2022 Chapter 11 Filings in Delaware Bankruptcy Court

2022 Chapter 11 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, so far, are listed below. Without going into a level of detail that most people do not real want, in many but not all cases, one can expect preference avoidance actions will be filed within 2 years of the bankruptcy filing date. See 11 U.S. Code § 546. Thus, we can anticipate that in or before 2024, we will see preference complaints filed in relation to those bankruptcy petitions filed in 2022. 

Date             Case Number    Debtor Name
1/14/2022    22-10028-JKS     American Eagle Delaware Holding Company LLC
1/14/2022    22-10029-JKS     American Eagle Palmer Park LLC
1/14/2022    22-10030-JKS     American Eagle Tuskawilla LLC
1/14/2022    22-10031-JKS     American Eagle Leesburg AL LLC
1/14/2022    22-10032-JKS     American Eagle Brandon LLC
1/14/2022    22-10033-JKS     American Eagle Leesburg MC LLC
1/14/2022    22-10034-JKS     American Eagle Venice Island LLC
1/14/2022    22-10035-JKS     American Eagle Titusville LLC
1/14/2022    22-10036-JKS     American Eagle Island Lake LLC
1/14/2022    22-10037-JKS     American Eagle Eau Gallie LLC
1/14/2022    22-10038-JKS     American Eagle Owatonna AL LLC
1/14/2022    22-10039-JKS     American Eagle Hanceville LLC
1/14/2022    22-10040-JKS     American Eagle Ravenna LLC
1/14/2022    22-10041-JKS     American Eagle Newark LLC
1/14/2022    22-10042-JKS     American Eagle Kingston LLC
1/14/2022    22-10043-JKS     American Eagle Hendersonville LLC
1/14/2022    22-10044-JKS     American Eagle Pleasant Prairie LLC
1/14/2022    22-10050-JKS     Makeup Liquidating Holdings, LLC
1/14/2022    22-10051-JKS     Makeup Liquidating Intermediate, LLC
1/14/2022    22-10052-JKS     Makeup Liquidating, LLC
1/14/2022    22-10053-JKS     Visceral Agency LLC
3/2/2022      22-10165-BLS     LEAR CAPITAL, INC.
3/7/2022      22-10189-JTD     Fieni Enterprises, LLC
3/14/2022    22-10213-BLS     ExWorks Capital, LLC
3/21/2022    22-10228-JTD     Retrotope, Inc.
3/23/2022    22-10239-MFW  Salem Harbor Power Development LP
3/23/2022    22-10240-MFW  SH Power DevCo GP LLC
3/23/2022    22-10241-MFW  SALEM HARBOR POWER FINCO, LP
3/23/2022    22-10242-MFW  Highstar Salem Harbor Holdings GP, LLC
3/23/2022    22-10244-MFW  Salem Harbor Power FinCo GP, LLC
3/25/2022    22-10249-CTG    Dhrumil Brahmbhatt
3/27/2022    22-10252-JTD     CCX, Inc.
3/29/2022    22-10261-JKS     Point Investments, Ltd.
3/30/2022    22-10263-KBO   MD Helicopters, Inc.
3/30/2022    22-10264-KBO   Monterrey Aerospace, LLC
3/31/2022    22-10278-CTG   Ruby Pipeline, L.L.C.
4/11/2022    22-10320-JTD    Ector County Energy Center LLC
4/12/2022    22-10324-KBO   Geary Stephen Simon
4/13/2022    22-10333-CTG   Patriot Credit Company LLC
4/13/2022    22-10334-CTG   BLUEFIN CAPITAL PARTNERS, LLC
4/14/2022    22-10343-JKS    TNBI Inc.
4/21/2022    22-10365-MFW  Hoyos Integrity Corporation
4/24/2022    22-10367-MFW  EYP Group Holdings, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10368-MFW  EYP Holdings, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10369-MFW  EYP, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10370-MFW  EYP Architecture & Engineering, P.C.
4/24/2022    22-10371-MFW  EYP Architecture & Engineering of CT, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10372-MFW  EYP Architecture & Engineering of NJ, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10373-MFW  WHR Architecture, P.C.
4/24/2022    22-10374-MFW  WHR Design, P.C.
4/24/2022    22-10375-JTD     Hamon Holdings Corporation
4/24/2022    22-10376-JTD     Hamon Corporation
4/24/2022    22-10377-JTD     Hamon Custodis, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10378-JTD     Hamon Deltak, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10379-JTD     Hamon Research-Cottrell, Inc.
4/24/2022    22-10380-JTD     Research-Cottrell Cooling, Inc.
4/25/2022    22-10383-MFW  EYPAE, Inc.
5/8/2022      22-10426-MFW  Armstrong Flooring, Inc.
5/8/2022      22-10427-MFW  AFI Licensing LLC
5/8/2022      22-10428-MFW  Armstrong Flooring Latin America, Inc.
5/8/2022      22-10429-MFW  Armstrong Flooring Canada Ltd.

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