2022 Chapter 11 Filings in Delaware Bankruptcy Court (Part 2)

2022 Chapter 11 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, after June 2022, are listed below. Without going into a level of detail that most people do not real want, in many but not all cases, one can expect preference avoidance actions will be filed within 2 years of the bankruptcy filing date. See 11 U.S. Code § 546. Thus, we can anticipate that in or before 2024, we will see preference complaints filed in relation to those bankruptcy petitions filed in 2022.  Click here for Part 1

Date             Case Number      Debtor Name
7/5/2022    22-10602-JKS       Agway Farm & Home Supply, LLC
7/11/2022  22-10621-BLS      GenapSys, Inc.
7/14/2022  22-10630-JTD       Credito Real, S.A.B. de C.V., SOFOM, E.N.R. and Robert Wagstaff
7/15/2022  22-10635-BLS      ASTECH Engineered Products, Inc.
7/28/2022  22-10657-BLS      Masten Space Systems, Inc.
6/22/2022  22-10696-JTD      Credito Real, S.A.B. de C.V., SOFOM, E.N.R.
8/4/2022    22-10708-BLS      8e14 Networks, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10718-JTD      OSG Group Holdings, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10719-JTD      OSG Intermediate Holdings, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10720-JTD      OSG Holdings, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10721-JTD      Output Services Group, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10722-JTD      Globalex Corporation
8/6/2022    22-10723-JTD      SouthData, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10724-JTD      DoublePositive Marketing Group, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10725-JTD      National Business Systems, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10726-JTD      NCP Solutions, LLC
8/6/2022    22-10727-JTD      The Garfield Group, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10728-JTD      Mansell Group Holding Company
8/6/2022    22-10729-JTD      Diamond Marketing Solutions Group, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10730-JTD      Applied Information Group, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10731-JTD      Microdynamics Corporation
8/6/2022    22-10732-JTD      Mansell Group, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10733-JTD      National Data Services of Chicago, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10734-JTD      Microdynamics Group Nebraska, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10735-JTD      Microdynamics Transactional Mail, LLC
8/6/2022    22-10736-JTD      JJT Enterprises, Inc.
8/6/2022    22-10737-JTD      Words, Data and Images, LLC
8/17/2022  22-10768-JTD      Gleamin Inc.
8/23/2022    22-10778-JKS    Carestream Health, Inc.
8/23/2022    22-10779-JKS    Carestream Health Acquisition, LLC
8/23/2022    22-10780-JKS    Carestream Health Canada Holdings, Inc.
8/23/2022    22-10781-JKS    Carestream Health Holdings, Inc.
8/23/2022    22-10782-JKS    Carestream Health International Holdings, Inc.
8/23/2022    22-10783-JKS    Carestream Health International Management Company
8/23/2022    22-10784-JKS    Carestream Health Puerto Rico, LLC
8/23/2022    22-10785-JKS    Carestream Health World Holdings, LLC
8/23/2022    22-10786-JKS    Lumisys Holding Co.
8/23/2022    22-10787-MFW ExpressJet Airlines LLC
8/28/2022    22-10797-CTG   Packable Holdings, LLC
8/28/2022    22-10798-JTD    Greenpharm Ventures LLC
8/28/2022    22-10799-JTD    Packable Media, LLC
8/28/2022    22-10800-JTD    Pharmapacks, LLC
8/28/2022    22-10801-JTD    Packable Ventures, LLC
8/28/2022    22-10802-JTD    Access Brands, LLC
8/29/2022    22-10807-BLS    Level Four Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc.
8/29/2022    22-10808-BLS    Cocco Enterprises, Inc.
8/29/2022    22-10809-BLS    Orthopartners, Inc.
8/29/2022    22-10810-BLS    American Ortho-Tech Laboratories, Inc.
8/29/2022    22-10811-BLS    W.R. Rosen, Inc.
8/29/2022    22-10812-BLS    Western Carolina O&P, LLC
8/30/2022    22-10819-LSS     NewAge, Inc.
8/30/2022    22-10820-LSS     Ariix LLC
8/30/2022    22-10821-LSS     Morinda Holdings, Inc.
8/30/2022    22-10822-LSS     Morinda, Inc.
9/2/2022      22-10837-JKS     HJ Dynamic Holdings, LLC
9/2/2022      22-10838-JKS     TS Dynamic Holdings, LLC
9/2/2022      22-10839-JKS     Dynamic Restaurant Acquisition, Inc.
9/2/2022      22-10840-JKS     TS Dynamic Acquisition, Inc.
9/2/2022      22-10842-KBO   Allena Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
9/5/2022    22-10844-MFW    Clarus Therapeutics, Inc.
9/5/2022    22-10845-MFW    Clarus Therapeutics Holdings, Inc.
9/11/2022    22-10853-MFW    Olympia Sports Acquisitions, LLC
9/11/2022    22-10854-MFW    RSG Acquisitions, LLC
9/11/2022    22-10855-MFW    Project Running Specialties, Inc.
9/11/2022    22-10856-MFW    Project Sage Acquisition, LLC
9/11/2022    22-10857-MFW    Legacy Shoes, Inc.
9/11/2022    22-10858-MFW    Clever Training Operating Co, LLC
9/11/2022    22-10859-MFW    The Running Specialty Group, LLC
9/11/2022    22-10860-MFW    The Running Specialty Group Acquisitions 1, LLC
9/11/2022    22-10861-MFW    Heart Monitor Operating, LLC
9/11/2022    22-10862-MFW    Splash Boutique Operating, LLC
9/11/2022    22-10863-MFW    Bargain Fitness Operating, LLC
9/11/2022    22-10864-MFW    Digital Business Operating, LLC
9/11/2022    22-10865-MFW    FSSS Operating
9/19/2022    22-10877-LSS    Mariner Health Central, Inc.
9/19/2022    22-10878-LSS    Parkview Operating Company, LP
9/19/2022    22-10879-LSS    Parkview Holding Company GP, LLC
9/27/2022    22-10906-MFW    Phoenix Services Topco, LLC
9/27/2022    22-10907-MFW    Phoenix Services Parent, LLC
9/27/2022    22-10908-MFW    Phoenix Services Holdings Corp.
9/27/2022    22-10909-MFW    Phoenix Services International LLC
9/27/2022    22-10910-MFW    Metal Services LLC
9/27/2022    22-10911-MFW    Terracentric Materials LLC
9/27/2022    22-10912-MFW    Cool Springs LLC
9/27/2022    22-10913-MFW    Metal Services Investment LLC
9/27/2022    22-10914-MFW    Phoenix Receivables, LLC
9/30/2022    22-10934-KBO    Xebec Adsorption Inc. and Xebec Holding USA Inc.
9/30/2022    22-10935-KBO    Xebec Adsorption Inc. and Xebec Adsorption Inc.
9/30/2022    22-10936-KBO    Xebec Adsorption Inc. and Xebec RNG Holdings Inc.
9/30/2022    22-10937-KBO    Xebec Adsorption Inc. and Applied Compression Systems Ltd.
9/30/2022    22-10938-KBO    Xebec Adsorption Inc. and Compressed Air International Inc.
9/30/2022    22-10939-KBO    Xebec Adsorption Inc. and Enerphase Industrial Solutions, Inc.
9/30/2022    22-10940-KBO    Xebec Adsorption Inc. and CDA Systems, LLC
9/30/2022    22-10941-KBO    Xebec Adsorption Inc. and Xebec Adsorption USA Inc.
9/30/2022    22-10942-KBO    Xebec Adsorption Inc. and The Titus Company
9/30/2022    22-10943-KBO    Xebec Adsorption Inc. and Nortekbelair Corporation
9/30/2022    22-10944-KBO    Xebec Adsorption Inc. and XBC Flow Services - Wisconsin Inc.
9/30/2022    22-10945-KBO    Xebec Adsorption Inc. and California Compression, LLC
9/30/2022    22-10946-KBO    Xebec Adsorption Inc. and Xebec Systems USA, LLC
10/3/2022    22-10951-CTG    Kabbage, Inc.
10/3/2022    22-10952-CTG    Kabbage Canada Holdings, LLC
10/3/2022    22-10953-CTG    Kabbage Asset Securitization LLC
10/3/2022    22-10954-CTG    Kabbage Asset Funding 2017-A LLC
10/3/2022    22-10955-CTG    Kabbage Asset Funding 2019-A LLC
10/3/2022    22-10956-CTG    Kabbage Diameter, LLC
10/23/2022  22-10995-LSS     PhaseBio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
10/28/2022  22-11013-BLS     Freedom Drain Cleaning and Pipe Services LLC
10/30/2022  22-11019-LSS     Vesta Holdings, LLC
10/30/2022  22-11020-LSS     Summit Risk Advisors LLC
10/31/2022  22-11021-LSS     Dunham Insurance Agency, LLC
11/7/2022    22-11051-JKS     Legacy FSRD, Inc.
11/7/2022    22-11052-JKS     Legacy FSRD Operations, Inc.
11/7/2022    22-11053-JKS     Legacy FSRD PTE LTD.
11/10/2022  22-11063-JTD     Sensitive Home Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11066-JTD     Alameda Research LLC
11/11/2022  22-11067-JTD     Alameda Research Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11068-JTD     FTX Trading Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11069-JTD     Alameda Research Holdings Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11070-JTD     Clifton Bay Investments LLC
11/11/2022  22-11071-JTD     West Realm Shires Services Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11072-JTD     West Realm Shires Financial Services Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11073-JTD     Ledger Holdings Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11074-JTD     FTX Japan Holdings K.K.
11/11/2022  22-11075-JTD     FTX Europe AG
11/11/2022  22-11076-JTD     FTX Property Holdings Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11077-JTD     LT Baskets Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11078-JTD     Alameda TR Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11079-JTD     Allston Way Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11080-JTD     Analisya Pte Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11081-JTD     Atlantis Technology Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11082-JTD     Bancroft Way Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11083-JTD     Blue Ridge Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11084-JTD     Cardinal Ventures Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11085-JTD     Cedar Bay Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11086-JTD     Liquid Securities Singapore Pte Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11087-JTD     Maclaurin Investments Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11088-JTD     Mangrove Cay Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11089-JTD     Paper Bird Inc
11/11/2022  22-11090-JTD     Pioneer Street Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11091-JTD     Quoine India Pte Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11092-JTD     Quoine Vietnam Co. Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11094-JTD     Strategy Ark Collective Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11095-JTD     Technology Services Bahamas Limited
11/11/2022  22-11096-JTD     Verdant Canyon Capital LLC
11/11/2022  22-11097-JTD     West Innovative Barista Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11098-JTD     Western Concord Enterprises Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11099-JTD     FTX Equity Record Holdings Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11100-JTD     FTX Exchange FZE
11/11/2022  22-11101-JTD     FTX Hong Kong Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11102-JTD     FTX Japan K.K.
11/11/2022  22-11103-JTD     FTX Japan Services KK
11/11/2022  22-11104-JTD     Alameda Aus Pty Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11105-JTD     Alameda Research (Bahamas) Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11106-JTD     Alameda Research KK
11/11/2022  22-11107-JTD     Alameda Research Pte Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11108-JTD     Alameda Research Yankari Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11109-JTD     Alameda TR Systems S. de R. L.
11/11/2022  22-11110-JTD     Blockfolio, Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11111-JTD     Clifton Bay Investments Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11112-JTD     Cottonwood Grove Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11113-JTD     Crypto Bahamas LLC
11/11/2022  22-11114-JTD     Deep Creek Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11115-JTD     Digital Custody Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11116-JTD     FTX (Gibraltar) Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11117-JTD     FTX Canada Inc
11/11/2022  22-11118-JTD     FTX Digital Holdings (Singapore) Pte Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11119-JTD     FTX Products (Singapore) Pte Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11120-JTD     FTX Services Solutions Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11121-BLS     Taronis Fuels, Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11122-JTD     FTX Structured Products AG
11/11/2022  22-11123-JTD     FTX Trading GmbH
11/11/2022  22-11124-JTD     FTX Zuma Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11125-JTD     Global Compass Dynamics Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11126-JTD     Goodman Investments Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11127-JTD     Hawaii Digital Assets Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11128-JTD     Innovatia Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11129-JTD     Island Bay Ventures Inc
11/11/2022  22-11130-BLS     MagneGas Welding Supply - West, LLC
11/11/2022  22-11131-JTD     Killarney Lake Investments Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11132-JTD     Zubr Exchange Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11133-BLS     Taronis Sub III LLC
11/11/2022  22-11134-JTD     Alameda Global Services Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11135-BLS     MagneGas Welding Supply - South, LLC
11/11/2022  22-11136-JTD     Cottonwood Technologies Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11137-BLS     MagneGas Real Estate Holdings, LLC
11/11/2022  22-11138-JTD     Deck Technologies Holdings LLC
11/11/2022  22-11139-JTD     Deck Technologies Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11140-BLS     MagneGas IP, LLC
11/11/2022  22-11141-JTD     Euclid Way Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11142-BLS     MagneGas Production, LLC
11/11/2022  22-11143-JTD     FTX Digital Assets LLC
11/11/2022  22-11144-BLS     Taronis Sub I LLC
11/11/2022  22-11145-JTD     FTX EMEA Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11146-BLS     Taronis-TAS, LLC
11/11/2022  22-11147-BLS     Taronis-TAH, LLC
11/11/2022  22-11148-BLS     Taronis Sub II LLC
11/11/2022  22-11149-JTD     FTX US Trading, Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11150-JTD     Hive Empire Trading Pty Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11151-JTD     Liquid Financial USA Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11152-JTD     LiquidEX LLC
11/11/2022  22-11153-JTD     North Dimension Inc
11/11/2022  22-11154-JTD     North Wireless Dimension Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11155-JTD     LedgerPrime Bitcoin Yield Enhancement Master Fund
11/11/2022  22-11156-JTD     LedgerPrime Digital Asset Opportunities Fund, LLC
11/11/2022  22-11157-JTD     LedgerPrime Digital Asset Opportunities Master Fun
11/11/2022  22-11158-JTD     LedgerPrime LLC
11/11/2022  22-11159-JTD     LedgerPrime Ventures, LP
11/11/2022  22-11160-JTD     North Dimension Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11161-JTD     Quoine Pte Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11162-JTD     Cedar Grove Technology Services, Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11163-JTD     DAAG Trading, DMCC
11/11/2022  22-11164-JTD     FTX Certificates GmbH
11/11/2022  22-11165-JTD     FTX Crypto Services Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11166-JTD     FTX EU Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11167-JTD     FTX Lend Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11168-JTD     FTX Marketplace, Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11169-JTD     FTX Switzerland GmbH
11/11/2022  22-11171-JTD     FTX US Services, Inc.
11/11/2022  22-11172-JTD     FTX Ventures Ltd.
11/11/2022  22-11173-JTD     GG Trading Terminal Ltd
11/11/2022  22-11174-JTD     Good Luck Games, LLC
11/11/2022  22-11175-JTD     Hannam Group Inc
11/11/2022  22-11176-JTD     Hilltop Technology Services LLC
11/11/2022  22-11177-JTD     LedgerPrime Bitcoin Yield Enhancement Fund, LLC
11/14/2022  22-11181-CTG    ComedyMX LLC
11/14/2022  22-11182-CTG    COMEDYMX INC
11/14/2022  22-11183-JTD     West Realm Shires Inc.
11/15/2022  22-11193-BLS     DNAtrix, Inc.
11/15/2022  22-11217-JTD     FTX DIGITAL MARKETS LTD.
11/30/2022  22-11224-MFW  Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC
11/30/2022  22-11225-MFW  Reverse Mortgage Investment Trust Inc.
11/30/2022  22-11226-MFW  RMIT Cash Management LLC
11/30/2022  22-11227-MFW  RMIT Operating I LLC
11/30/2022  22-11228-MFW  RMIT Operating II LLC
11/30/2022  22-11238-LSS     Winc, Inc.
11/30/2022  22-11239-LSS     BWSC, LLC
11/30/2022  22-11240-LSS     Winc Lost Poet, LLC
12/9/2022    22-11257-KBO   Medly Health Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11258-KBO   Care Well Pharmacy Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11259-KBO   Grubbs Care Pharmacy NW Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11260-KBO   Marg Pharmacy Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11261-KBO   Medly Atlanta Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11262-KBO   Medly Enterprise LLC
12/9/2022    22-11263-KBO   Medly Baltimore Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11264-KBO   Medly Queens Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11265-KBO   Medly Bedford Ave Pharmacy Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11266-KBO   Medly Grand Central Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11267-KBO   Medly Raleigh Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11268-KBO   Medly Bristol Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11269-KBO   Medly Bronx Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11270-KBO   Medly San Antonio Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11271-KBO   Medly Houston Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11272-KBO   Medly Chicago Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11273-KBO   Medly Dallas Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11274-KBO   Medly Jersey City Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11275-KBO   Medly Stamford Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11276-KBO   Medly DC Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11277-KBO   Medly Orlando Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11278-KBO   Medly Tampa Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11279-KBO   Medly Mail Service Pharmacy LLC
12/9/2022    22-11280-KBO   Medly UCHC Pharmacy Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11281-KBO   Medly Utah Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11282-KBO   Medly Miami Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11283-KBO   Medly Pharmacy Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11284-KBO   Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11285-KBO   Medly Pharmacy PA Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11286-KBO   Tango340B LLC
12/9/2022    22-11287-KBO   Medly Pittsburgh Inc.
12/9/2022    22-11288-KBO   West Campbell Pharmacy Inc.
12/11/2022  22-11292-JKS     Clovis Oncology, Inc.
12/11/2022  22-11293-JKS     Clovis Oncology UK Limited
12/11/2022  22-11294-JKS     Clovis Oncology Ireland Limited
12/12/2022  22-11303-BLS    Sears Authorized Hometown Stores, LLC
12/12/2022  22-11304-BLS    Sears Hometown Stores, Inc.
12/13/2022  22-11305-CTG   Quanergy Systems, Inc.
12/14/2022  22-11309-MFW AIG Financial Products Corp.
12/20/2022  22-11319-JKS    DCL Holdings (USA), Inc.
12/20/2022  22-11320-JKS    DCL Corporation (BP), LLC
12/20/2022  22-11321-JKS    H.I.G. Colors Holdings, Inc.
12/20/2022  22-11322-JKS    H.I.G. Colors, Inc.
12/20/2022  22-11323-JKS    DCL Corporation (USA) LLC
12/20/2022  22-11324-JKS    Dominion Colour Corporation (USA)
12/27/2022  22-11345-LSS    CII Parent, Inc.
12/28/2022  22-11361-KBO  Khora Health Solutions Inc.
12/28/2022  22-11362-KBO  RPH Innovations LLC

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