Charming Charlie Holdings Inc.           
12/8/2017      17-12881-LSS    Herald Media Holdings, Inc.           
12/8/2017      17-12883-LSS    Boston Herald, Inc.           
12/4/2017      17-12560-KJC    Woodbridge Group of Companies, LLC           
12/4/2017      17-12750-KJC    Woodbridge Capital Investments, LLC           
11/20/2017    17-12481-CSS    Maurice Sporting Goods, Inc.           
11/17/2017    17-12464-KJC    Real Industry, Inc.           
11/17/2017    17-12466-KJC    Real Alloy Holding, Inc.           
11/15/2017    17-12441-KJC    Velocity Pooling Vehicle, LLC            
11/15/2017    17-12442-KJC    Velocity Holding Company, Inc.            
11/7/2017      17-12377-BLS    ExGen Texas Power, LLC           
10/30/2017    17-12308-BLS    M & G USA Holding, LLC            
10/30/2017    17-12307-BLS    M & G USA Corporation           
10/24/2017    17-12268-BLS    M & G Polymers USA, LLC            
10/24/2017    17-12266-MFW  CalDel Holdings LLC    

Case Number            Debtor Name                                    
17-12233-MFW      Macaroni Grill Services LLC
17-12232-MFW      Mac Acquisition of Baltimore County LLC
17-12231-MFW      Mac Acquisition of Frederick County LLC
17-12230-MFW      Mac Acquisition of Anne Arundel County LLC
17-12229-MFW      Mac Acquisition of Kansas LLC
17-12228-MFW      Mac Acquisition of New Jersey LLC
17-12226-MFW      Mac Holding LLC
17-12225-MFW      Mac Parent LLC
17-12224-MFW      Mac Acquisition LLC, et al.
17-12202-KG         Ideal Diamond Trading Limited
17-12105-LSS        Strategic Financial LLC
17-12104-LSS        GST Innovations, LLC
17-12103-LSS        GST AutoLeather Cayman I Ltd.
17-12102-LSS        GST AutoLeather Cayman II Ltd.
17-12101-LSS        GST AutoLeather HoldCo Corp.
17-12100-LSS        GST AutoLeather, Inc.
17-12087-KJC        Appvion Global Netherlands Cooperatief UA
17-12086-KJC        APVN Holdings LLC
17-12085-KJC        Appvion Receivables Funding I LLC
17-12084-KJC        PDC Capital Corporation
17-12083-KJC        Paperweight Development Corp.
17-12082-KJC        Appvion, Inc.
17-12032-KG         Ideal Diamond Trading USA Inc.
17-12031-KG         FTK Worldwide Manufacturing BVBA
17-12030-KG         Exelco NV
17-12029-KG         Exelco North America, Inc.
17-11985-LSS        David Harris
17-11966-KJC        Aerogroup Gift Card Company, Inc.
17-11965-KJC        Aerogroup Retail Holdings, Inc.
17-11964-KJC        Aerogroup International Holdings, LLC
17-11963-KJC        Aerogroup International, LLC
17-11962-KJC        Aerogroup International, Inc.
17-11961-KJC        AGI HoldCo, Inc.
17-11941-KJC        Nutrition Warehouse, Inc.
17-11940-KJC        Vitamin World of Guam, LLC
17-11939-KJC        Vitamin Depot, LLC
17-11938-KJC        Vitamin World (V.I.), Inc.
17-11937-KJC        Precision Engineered Limited (USA)
17-11936-KJC        VW Online, Inc.
17-11935-KJC        VW Interholdings, Inc.
17-11934-KJC        VWRE Holdings, Inc.
17-11933-KJC        Vitamin World, Inc.
17-11812-CSS        Perfumers Art, Inc.
17-11811-CSS        Global Duty Free Supply, Inc.
17-11810-CSS        Northern Amenities, Ltd.
17-11809-CSS        Northern Brands, Inc.
17-11808-CSS        Niche Marketing Group, Inc.
17-11807-CSS        Aladdin Fragrances, Inc.
17-11806-CSS        Flowing Velvet, Inc.
17-11805-CSS        Distribution Concepts, LLC
17-11804-CSS        Jacavi, LLC
17-11803-CSS        Scents of Worth, Inc.
17-11802-CSS        Quality King Fragrance, Inc.
17-11801-CSS        Perfumania Puerto Rico, Inc.
17-11800-CSS        Northern Group, Inc.
17-11799-CSS        Perfumania.com, Inc.
17-11798-CSS        Ten Kesef II, Inc.
17-11797-CSS        Magnifique Parfumes And Cosmetics, Inc.
17-11796-CSS        Perfumania, Inc.
17-11795-CSS        Perfumania Holdings, Inc.
17-11794-CSS        Model Reorg Acquisition, LLC
17-11778-KJC        USAE, LLC
17-11752-KJC        Speed Vegas, LLC
17-11738-BLS        ZJ Gifts M-3, L.L.C.
17-11737-BLS        ZJ Gifts M-2, L.L.C.
17-11736-BLS        ZJ Gifts M-1, L.L.C.
17-11735-BLS        ZJ Gifts I-1, L.L.C.
17-11734-BLS        ZJ Gifts F-6, L.L.C.
17-11733-BLS        ZJ Gifts F-5, L.L.C.
17-11732-BLS        ZJ Gifts F-4, L.L.C.
17-11731-BLS        ZJ Gifts F-3, L.L.C.
17-11730-BLS        ZJ Gifts F-2, L.L.C.
17-11729-BLS        Charter Smith Sanhueza Retail, Inc.
17-11728-BLS        Condom Revolution, Inc.
17-11727-BLS        Conrev, Inc.
17-11726-BLS        Peekay Spa, LLC
17-11725-BLS        Christals Acquisition, LLC
17-11724-BLS        Peekay Boutiques, Inc.
17-11723-BLS        Peekay, Inc.
17-11722-BLS        Peekay Acquisition, LLC
17-11715-BLS        Takata Corporation and Takata Service Corporation
17-11714-BLS        Takata Corporation and Takata Kyushu Corporation
17-11713-BLS        Takata Corporation and Takata Corporation
17-11657-CSS        Solazyme Manufacturing 1, LLC
17-11656-CSS        Solazyme Brazil LLC
17-11655-CSS        TerraVia Holdings, Inc.
17-11593-LSS        Bundy American, LLC
17-11592-LSS        Rent-A-Wreck of America, Inc.
17-11575-CSS        Paragon Offshore plc (in administration)
17-11574-CSS        Prospector Rig 5 Contracting Company S.a r.l.
17-11573-CSS        Prospector Rig 1 Contracting Company S.a r.l.
17-11572-CSS        Prospector Offshore Drilling S.a r.l.
17-11502-KG         Short Bark Industries, Inc.
17-11501-KG         EXO SBI, LLC
17-11464-CSS        TRLGGC Services, LLC
17-11463-CSS        True Religion Sales, LLC
17-11462-CSS        Guru Denim Inc.
17-11461-CSS        TRLG Intermediate Holdings, LLC
17-11460-CSS        True Religion Apparel, Inc.
17-11383-BLS        Strosshe-Mex, S. de R.L. de C.V.
17-11382-BLS        Takata de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
17-11381-BLS        Industrias Irvin de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
17-11380-BLS        TK Holdings de Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V.
17-11379-BLS        TK Mexico LLC
17-11378-BLS        TK Mexico Inc.
17-11377-BLS        Interiors in Flight Inc.
17-11376-BLS        Takata Protection Systems Inc.
17-11375-BLS        TK Holdings Inc.
17-11374-BLS        TK China, LLC
17-11373-BLS        TK Finance, LLC
17-11372-BLS        Takata Americas
17-11334-LSS        Total Plastics, Inc.
17-11333-LSS        Keystone Service, Inc.
17-11332-LSS        HY-Alloy Steels Company
17-11331-LSS        A.M. Castle & Co.
17-11330-LSS        Keystone Tube Company, LLC
17-11315-LSS        Kiosk Concepts, Inc.
17-11314-LSS        Soupman, Inc.
17-11313-LSS        The Original Soupman, Inc.
17-11294-BLS        CST Power & Construction, Inc.
17-11293-BLS        CST Industries, Inc.
17-11292-BLS        CST Industries Holdings Inc.
17-11258-KG         NNN 400 Capitol Center 25, LLC
17-11257-KG         NNN 400 Capitol Center 36, LLC
17-11256-KG         NNN 400 Capitol Center 35, LLC
17-11255-KG         NNN 400 Capitol Center 30, LLC
17-11254-KG         NNN 400 Capitol Center 8, LLC
17-11253-KG         NNN 400 Capitol Center 7, LLC
17-11251-KG         NNN 400 Capitol Center 1, LLC
17-11250-KG         NNN 400 Capitol Center, LLC
17-11249-LSS        FirstRain, Inc.
17-11175-KG         Delaware Sports Complex, LLC
17-11158-BLS        Tidewater Marine Vessels, L.L.C.
17-11157-BLS        Tidewater Marine Hulls, L.L.C.
17-11156-BLS        Tidewater Subsea ROV, L.L.C.
17-11155-BLS        Tidewater Marine Ships, L.L.C.
17-11154-BLS        Tidewater Marine Fleet, L.L.C.
17-11153-BLS        Zapata Gulf Marine, L.L.C.
17-11152-BLS        Tidewater GOM, Inc.
17-11151-BLS        Tidewater Subsea, L.L.C.
17-11150-BLS        Twenty Grand Marine Service, L.L.C.
17-11149-BLS        Tidewater Venture, Inc.
17-11148-BLS        Twenty Grand (Brazil), L.L.C.
17-11147-BLS        Tidewater Marine International Dutch Holdings, L.L
17-11146-BLS        Tidewater Marine Sakhalin, L.L.C.
17-11145-BLS        Tidewater Mexico Holding, L.L.C.
17-11144-BLS        Point Marine, L.L.C.
17-11143-BLS        Quality Shipyards, L.L.C.
17-11142-BLS        Tidewater Marine Alaska, Inc.
17-11141-BLS        Hilliard Oil & Gas, Inc.
17-11140-BLS        Pan Marine International Dutch Holdings, L.L.C.
17-11139-BLS        S.O.P., Inc.
17-11138-BLS        Tidewater Marine, L.L.C.
17-11137-BLS        Java Boat Corporation
17-11136-BLS        Gulf Fleet Supply Vessels, L.L.C.
17-11135-BLS        Cajun Acquisitions, LLC
17-11134-BLS        Tidewater Corporate Services, L.L.C.
17-11133-BLS        Tidewater Marine Western, Inc.
17-11132-BLS        Tidewater Inc.
17-11125-KG         GulfMark Offshore, Inc.
17-11114-KJC        HPMI, Inc.
17-11113-KJC        Ashford Holding Corp.
17-11112-KJC        WP Liquidating Corp.
17-11111-KJC        American Gage & Machine Company
17-11110-KJC        Hermann Lowenstein, Inc.
17-11109-KJC        GCW, Inc.
17-11108-KJC        TTI Holdings, Inc.
17-11107-KJC        WII, Inc.
17-11106-KJC        Katy Teweh, Inc.
17-11105-KJC        Wabash Holding Corp.
17-11104-KJC        Fort Wayne Plastics, Inc.
17-11103-KJC        FTW Holdings, Inc.
17-11102-KJC        Continental Commercial Products, LLC
17-11101-KJC        Katy Industries, Inc.
17-11081-BLS        O'Malia Food Markets, LLC
17-11080-BLS        Marsh Supermarkets of Illinois, LLC
17-11079-BLS        MS Property, LLC
17-11078-BLS        Marsh Supermarkets, LLC
17-11077-BLS        Marsh RE Property, LLC
17-11076-BLS        Marsh International, LLC
17-11075-BLS        Marsh Drugs, LLC
17-11074-BLS        Marsh Drugs Holding, LLC
17-11073-BLS        LoBill Foods, LLC
17-11072-BLS        CT Logistics, LLC
17-11071-BLS        Contract Transport, LLC
17-11070-BLS        Contract Transport Holding, LLC
17-11069-BLS        A.L. Ross & Sons, LLC
17-11068-BLS        Marsh Supermarkets Company, LLC
17-11067-BLS        Marsh Merger Sub, LLC
17-11066-BLS        Marsh Supermarkets Holding, LLC
17-11032-CSS        Searchmetrics Inc.
17-11003-LSS        SVT, LLC
17-11002-LSS        Strack & Van Til Super Market, Inc.
17-11001-LSS        Raceway Central Wheaton LLC
17-11000-LSS        Raceway Central LLC North Valpo
17-10999-LSS        Raceway Central Joliet North LLC
17-10998-LSS        Raceway Central Downers Grove LLC
17-10997-LSS        Raceway Central Chicago Heights LLC
17-10996-LSS        Raceway Central Calumet Park LLC
17-10995-LSS        Raceway Central, LLC
17-10994-LSS        Currency Express, Inc.
17-10993-LSS        Central Grocers, Inc.
17-10992-LSS        CGI Joliet, LLC
17-10962-KJC        1960 Well Services, LLC
17-10961-KJC        Nuverra Total Solutions, LLC
17-10960-KJC        NES Water Solutions, LLC
17-10959-KJC        Landtech Enterprises, L.L.C.
17-10958-KJC        Ideal Oilfield Disposal, LLC
17-10957-KJC        HEK Water Solutions, LLC
17-10956-KJC        Heckmann Woods Cross, LLC
17-10955-KJC        Heckmann Water Resources (CVR), Inc.
17-10954-KJC        Heckmann Water Resources Corporation
17-10953-KJC        Badlands Power Fuels, LLC (ND)
17-10952-KJC        Badlands Power Fuels, LLC (DE)
17-10951-KJC        Badlands Leasing, LLC
17-10950-KJC        Appalachian Water Services, LLC
17-10949-KJC        Nuverra Environmental Solutions, Inc.
17-10866-KG         Adams Resources Exploration Corporation
17-10840-LSS        Panda Temple Power Intermediate Holdings II, LLC
17-10839-LSS        Panda Temple Power, LLC
17-10837-KG         Suniva, Inc.
17-10833-KG         Ellwood Pipeline, Inc.
17-10832-KG         TexCal Energy South Texas, L.P.
17-10831-KG         TexCal Energy (LP) LLC
17-10830-KG         TexCal Energy (GP) LLC
17-10829-KG         Whittier Pipeline Corporation
17-10828-KG         Venoco, LLC
17-10810-LSS        Halt Medical, Inc.
17-10807-LSS        Unilife Cross Farm LLC
17-10806-LSS        Unilife Medical Solutions, Inc.
17-10805-LSS        Unilife Corporation
17-10794-KJC        Rupari Food Services, Inc.
17-10793-KJC        Rupari Holding Corp.
17-10774-BLS        CIBER Consulting, Incorporated
17-10773-BLS        CIBER International LLC
17-10772-BLS        CIBER, Inc.
17-10639-KG         GroupAero Seattle, Inc.
17-10638-KG         NCDI Mexico, Inc.
17-10637-KG         NC Dynamics Incorporated
17-10636-KG         Valley Tool & Manufacturing, Inc.
17-10635-KG         Aerospace Holdings, Inc.
17-10572-BLS        Bostwick Laboratories Holdings, Inc.
17-10570-BLS        Bostwick Laboratories, Inc.
17-10564-KG         Sungevity International Holdings, LLC
17-10563-KG         Sungevity Development, LLC
17-10562-KG         Sungevity SD, LLC
17-10561-KG         Sungevity, Inc.
17-10509-BLS        General Wireless Customer Service Inc.
17-10508-BLS        General Wireless Holdings Inc.
17-10507-BLS        General Wireless Inc.
17-10506-BLS        General Wireless Operations Inc.
17-10500-KJC        Aquion Energy, Inc.
17-10477-LSS        California Proton Treatment Center, LLC
17-10444-BLS        Axios Mobile Assets Corp.
17-10443-BLS        Axios Mobile Assets Inc.
17-10440-BLS        Axios Mobile Assets, Inc.
17-10438-BLS        A. Farber & Partners, Inc. and Axios Logistics Solutions Inc., et al.,
17-10426-KJC        Lily Robotics, Inc.
17-10389-CSS        Pursuit Holdings (NY), LLC
17-10356-KG         Calrissian LP
17-10277-LSS        UR Vehicle Management Solutions, Inc.
17-10276-LSS        URS Leasing, Inc.
17-10275-LSS        UR VMS, LLC
17-10274-LSS        CSCBD, Inc.
17-10273-LSS        Rancho Del Oro Companies, Inc.
17-10272-LSS        Arri Brothers, Inc.
17-10271-LSS        United Road Towing Services, Inc.
17-10270-LSS        Rapid Recovery Incorporated
17-10269-LSS        United Road Towing South Florida, Inc.
17-10268-LSS        Ken Lehman Enterprises, Inc.
17-10267-LSS        Sunrise Towing, Inc.
17-10266-LSS        E & R Towing & Garage, Inc.
17-10265-LSS        Fast Towing, Inc.
17-10264-LSS        URS Southwest, Inc.
17-10263-LSS        URS Northeast, Inc.
17-10262-LSS        URS Southeast, Inc.
17-10261-LSS        WHW Transport, Inc.
17-10260-LSS        Signature Towing, Inc.
17-10259-LSS        Mart-Caudle Corporation
17-10258-LSS        URT Texas, Inc.
17-10257-LSS        Ross Baker Towing, Inc.
17-10256-LSS        Keystone Towing, Inc.
17-10255-LSS        Pat's Towing, Inc.
17-10254-LSS        Export Enterprises of Massachusetts, Inc.
17-10253-LSS        Bill & Wag's, Inc.
17-10252-LSS        URS West, Inc.
17-10251-LSS        City Towing, Inc.
17-10250-LSS        URT Holdings, Inc.
17-10249-LSS        United Road Towing, Inc.
17-10248-LSS        Bob's Stores, LLC
17-10247-LSS        Eastern Mountain Sports, LLC
17-10246-LSS        Subortis Retail Financing, LLC
17-10245-LSS        Bob's/EMS Gift Card, LLC
17-10244-LSS        Subortis IP Holdings, LLC
17-10243-LSS        Eastern Outfitters, LLC
17-10231-CSS        Mador Financing, LLC
17-10230-CSS        The Wet Seal Gift Card, LLC
17-10229-CSS        The Wet Seal, LLC
17-10202-LSS        Louisiana Medical Center and Heart Hospital, LLC
17-10201-LSS        LMCHH PCP LLC
17-10186-KG         Prestige Industries LLC
17-10179-KG         Insightra Medical, Inc.
17-10178-KG         Modulare, Inc.
17-10130-LSS        Svitlana Romanova and Metinvest B.V.
17-10126-KJC        The Limited Stores GC, LLC
17-10125-KJC        Limited Stores, LLC
17-10124-KJC        Limited Stores Company, LLC
17-10111-MFW     ATopTech, Inc.
17-10086-MFW     Homer City Generation, L.P.
17-10065-KG         Chieftain Sand and Proppant Barron, LLC
17-10064-KG         Chieftain Sand and Proppant, LLC
17-10021-KJC        Bonanza Creek Energy Midstream, LLC
17-10020-KJC        Bonanza Creek Energy Upstream LLC
17-10019-KJC        Rocky Mountain Infrastructure, LLC
17-10018-KJC        Holmes Eastern Company, LLC
17-10017-KJC        Bonanza Creek Energy Resources, LLC
17-10016-KJC        Bonanza Creek Energy Operating Company, LLC
17-10015-KJC        Bonanza Creek Energy, Inc.
17-10010-BLS        SQN Helo 8, LLC
17-10008-BLS        SQN Helo 7, LLC
17-10007-BLS        SQN Helo 5, LLC

If you conducted business with any of the above companies and especially if you have received a demand letter or a complaint or if a complaint has been filed but not yet served against you or your business, contact us here, email us at info@tobialaw.com or call the firm’s Wilmington offices directly at (302) 655-5303 to schedule a free initial consultation. We can discuss the situation and share with you our initial observations at no charge.

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