2023 Chapter 11 Filings in Delaware Bankruptcy Court (Part 2)

2023 Chapter 11 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, from July through August 28, 2023, are listed below. Without going into a level of detail that most people do not real want, in many but not all cases, one can expect preference avoidance actions will be filed within 2 years of the bankruptcy filing date. See 11 U.S. Code § 546. Thus, we can anticipate that in or before 2025, we will see preference complaints filed in relation to those bankruptcy petitions filed in 2023.  Click here for Part 1.

Date             Case Number       Debtor Name7/11/2023    23-10924-TMH    MLand Maintenance, LLC
7/14/2023    23-10931-CTG    ONH AFC CS Investors LLC
7/14/2023    23-10932-CTG    ONH 1601 CS Investors LLC
7/16/2023    23-10935-KBO    ViewRay, Inc.
7/16/2023    23-10936-KBO    ViewRay Technologies, Inc.
7/17/2023    23-10937-LSS     Novan, Inc.
7/17/2023    23-10938-LSS     EPI Health, LLC
7/22/2023    23-10961-BLS     Williams Industrial Services Group Inc.
7/22/2023    23-10962-BLS     Williams Industrial Services Group, LLC
7/22/2023    23-10963-BLS     Steam Enterprises, L.L.C.
7/22/2023    23-10964-BLS     GPEG, LLC
7/22/2023    23-10965-BLS     Global Power Professional Services Inc.
7/22/2023    23-10966-BLS     Williams Industrial Services, LLC
7/22/2023    23-10967-BLS     Williams Plant Services, LLC
7/22/2023    23-10968-BLS     Williams Specialty Services, LLC
7/22/2023    23-10969-BLS     WISG Electrical, LLC
7/22/2023    23-10970-BLS     Construction & Maintenance Professionals, LLC
7/22/2023    23-10971-BLS     Williams Global Services, Inc.
7/22/2023    23-10972-BLS     WISG Canada Ltd.
7/22/2023    23-10973-BLS     WISG Nuclear Ltd.
7/22/2023    23-10974-BLS     WISG Electrical Ltd.
7/31/2023    23-11032-KBO    AeroCision Parent, LLC
7/31/2023    23-11033-KBO    AeroCision, LLC
7/31/2023    23-11034-KBO    Numet Machining Techniques, LLC
8/1/2023    23-11043-TMH      Secured Communications, Inc.
8/2/2023    23-11053-MFW     540 West 21st Street Holdings LLC
8/6/2023    23-11069-CTG      Yellow Corporation
8/6/2023    23-11070-CTG      1105481 Ontario Inc.
8/6/2023    23-11071-CTG      Express Lane Service, Inc.
8/6/2023    23-11072-CTG      New Penn Motor Express LLC
8/6/2023    23-11073-CTG      Roadway Express International, Inc.
8/6/2023    23-11074-CTG      Roadway LLC
8/6/2023    23-11075-CTG      Roadway Next Day Corporation
8/6/2023    23-11076-CTG      USF Bestway Inc.
8/6/2023    23-11077-CTG      USF Dugan Inc.
8/6/2023    23-11078-CTG      USF Holland International Sales Corporation
8/6/2023    23-11079-CTG      USF Holland LLC
8/6/2023    23-11080-CTG      USF RedStar LLC
8/6/2023    23-11081-CTG      USF Reddaway Inc.
8/6/2023    23-11082-CTG      Yellow Freight Corporation
8/6/2023    23-11083-CTG      Yellow Logistics, Inc.
8/6/2023    23-11084-CTG      YRC Association Solutions, Inc.
8/6/2023    23-11085-CTG      YRC Enterprise Services, Inc.
8/6/2023    23-11086-CTG      YRC Freight Canada Company
8/6/2023    23-11087-CTG      YRC Inc.
8/6/2023    23-11088-CTG      YRC International Investments, Inc.
8/7/2023    23-11089-CTG      YRC Logistics Inc.
8/7/2023    23-11090-CTG      YRC Logistics Services, Inc.
8/7/2023    23-11091-CTG      YRC Mortgages, LLC
8/7/2023    23-11092-CTG      YRC Regional Transportation, Inc.
8/7/2023    23-11093-KBO      Western Global Airlines, Inc.
8/7/2023    23-11094-KBO      Keldann Air LLC
8/7/2023    23-11095-KBO      Jimsunn Air LLC
8/7/2023    23-11096-KBO      B26344 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11097-KBO      B26356 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11098-KBO      M48411 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11099-KBO      M48412 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11100-KBO      M48415 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11101-KBO      M48435 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11102-KBO      M48512 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11103-KBO      M48513 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11106-KBO      M48542 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11107-KBO      M48543 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11108-KBO      M48544 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11109-KBO      M48545 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11110-KBO      M48546 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11111-KBO      M48581 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11112-KBO      Mobility Air, LLC
8/7/2023    23-11113-KBO      NCF680C2 LLC
8/7/2023    23-11120-BLS       Proterra Inc
8/7/2023    23-11121-BLS       Proterra Operating Company, Inc.
8/9/2023    23-11124-JKS        InteliGlas Corporation
8/9/2023    23-11131-TMH     Amyris, Inc.
8/9/2023    23-11132-TMH     AB Technologies LLC
8/9/2023    23-11133-TMH     Amyris-Olika, LLC
8/9/2023    23-11134-TMH     Amyris Clean Beauty, Inc.
8/9/2023    23-11136-TMH     Amyris Fuels, LLC
8/9/2023    23-11137-TMH     Aprinnova, LLC
8/9/2023    23-11138-TMH     Onda Beauty Inc.
8/9/2023    23-11139-TMH     Upland1 LLC
8/13/2023    23-11152-JTD     Novation Holding, Inc.
8/13/2023    23-11153-JTD     Novation Companies, Inc.
8/13/2023    23-11154-JTD     Healthcare Staffing, Inc.
8/13/2023    23-11155-JTD     NovaStar Mortgage, LLC
8/14/2023    23-11159-MFW  Vesttoo US Inc.
8/14/2023    23-11160-MFW  Vesttoo Ltd.
8/14/2023    23-11161-JKS     Prime Core Technologies Inc.
8/14/2023    23-11162-JKS     Prime Trust, LLC
8/14/2023    23-11163-MFW  Vesttoo SPV Holdings LLP
8/14/2023    23-11164-JKS     Prime IRA LLC
8/14/2023    23-11165-MFW  Vesttoo Reinsurance Intermediary Services Inc.
8/14/2023    23-11166-MFW  Vesttoo Asset Management LLC
8/14/2023    23-11167-MFW  Vesttoo Securities (USA) LLC
8/14/2023    23-11168-JKS     Prime Digital, LLC
8/15/2023    23-11169-MFW  Vesttoo Alpha Holdings Ltd.
8/15/2023    23-11170-MFW  Vesttoo Alpha Manager Ltd.
8/15/2023    23-11171-MFW  Vesttoo Alpha P&C Fund GP, L.P.
8/15/2023    23-11172-MFW  Vesttoo Alpha P&C Fund L.P.
8/15/2023    23-11173-MFW  Vesttoo Alpha Special Purpose Trust
8/15/2023    23-11174-MFW  Vesttoo Bermudian Bay Ltd.
8/15/2023    23-11175-MFW  Vesttoo Holdings Ltd.
8/15/2023    23-11176-MFW  Vesttoo Japan Co., LTD
8/15/2023    23-11177-MFW  Vesttoo Korea Inc.
8/15/2023    23-11178-MFW  Vesttoo Malta Ltd.
8/15/2023    23-11179-MFW  Vesttoo Malta Trading Ltd.
8/15/2023    23-11180-MFW  Vesttoo Marketplace Ltd.
8/15/2023    23-11181-MFW  Vesttoo Partners 101, L.P.
8/15/2023    23-11182-MFW  Vesttoo Partners 102, L.P.
8/15/2023    23-11183-MFW  Vesttoo Partners 103, L.P.
8/15/2023    23-11184-MFW  Vesttoo Partners 104, L.P.
8/15/2023    23-11185-MFW  Vesttoo Partners 105, L.P.
8/15/2023    23-11186-MFW  Vesttoo UK LTD
8/15/2023    23-11187-MFW  Vescor Bay, L.P.
8/15/2023    23-11188-MFW  Vescor Bay GP, L.P.
8/15/2023    23-11189-MFW  Vesttoo Bay 103, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11190-MFW  Vesttoo Bay FIFTEEN, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11191-MFW  Vesttoo Bay One Hundred One, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11192-MFW  Vesttoo Bay One Hundred Two, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11193-MFW  Vesttoo Bay One Hundred, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11194-MFW  Vesttoo Bay One Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11195-MFW  Vesttoo Bay X, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11196-MFW  Vesttoo Bay XI, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11197-MFW  Vesttoo Bay XII, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11198-MFW  Vesttoo Bay XIII, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11199-MFW  Vesttoo Bay XIV, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11200-MFW  Vesttoo Bay XIX, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11201-MFW  Vesttoo Bay XVI, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11202-MFW  Vesttoo Bay XVII, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11203-MFW  Vesttoo Bay XVIII, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11204-MFW  Vesttoo Bay XX, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11205-MFW  Vesttoo Bay XXI, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11206-MFW  Vesttoo Bay XXII, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11207-MFW  Vesttoo Bay XXIII, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11208-MFW  Vesttoo Bay XXIV, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11209-MFW  Vesttoo Bay XXV, Limited Partnership
8/15/2023    23-11210-MFW  Vesttoo Hong Kong Limited
8/15/2023    23-11212-MFW  Vesttoo RT SPV LLC
8/21/2023    23-11224-TMH   Clean Beauty Collaborative, Inc.
8/21/2023    23-11225-TMH   Clean Beauty 4U LLC
8/21/2023    23-11226-TMH   Clean Beauty 4U Holdings, LLC
8/24/2023    23-11234-MFW  Pegasus Home Fashions Intermediate Inc.
8/24/2023    23-11235-MFW  Pegasus Home Fashions, Inc.
8/24/2023    23-11236-MFW  Pegasus Home Fashions Purchaser Inc.
8/24/2023    23-11237-MFW  Weatherford Cushion Company
8/24/2023    23-11239-TMH   Phoenix 1040 LLC
8/24/2023    23-11240-TMH   AmeriFirst Financial, Inc.
8/24/2023    23-11241-CTG    Ethos Holding, LLC
8/24/2023    23-11242-CTG    Nantwich Clay Path, Inc.
8/24/2023    23-11243-CTG    Rustic Forest, LLC.
8/28/2023    23-11257-JTD     Mallinckrodt LLC
8/28/2023    23-11258-JTD     Mallinckrodt plc
8/28/2023    23-11259-JTD     Acthar IP Unlimited Company
8/28/2023    23-11260-JTD     IMC Exploration Company
8/28/2023    23-11261-JTD     Mallinckrodt ARD LLC
8/28/2023    23-11262-JTD     Infacare Pharmaceutical Corporation
8/28/2023    23-11263-JTD     INO Therapeutics LLC
8/28/2023    23-11264-JTD     Mallinckrodt Brand Pharmaceuticals LLC
8/28/2023    23-11265-JTD     Mallinckrodt International Holdings S.a.r.l.
8/28/2023    23-11266-JTD     Ludlow LLC
8/28/2023    23-11267-JTD     Mallinckrodt Veterinary, Inc.
8/28/2023    23-11268-JTD     SpecGx LLC
8/28/2023    23-11269-JTD     Mallinckrodt IP Unlimited Company
8/28/2023    23-11270-JTD     MAK LLC
8/28/2023    23-11271-JTD     Mallinckrodt Buckingham Unlimited Company
8/28/2023    23-11272-JTD     Mallinckrodt APAP LLC
8/28/2023    23-11273-JTD     Mallinckrodt Lux IP S.a.r.l.
8/28/2023    23-11274-JTD     Mallinckrodt ARD Finance LLC
8/28/2023    23-11275-JTD     Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Limited
8/28/2023    23-11276-JTD     Mallinckrodt ARD Holdings Limited
8/28/2023    23-11277-JTD     Mallinckrodt CB LLC
8/28/2023    23-11278-JTD     ST Operations LLC
8/28/2023    23-11279-JTD     Mallinckrodt Windsor Ireland Finance Unlimited Com
8/28/2023    23-11280-JTD     Mallinckrodt ARD IP Unlimited Company
8/28/2023    23-11281-JTD     Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Ireland Limited
8/28/2023    23-11282-JTD     Mallinckrodt Critical Care Finance LLC
8/28/2023    23-11283-JTD     Mallinckrodt ARD Holdings Inc.
8/28/2023    23-11284-JTD     Mallinckrodt Enterprises Holdings, Inc.
8/28/2023    23-11285-JTD     Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Ireland Limited
8/28/2023    23-11286-JTD     ST Shared Services LLC
8/28/2023    23-11287-JTD     Mallinckrodt Windsor S. r.l.
8/28/2023    23-11288-JTD     Mallinckrodt Enterprises LLC
8/28/2023    23-11289-JTD     Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals Limited
8/28/2023    23-11290-JTD     MCCH LLC
8/28/2023    23-11291-JTD     Mallinckrodt UK Finance LLP
8/28/2023    23-11292-JTD     Mallinckrodt Enterprises UK Limited
8/28/2023    23-11293-JTD     MEH, Inc.
8/28/2023    23-11294             AN Global LLC
8/28/2023    23-11295-JTD     Mallinckrodt Equinox Finance LLC
8/28/2023    23-11296-JTD     MHP Finance LLC
8/28/2023    23-11297-JTD     Mallinckrodt UK Finance LLP
8/28/2023    23-11298-JTD     Mallinckrodt Hospital Products Inc.
8/28/2023    23-11299             4th Source Holding Corp.
8/28/2023    23-11300-JTD     MKG Medical UK Ltd
8/28/2023    23-11301-JTD     Mallinckrodt UK Ltd
8/28/2023    23-11302             AgileThought Costa Rica, S.A.
8/28/2023    23-11303-JTD     Mallinckrodt Hospital Products IP Unlimited Compan
8/28/2023    23-11304             AgileThought Servicios Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
8/28/2023    23-11305             AgileThought, Inc.
8/28/2023    23-11306             4th Source Mexico, LLC
8/28/2023    23-11307-JTD     MNK 2011 LLC
8/28/2023    23-11308             AgileThought, LLC
8/28/2023    23-11309             AgileThought Servicios Administrativos, S.A. de C.
8/28/2023    23-11310-JTD     MUSHI UK Holdings Limited
8/28/2023    23-11311             AGS Alpama Global Services USA, LLC
8/28/2023    23-11312-JTD     Mallinckrodt US Holdings LLC
8/28/2023    23-11313-JTD     ST US Holdings LLC
8/28/2023    23-11314-JTD     Mallinckrodt US Pool LLC
8/28/2023    23-11315-JTD     Ocera Therapeutics, Inc.
8/28/2023    23-11316-JTD     Mallinckrodt International Finance S.A.
8/28/2023    23-11317             AN Extend, S.A. de C.V.
8/28/2023    23-11318-JTD     Petten Holdings Inc.
8/28/2023    23-11319-JTD     Vtesse LLC
8/28/2023    23-11320             AN Evolution, S. de R.L. de C.V.
8/28/2023    23-11321             Cuarto Origen, S. de R.L. de C.V.
8/28/2023    23-11322-JTD     SpecGx Holdings LLC
8/28/2023    23-11323             Entrepids Technology Inc.
8/28/2023    23-11324-JTD     WebsterGx Holdco LLC
8/28/2023    23-11325             Faktos Inc., S.A.P.I. de C.V.
8/28/2023    23-11326-JTD     ST US Pool LLC
8/28/2023    23-11327-JTD     Therakos, Inc.
8/28/2023    23-11328             Facultas Analytics, S.A.P.I. de C.V.
8/28/2023    23-11329-JTD     Stratatech Corporation
8/28/2023    23-11330             IT Global Holding LLC
8/28/2023    23-11331-JTD     Sucampo Holdings Inc.
8/28/2023    23-11332-JTD     Sucampo Pharmaceuticals LLC
8/28/2023    23-11333             AgileThought Digital Solutions, S.A.P.I. de C.V.
8/28/2023    23-11334-JTD     Mallinckrodt Manufacturing LLC
8/28/2023    23-11335             QMX Investment Holdings USA, Inc.
8/28/2023    23-11336-JTD     Sucampo Pharma Americas LLC
8/28/2023    23-11337             AgileThought Mexico, SA. de C.V.
8/28/2023    23-11338-JTD     Mallinckrodt Pharma IP Trading Unlimited Company
8/28/2023    23-11339             4th Source, LLC
8/28/2023    23-11340             AgileThought, S.A.P.I. de C.V.
8/28/2023    23-11341             AN Data Intelligence, S.A. de C.V.
8/28/2023    23-11342             AN USA
8/28/2023    23-11343             AN UX S.A. de C.V.
8/28/2023    23-11344             Entrepids Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
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