“Why do I need a lawyer?"

It cannot be overstated how frequently we face trying to fix a problem our clients face that could have been avoided in whole or in part by better planning and earlier action. Simply put, you should not be entering into a contractual or business relationship without first consulting a lawyer. It never ceases to amaze me how often a future client will sign a contract without first obtaining legal advice where the contract expressly states that PARTY should seek legal counsel before signing it.

Time and time again, clients come to us with problems that were created because they were trying to save a few bucks doing something themselves or through fad internet legal service providers. At a minimum, you need an experienced attorney to review what you are facing and advise you. Even if you think that you are in 100% agreement with the other party, you need a lawyer to review your proposed actions and advise you, to make sure that you are doing what you think you are doing and not overlooking any unintended consequences. And if you really are in agreement and are doing things properly, then those legal services can be minimized – though not ignored!

“How much is this going to cost and how do I pay?”

For many people, this is the most important question.  It is easy to understand that it doesn’t make sense to pay more in legal fees than the cost of hiring a lawyer in the first place.  We are aware of the financial realities of legal services, and constantly strive to work with our clients to tailor representation in a way that is efficient and makes financial sense to you.  The overall costs depends greatly on your situation and what option you choose going forward.  Call or contact us to discuss your specific situation.

Although legal representation can be expensive, we are committed to minimizing your costs.  If representation does not seem to be cost effective to YOU, WE will decline representation.  But there are frequently situations where the cost of not obtaining legal representation will end up costing you more in the long run.  

If you have a situation that has caused you to search the internet for a lawyer, you probably need to consult a lawyer now, rather than waiting for something to happen.  It may be the case that it makes sense to wait on taking further action.  But you shouldn’t wait for consult to better understand the situation, your rights, potential liabilities and potential consequences of actions or inaction.  

We have many payment options and many different fee structures, depending on the specifics of your situation, ranging from traditional full-scale representation with hourly fees to alternate fee structures, including limited-representation unbundled services.  We work with clients on a variety of fee structures, including:

  •   Hourly Fee Arrangement
  •   Reverse Contingency Arrangement (for Defendants)
  •   Flat Fee Arrangement
  •   Hybrid Arrangements

We also provide Unbundled or a la Carte Services, in certain situations.

Where are you located?  Do I need to come to your office?”

We are located in Wilmington, DE, just outside downtown, near Trolley Square, and convenient to Route 202 Concorde Pike and I-95.  

You absolutely do not need to come to our office.  Many of our clients are located outside the state of Delaware, and we are used to communicating remotely.  Indeed, we frequently work remotely.  If for some reason you want to see me, we prefer to do so by zoom, but of course we can have a physical meeting if that is your preference and health and safety standards are met.

Contact The Law Office of James Tobia, LLC to schedule a consultation and to discuss representation, including payment options, by Email or by calling the firm’s Wilmington offices directly at (302) 655-5303.

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