2023 Chapter 11 Filings in Delaware Bankruptcy Court (Part 1)

2023 Chapter 11 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, through February 26, 2023, are listed below. Without going into a level of detail that most people do not real want, in many but not all cases, one can expect preference avoidance actions will be filed within 2 years of the bankruptcy filing date. See 11 U.S. Code § 546. Thus, we can anticipate that in or before 2025, we will see preference complaints filed in relation to those bankruptcy petitions filed in 2023.

Date             Case Number       Debtor Name
1/2/2023      23-10000-BLS    Tentrr, Inc.
1/8/2023      23-10009-JKS     Nervive, Inc.
1/11/2023    23-10020-MFW  American Virtual Cloud Technologies, Inc.
1/11/2023    23-10021-MFW  AVCtechnologies USA, Inc.
1/11/2023    23-10022-MFW  Kandy Communications LLC
1/11/2023    23-10024-JTD     Tricida, Inc.
1/11/2023    23-10025-KBO    FB Debt Financing Guarantor, LLC
1/12/2023    23-10026-KBO    Forma Brands, LLC
1/12/2023    23-10027-KBO    Morphe, LLC
1/12/2023    23-10028-KBO    Forma Beauty Brands, LLC
1/12/2023    23-10029-KBO    Seemo, LLC
1/12/2023    23-10030-KBO    Jaclyn Cosmetics Holdings, LLC
1/12/2023    23-10031-KBO    Such Good Everything, LLC
1/12/2023    23-10032-KBO    Playa Products, Inc.
1/12/2023    23-10033-KBO    Jaclyn Cosmetics LLC
1/16/2023    23-10047-LSS     Performance Powersports Group Investor, LLC
1/16/2023    23-10048-LSS     Performance Powersports Group Holdings, Inc.
1/16/2023    23-10049-LSS     Performance Powersports Group Purchaser, Inc.
1/16/2023    23-10050-LSS     Performance Powersports Group, Inc.
1/16/2023    23-10051-JKS     GigaMonster Networks, LLC
1/16/2023    23-10052-JKS     Gigasphere Holdings LLC
1/16/2023    23-10053-JKS     GigaMonster, LLC
1/16/2023    23-10054-JKS     Fibersphere Communications LLC
1/16/2023    23-10055-JKS     Fibersphere Communications of California LLC
1/22/2023    23-10074-KBO   AD1 Urban Palm Bay, LLC
1/22/2023    23-10075-KBO   AD1 Urban Palm Bay Place, LLC
1/22/2023    23-10076-KBO   AD1 Urban Strategy Palm Bay, LLC
1/22/2023    23-10077-KBO   AD1 LBV1, LLC
1/22/2023    23-10078-KBO   AD1 LBV Hotels, LLC
1/22/2023    23-10079-KBO   AD1 SW Property Holdings, LLC
1/22/2023    23-10080-KBO   AD1 Urban SW, LLC
1/22/2023    23-10081-KBO   AD1 Palm Beach Airport Hotels, LLC
1/22/2023    23-10082-KBO   AD1 PB Airport Hotels, LLC
1/22/2023    23-10084-KBO   AD1 Celebration Holdings, LLC
1/22/2023    23-10085-KBO   AD1 Celebration Hotels, LLC
1/22/2023    23-10086-KBO   AD1 Daytona Holdings, LLC
1/22/2023    23-10087-KBO   AD1 Daytona Hotels, LLC
1/24/2023    23-10094-BLS    225 Bowery LLC
1/26/2023    23-10097-CTG   Arsenal Intermediate Holdings, LLC
1/26/2023    23-10098-CTG   Arsenal Health, LLC
1/26/2023    23-10099-CTG   Arsenal Insurance Management, LLC
1/26/2023    23-10102-BLS    PhysIQ, Inc.
1/29/2023    23-10110-MFW  Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation and Acerus Pharmaceuticals USA, LLC
1/29/2023    23-10111-MFW  Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation and Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation
1/29/2023    23-10112-MFW  Acerus Biopharma Inc. and Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation
1/29/2023    23-10113-MFW  Acerus Labs Inc. and Acerus Pharmaceuticals Corporation
1/29/2023    23-10114-CTG   Nova Wildcat Shur-Line Holdings, Inc.
1/29/2023    23-10115-CTG   Nova Wildcat Shur-Line, LLC
1/29/2023    23-10116-CTG   HBC Holdings LLC
1/29/2023    23-10117-CTG   HBC Chemical LLC
1/29/2023    23-10118-CTG   World and Main (Air), LLC
1/29/2023    23-10119-CTG   World and Main (Cranbury), LLC
2/3/2023      23-10149-JTD    Emergent Fidelity Technologies Ltd.
2/5/2023      23-10153-LSS    Independent Pet Partners Holdings, LLC
2/5/2023      23-10154-LSS    Independent Pet Partners Intermediate Holdings I,
2/5/2023      23-10155-LSS    Independent Pet Partners Intermediate Holdings II,
2/5/2023      23-10156-LSS    Independent Pet Partners Employer Holdings, LLC
2/5/2023      23-10157-LSS    Independent Pet Partners Employer, LLC
2/5/2023      23-10158-LSS    Independent Pet Partners Intermediate Holdings, LL
2/5/2023      23-10159-LSS    IPP - Stores, LLC
2/5/2023      23-10160-LSS    IPP Stores Employer, LLC
2/5/2023      23-10161-LSS    Especially for Pets, LLC
2/5/2023      23-10162-LSS    Pet Life, LLC
2/5/2023      23-10163-LSS    Whole Pet Central, LLC
2/5/2023      23-10164-LSS    Natural Pawz, LLC
2/5/2023      23-10165-LSS    Pet Source, LLC
2/8/2023    23-10174-CTG    Big Village Holding LLC
2/8/2023    23-10175-CTG    Big Village Group Holdings LLC
2/8/2023    23-10176-CTG    Big Village Group Inc.
2/8/2023    23-10178-CTG    Big Village Insights, Inc.
2/8/2023    23-10179-CTG    Big Village Media LLC
2/8/2023    23-10180-CTG    EMX Digital, Inc.
2/8/2023    23-10181-CTG    Big Village USA Corporation, Inc.
2/8/2023    23-10182-CTG    Big Village Agency, LLC
2/8/2023    23-10183-CTG    Balihoo, Inc.
2/8/2023    23-10184-CTG    Deep Focus, Inc.
2/8/2023    23-10185-CTG    Trailer Park Holdings Inc.
2/16/2023    23-10207-JTD    Stanadyne LLC and Astron, Inc.
2/16/2023    23-10208-JTD    Pure Power Technologies, Inc.
2/16/2023    23-10209-JTD    Stanadyne PPT Holdings, Inc.
2/16/2023    23-10210-JTD    Stanadyne PPT Group Holdings, Inc.
2/17/2023    23-10215-JKS    Agogie, Inc.
2/20/2023    23-10219-KBO  Starry Group Holdings, Inc.
2/20/2023    23-10220-KBO  Starry, Inc.
2/20/2023    23-10221-KBO  Connect Everyone LLC
2/20/2023    23-10222-KBO  Starry Installation Corp.
2/20/2023    23-10223-KBO  Starry (MA), Inc.
2/20/2023    23-10224-KBO  Starry Spectrum LLC
2/20/2023    23-10225-KBO  Testco LLC
2/20/2023    23-10226-KBO  Starry Spectrum Holdings LLC
2/20/2023    23-10227-KBO  Widmo Holdings LLC
2/20/2023    23-10228-KBO  Vibrant Composites, Inc.
2/20/2023    23-10229-KBO  Starry Foreign Holdings Inc.
2/20/2023    23-10230-KBO  Starry PR Inc.
2/21/2023    23-10234-CTG  Allegiance Coal USA Limited
2/21/2023    23-10235-CTG  Black Warrior Minerals, Inc.
2/21/2023    23-10236-CTG  New Elk Coal Holdings LLC
2/21/2023    23-10237-CTG  New Elk Coal Company LLC
2/22/2023    23-10242-MFW Lucira Health, Inc.
2/22/2023    23-10245-KBO  CBC Restaurant Corp.
2/22/2023    23-10246-KBO  Corner Bakery Holding Company
2/22/2023    23-10247-KBO  CBC Cardco, Inc.
2/24/2023    23-10259-JTD    HyreCar, Inc.

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