2024 Chapter 11 Filings in Delaware Bankruptcy Court (Part 1)

2024 Chapter 11 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, from January through February 28, 2024, are listed below. 

Without going into a level of detail that most people do not really want, in many but not all cases, one can expect preference avoidance actions will be filed within 2 years of the bankruptcy filing date. See 11 U.S. Code § 546. Thus, we can anticipate that in or before 2026, we will see preference complaints filed in relation to those bankruptcy petitions filed in 2024.  

Date          Case Number         Debtor Name
1/03/2024  24-10003-BLS      Humanigen, Inc.
1/12/2024  24-10038-LSS      Integrity Tire, LLC
1/18/2024  24-10063-KBO     Etta Scottsdale, LLC
1/21/2024  24-10070-BLS     Terraform Labs Pte. Ltd.
1/24/2024  24-10078-CTG     IPwe, Inc.
1/29/2024  24-10120-KBO     Restoration Forest Products Group, LLC
1/29/2024  24-10121-KBO     Just Right, LLC
1/29/2024  24-10122-KBO     Good Earth Power AZ, LLC
1/29/2024  24-10123-KBO     Restoration Forest Products, LLC
2/1/2024    24-10137-MFW    InVivo Therapeutics Corporation
2/1/2024    24-10138-MFW    InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp.
2/1/2024    24-10140-JTD      BYJU's Alpha, Inc.
2/1/2024    24-10143-KBO     1840 North Ave., Corp.
2/1/2024    24-10144-KBO     Etta Bucktown, LLC
2/1/2024    24-10145-KBO     Etta River North, LLC
2/1/2024    24-10146-KBO     Etta Collective, LLC
2/1/2024    24-10147-KBO     Aya Bakery LLC
2/2/2024    24-10153-MFW    DMK Pharmaceuticals Corporation
2/2/2024    24-10154-MFW    Adamis Corporation
2/2/2024    24-10155-MFW    Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
2/2/2024    24-10156-MFW    Biosyn, Inc.
2/2/2024    24-10157-MFW    Rhombus Pharmaceuticals Corporation
2/2/2024    24-10158-MFW    US Compounding, Inc.
2/4/2024    24-10160-CTG     NanoString Technologies, Inc.
2/4/2024    24-10161-CTG     NanoString Technologies International, Inc.
2/4/2024    24-10162-CTG     NanoString Technologies Netherlands B.V.
2/4/2024    24-10163-CTG     NanoString Technologies Germany GmbH
2/4/2024    24-10164-KBO     Cano Health, Inc.
2/4/2024    24-10165-KBO     Primary Care (ITC) Intermediate Holdings, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10166-KBO     Complete Medical Billing and Coding Services, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10167-KBO     Cano Health, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10168-KBO     Cano Health of Puerto Rico LLC
2/5/2024    24-10169-KBO     CHPR MSO LLC
2/5/2024    24-10170-KBO     Cano Health of Florida, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10171-KBO     Cano Health CA1 MSO LLC
2/5/2024    24-10172-KBO     Physicians Partners Group Merger, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10173-KBO     Cano Health Nevada Network, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10174-KBO     Comfort Pharmacy 2, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10175-KBO     Cano Medical Center of West Florida, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10176-KBO     Cano Occupational Health, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10177-KBO     CH Dental Administrative Services LLC
2/5/2024    24-10178-KBO     American Choice Healthcare, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10179-KBO     Physicians Partners Group Puerto Rico, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10180-KBO     DGM MSO, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10181-KBO     Cano PCP Wound Care, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10182-KBO     Cano Research LLC
2/5/2024    24-10183-KBO     Cano Personal Behavior LLC
2/5/2024    24-10184-KBO     Cano PCP MSO, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10185-KBO     Physicians Partners Group Puerto Rico, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10186-KBO     Cano HP MSO, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10187-KBO     Cano PCP, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10188-KBO     Orange Healthcare Administration, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10189-KBO     ACH Management Services, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10190-KBO     Physicians Partners Group of FL, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10191-KBO     Cano Behavior Health LLC
2/5/2024    24-10192-KBO     PPG Puerto Rico Blocker, Inc.
2/5/2024    24-10193-KBO     Orange Care Group South Florida Management Service
2/5/2024    24-10194-KBO     Cano Belen, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10195-KBO     Cano Health Illinois Network, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10196-KBO     Orange Accountable Care Organization of South Flor
2/5/2024    24-10197-KBO     Cano Health New Mexico LLC
2/5/2024    24-10198-KBO     Cano Pharmacy, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10199-KBO     Orange Accountable Care Organization, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10200-KBO     IFB Pharmacy, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10201-KBO     American Choice Commercial ACO, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10202-KBO     Belen Pharmacy Group, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10203-KBO     Orange Care IPA of New York, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10204-KBO     University Health Care Pharmacy, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10205-KBO     Orange Care IPA of New Jersey, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10206-KBO     Cano Health New York, IPA, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10207-KBO     Total Care ACO, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10208-KBO     Clinical Research of Hollywood, P.A.
2/5/2024    24-10209-KBO     Cano Health CA1, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10210-KBO     Cano Health Illinois 1 MSO, LLC
2/5/2024    24-10211-KBO     Solis Network Solutions, LLC
2/9/2024    24-10235-LSS      Burgess BioPower, LLC
2/9/2024    24-10236-LSS      Berlin Station, LLC
2/12/2024    24-10245-JTD    Sientra, Inc.
2/12/2024    24-10246-JTD    Mist Holdings, Inc.
2/12/2024    24-10247-JTD    Mist, Inc.
2/12/2024    24-10248-JTD    Mist International, Inc.
2/16/2024    24-10264-JKS    Premier Glass Services, LLC
2/18/2024    24-10267-CTG   Smallhold, Inc.
2/21/2024    24-10279-JKS    Pioneer Health Systems LLC
2/21/2024    24-10280-JKS    DOC Corporate Group LLC
2/21/2024    24-10281-JKS    DOC LLC
2/21/2024    24-10282-JKS    DOCTX3 PLLC
2/21/2024    24-10283-JKS    PAS Services PLLC

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