Coronavirus COVID-19


At a time like this, your health and the health of your family, neighbors and friends are absolutely the most important things.  Please be smart and follow the government’s rules and recommendations. 

Because of efforts to slow the spread of novel coronavirus COVID-19, it seems like much of the country has shut down. 

While officially, the shut-down will last at minimum two weeks, there are additional closures daily, and there have been rumors and "leaked" estimates that we may be in this for a much longer period of time.  Although health and safety has to be our most important focus, in the back of your mind, you probably have some economic questions and concerns.

So, now what?

You are not going to like this answer, but I’m not sure.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is not being honest.  There are so many ways all of this can go.  How long the national response takes is the first part.  Initially, much of the country is closed or all but closed for two weeks.  Will it last longer, and if so how long?  Will everyone meet their financial requirements?   Contract obligations?  Will all affected businesses go under?  A second question is how will the government respond to the nationwide financial implications of a shut down.  There will likely be multiple policy decisions at the governmental level.  Are cash handouts going to save job and small businesses?  Will there be some policy decisions that will prevent mass bankruptcies?  Unless and until that happens, it is so hard to know what the outcome will be.  What should you do in the meantime? 

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