2022 Chapter 11 Filings in Delaware Bankruptcy Court (Part 1)

2022 Chapter 11 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, January through June 2022, are listed below. Without going into a level of detail that most people do not real want, in many but not all cases, one can expect preference avoidance actions will be filed within 2 years of the bankruptcy filing date. See 11 U.S. Code § 546. Thus, we can anticipate that in or before 2024, we will see preference complaints filed in relation to those bankruptcy petitions filed in 2022.  Click here for Part 2

Date             Case Number      Debtor Name
1/14/2022    22-10028-JKS     American Eagle Delaware Holding Company LLC
1/14/2022    22-10029-JKS     American Eagle Palmer Park LLC
1/14/2022    22-10030-JKS     American Eagle Tuskawilla LLC
1/14/2022    22-10031-JKS     American Eagle Leesburg AL LLC
1/14/2022    22-10032-JKS     American Eagle Brandon LLC
1/14/2022    22-10033-JKS     American Eagle Leesburg MC LLC
1/14/2022    22-10034-JKS     American Eagle Venice Island LLC
1/14/2022    22-10035-JKS     American Eagle Titusville LLC
1/14/2022    22-10036-JKS     American Eagle Island Lake LLC
1/14/2022    22-10037-JKS     American Eagle Eau Gallie LLC
1/14/2022    22-10038-JKS     American Eagle Owatonna AL LLC
1/14/2022    22-10039-JKS     American Eagle Hanceville LLC
1/14/2022    22-10040-JKS     American Eagle Ravenna LLC
1/14/2022    22-10041-JKS     American Eagle Newark LLC
1/14/2022    22-10042-JKS     American Eagle Kingston LLC
1/14/2022    22-10043-JKS     American Eagle Hendersonville LLC
1/14/2022    22-10044-JKS     American Eagle Pleasant Prairie LLC
1/14/2022    22-10050-JKS     Makeup Liquidating Holdings, LLC
1/14/2022    22-10051-JKS     Makeup Liquidating Intermediate, LLC
1/14/2022    22-10052-JKS     Makeup Liquidating, LLC
1/14/2022    22-10053-JKS     Visceral Agency LLC
3/2/2022      22-10165-BLS     LEAR CAPITAL, INC.
3/7/2022      22-10189-JTD     Fieni Enterprises, LLC
3/14/2022    22-10213-BLS     ExWorks Capital, LLC
3/21/2022    22-10228-JTD     Retrotope, Inc.
3/23/2022    22-10239-MFW  Salem Harbor Power Development LP
3/23/2022    22-10240-MFW  SH Power DevCo GP LLC
3/23/2022    22-10241-MFW  SALEM HARBOR POWER FINCO, LP
3/23/2022    22-10242-MFW  Highstar Salem Harbor Holdings GP, LLC
3/23/2022    22-10244-MFW  Salem Harbor Power FinCo GP, LLC
3/25/2022    22-10249-CTG    Dhrumil Brahmbhatt
3/27/2022    22-10252-JTD     CCX, Inc.
3/29/2022    22-10261-JKS     Point Investments, Ltd.
3/30/2022    22-10263-KBO   MD Helicopters, Inc.
3/30/2022    22-10264-KBO   Monterrey Aerospace, LLC
3/31/2022    22-10278-CTG   Ruby Pipeline, L.L.C.
4/11/2022    22-10320-JTD    Ector County Energy Center LLC
4/12/2022    22-10324-KBO   Geary Stephen Simon
4/13/2022    22-10333-CTG   Patriot Credit Company LLC
4/13/2022    22-10334-CTG   BLUEFIN CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC
4/14/2022    22-10343-JKS    TNBI Inc.
4/21/2022    22-10365-MFW  Hoyos Integrity Corporation
4/24/2022    22-10367-MFW  EYP Group Holdings, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10368-MFW  EYP Holdings, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10369-MFW  EYP, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10370-MFW  EYP Architecture & Engineering, P.C.
4/24/2022    22-10371-MFW  EYP Architecture & Engineering of CT, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10372-MFW  EYP Architecture & Engineering of NJ, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10373-MFW  WHR Architecture, P.C.
4/24/2022    22-10374-MFW  WHR Design, P.C.
4/24/2022    22-10375-JTD     Hamon Holdings Corporation
4/24/2022    22-10376-JTD     Hamon Corporation
4/24/2022    22-10377-JTD     Hamon Custodis, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10378-JTD     Hamon Deltak, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10379-JTD     Hamon Research-Cottrell, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10380-JTD     Research-Cottrell Cooling, Inc.
4/25/2022    22-10383-MFW  EYPAE, Inc.
5/8/2022      22-10426-MFW  Armstrong Flooring, Inc.
5/8/2022      22-10427-MFW  AFI Licensing LLC
5/8/2022      22-10428-MFW  Armstrong Flooring Latin America, Inc.
5/8/2022      22-10429-MFW  Armstrong Flooring Canada Ltd.
6/1/2022      22-10493-CTG    TPC Group Inc.
6/1/2022      22-10494-CTG    TPC Holdings, Inc.
6/1/2022      22-10495-CTG    TPC Group LLC
6/1/2022      22-10496-CTG    TP Capital Corp.
6/1/2022      22-10497-CTG    Texas Butylene Chemical Corporation
6/1/2022      22-10498-CTG    Texas Olefins Domestic International Sales Corpora
6/1/2022      22-10499-CTG    TPC Phoenix Fuels LLC
6/1/2022      22-10500-CTG    Port Neches Fuels, LLC
6/1/2022      22-10505-KBO   GT Real Estate Holdings, LLC
6/1/2022      22-10506-JKS     Zosano Pharma Corporation
6/9/2022      22-10522-JTD     Rider Hotel, LLC
6/10/2022    22-10527-JTD     SanityDesk, Inc.
6/14/2022    22-10534-CTG    Medical Technology Associates II
6/15/2022    22-10541-KBO    Stimwave Technologies Incorporated
6/15/2022    22-10542-KBO    Stimwave LLC
6/22/2022    22-10558-JKS     Gold Standard Holdings, Inc.
6/22/2022    22-10559-JKS     Gold Standard Baking, LLC
6/22/2022    22-10560-JKS     Gold Standard Real Estate, LLC
6/30/2022    22-10580-JKS     Enjoy Technology, Inc.
6/30/2022    22-10581-JKS     Enjoy Technology Operating Corp.
6/30/2022    22-10582-JKS     Enjoy Technology LLC
6/30/2022    22-10583-CTG    Maverick II Holdings, LLC
6/30/2022    22-10584-CTG    First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation

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