Our Philosophy

At the Law Office of James Tobia, we understand the negative reputation that lawyers have with the public at large. Maybe some lawyers in other jurisdictions have earned those negative reputations, but we believe that it can be avoided by communicating effectively with clients and treating all involved parties – client, adversaries, and third parties – with dignity and respect.

In other words, we follow the Golden Rule in our professional and personal relations (i.e. treat others as you would like them to treat you). Not only does this practice assist our professional dealings and therefore benefit our clients, but it also helps us sleep well at night. We believe our clients share those sentiments and that everyone benefits if it is possible to avoiding full fledged litigation. If litigation is unavoidable, then our clients can take comfort knowing that we will apply our experience in representing a diverse client base across disciplines to advocate aggressively on your behalf to achieve favorable results.

We subscribe to the CYA (Cover Your “Butt”) approach, always trying to stay a step ahead of those who would needlessly or unfairly sue you, in order to make such a suit less appealing to those parties. The CYA approach is also designed to minimize your exposure in the event that litigation cannot be avoided, and you are sued.

Communication is the cornerstone to any relationship, including the Attorney Client Relationship.

At the Law Office of James Tobia, we believe that communication is the key to any strong relationship. We expect that the attorney client relationship will be founded on effective communication. You have a right to understand what is happening in your legal matter. We will take the time to answer your questions and to explain to you the status of your legal matter and what to expect as it progresses to conclusion.

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