Business and Commercial Disputes

The Law Office of James Tobia, LLC is a full service law firm dedicated to providing efficient, cost-effective representation of businesses and individuals in all facets of civil legal representation in Delaware.  We specialize in representing businesses at every stage of commercial disputes, defending businesses and individual clients who have been sued in Delaware state and federal courts, including defense of preference avoidance actions brought in the Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

If appropriate, we will pursue alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods. Many of our clients’ disputes can be resolved without litigation through various ADR options.  Mr. Tobia’s years of experience allow him to understand creative solutions to resolve matters in a way that everyone can accept and that will avoid unnecessary burdens, including the expense, stress and risks inherent in litigation.

If litigation is unavoidable, we can represent your interests in all Delaware courts.

Delaware Commercial Litigation

At the Law Office of James Tobia, we understand that you do not want to be involved in litigation.  Most people would prefer to avoid the unpleasantness and uncertainty inherent in litigation if at all possible.  At its core, litigation is a failure of the parties to resolve their disputes amicably.  But, sometimes litigation is unavoidable. We will work with you to find a reasonable and cost effective solution to your problem that will maximize your legal rights and bottom line while respecting your budget and your emotional and personal time concerns. 

Representation in the United States Bankruptcy Court

If you are in business long enough, you will encounter customers who file for bankruptcy protection under the United States Bankruptcy Code. Unfortunately, that may result in your business being owed money by the Debtor. You may also receive a demand letter and/or be served with a suit regarding an allegedly preferential payment to your business. The Law Office of James Tobia, LLC has extensive experience representing businesses as creditors in federal Bankruptcy cases and in Avoidance and Preference actions brought in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. We can help protect your business from the financial damage of dealing with distressed customers by helping your business navigate the bankruptcy code, the court processes and the resulting strain thereof.

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