2020 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware

2020 Filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware, through 5/6/20, are listed below. Without going into a level of detail that most people do not real want, in many but not all cases, one can expect preference avoidance actions will be filed within 2 years of the bankruptcy filing date.  See 11 U.S. Code § 546.   Thus, we can anticipate that in or before 2022, we will see preference complaints filed in relation to those bankruptcy petitions filed in 2020.

Case Number      Debtor Name                                                            Date
20-10010-CSS    Borden Dairy Company                                       1/5/2020
20-10011-CSS    Borden Dairy Holdings, LLC                               1/5/2020
20-10012-CSS    National Dairy, LLC                                             1/5/2020
20-10013-CSS    Borden Dairy Company of Alabama, LLC          1/5/2020
20-10014-CSS    Borden Dairy Company of Cincinnati, LLC        1/5/2020
20-10015-CSS    Borden Transport Company of Cincinnati, LLC  1/5/2020
20-10016-CSS    Borden Dairy Company of Florida, LLC             1/5/2020
20-10017-CSS    Borden Dairy Company of Kentucky, LLC         1/5/2020
20-10018-CSS    Borden Dairy Company of Louisiana, LLC         1/5/2020
20-10019-CSS    Borden Dairy Company of Madisonville, LLC    1/5/2020
20-10020-CSS    Borden Dairy Company of Ohio, LLC                 1/5/2020
20-10021-CSS    Borden Transport Company of Ohio, LLC           1/5/2020
20-10022-CSS    Borden Dairy Company of South Carolina, LLC    1/5/2020
20-10023-CSS    Borden Dairy Company of Texas, LLC                1/5/2020
20-10024-CSS    Claims Adjusting Services, LLC                           1/5/2020
20-10025-CSS    Georgia Soft Serve Delights, LLC                         1/5/2020
20-10026-CSS    NDH Transport, LLC                                             1/5/2020
20-10027-CSS    RGC, LLC                                                              1/5/2020
20-10028-LSS    Paddock Enterprises, LLC        1/6/2020
20-10034-BLS    Education Corporation of America    1/6/2020
20-10072-JTD    REVA Medical, Inc.            1/14/2020
20-10091-CSS    Prometheus Health Imaging, Inc.        1/15/2020
20-10134-JTD    SFP Franchise Corporation        1/23/2020
20-10135-JTD    Schurman Fine Papers            1/23/2020
20-10156-MFW  BL Restaurants Holding, LLC        1/27/2020
20-10157-MFW  BL Restaurant Operations, LLC        1/27/2020
20-10158-KBO   Southland Royalty Company LLC        1/27/2020
20-10159-MFW  BL Restaurant Franchises, LLC        1/27/2020
20-10160-MFW  BL Hunt Valley, LLC            1/27/2020
20-10161-LSS    American Blue Ribbon Holdings, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10162-LSS    Legendary Baking, LLC            1/27/2020
20-10163-LSS    Legendary Baking Holdings, LLC        1/27/2020
20-10164-LSS    Legendary Baking of California, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10165-LSS    SVCC, LLC                1/27/2020
20-10166-JTD    Lucky's Market Parent Company, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10167-JTD    Lucky's Farmers Market Holding Company, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10168-JTD    Lucky's Market Operating Company, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10169-JTD    LFM Stores LLC                1/27/2020
20-10170-JTD    Lucky's Farmers Market, LP        1/27/2020
20-10171-JTD    Lucky's Farmers Market Resource Center, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10172-JTD    Lucky's Market Holding Company 2, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10173-JTD    Lucky's Market GP 2, LLC        1/27/2020
20-10174-JTD    Lucky's Market 2, LP            1/27/2020
20-10175-JTD    Lucky's Market of Longmont, LLC        1/27/2020
20-10176-JTD    Lucky's Farmers Market of Billings, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10177-JTD    Lucky's Farmers Market of Columbus, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10178-JTD    Lucky's Farmers Market of Rock Hill, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10179-JTD    LFM Jackson, LLC            1/27/2020
20-10180-JTD    Lucky's Farmers Market of Ann Arbor, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10181-JTD    Lucky's Market of Gainesville, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10182-JTD    Lucky's Market of Bloomington, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10183-JTD    Lucky's Market of Plantation, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10184-JTD    Lucky's Market of Savannah, GA, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10185-JTD    Lucky's Market of Traverse City, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10186-JTD    Lucky's Market of Naples, FL, LLC    1/27/2020
20-10187-JTD    Sinoc, Inc.                1/27/2020
20-10239-CSS    API Americas Inc.            2/2/2020
20-10240-CSS    API (USA) Holdings Limited        2/2/2020
20-10247-JTD    WC Hirshfeld Moore, LLC    2/3/2020
20-10248-JTD    WC 103 East Fifth, LLC    2/3/2020
20-10249-JTD    WC 320 Congress, LLC    2/3/2020
20-10250-JTD    WC 422 Congress, LLC    2/3/2020
20-10251-JTD    WC 805-809 East Sixth, LLC    2/3/2020
20-10252-JTD    WC 901 East Cesar Chavez, LLC    2/3/2020
20-10253-JTD    WC 1212 East Sixth, LLC    2/3/2020
20-10254-JTD    WC 9005 Mountain Ridge, LLC    2/3/2020
20-10255-KBO    EF Investment Holdings, Inc.    2/4/2020
20-10256-KBO    Earth Fare, Inc.    2/4/2020
20-10290-LSS    Valeritas Holdings, Inc.    2/9/2020
20-10291-LSS    Valeritas, Inc.    2/9/2020
20-10292-LSS    Valeritas Security Corporation    2/9/2020
20-10293-LSS    Valeritas US, LLC    2/9/2020
20-10312-BLS    RentPath Holdings, Inc.    2/12/2020
20-10313-BLS    RentPath, LLC    2/12/2020
20-10314-BLS    Consumer Source Holdings LLC    2/12/2020
20-10315-BLS    Discover Home Network, LLC    2/12/2020
20-10316-BLS    Easy Media, LLC    2/12/2020
20-10317-BLS    Electronic Lead Management, Inc.    2/12/2020
20-10318-BLS    Electronic Lead Management MA, Inc.    2/12/2020
20-10319-BLS    Electronic Lead Management VA, Inc.    2/12/2020
20-10320-BLS    Live Response Solutions Holdings, LLC    2/12/2020
20-10321-BLS    Live Response Solutions, LLC    2/12/2020
20-10322-BLS    Viva Group, LLC    2/12/2020
20-10323-BLS    Viva Group Brokerage, Inc.    2/12/2020
20-10332-JTD    SpineGuard, Inc.    2/13/2020
20-10342-LSS    Delaware BSA, LLC    2/18/2020
20-10343-LSS    Boy Scouts of America    2/18/2020
20-10344-MFW  VIP Property Management II, LLC    2/18/2020
20-10345-MFW  VIP Cinema Holdings, Inc.    2/18/2020
20-10346-MFW  HIG Cinema Intermediate Holdings, Inc.    2/18/2020
20-10347-MFW  VIP Components, LLC    2/18/2020
20-10348-MFW  VIP Cinema, LLC    2/18/2020
20-10360-KBO    Hygea of Delaware, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10361-KBO    Hygea Holdings Corp.    2/19/2020
20-10362-KBO    Hygea Health Holdings, Inc.    2/19/2020
20-10363-KBO    All Care Management Services, Inc.    2/19/2020
20-10364-KBO    First Harbour Health Management, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10365-KBO    First Harbour Medical Centers, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10366-KBO    Florida Group Healthcare LLC    2/19/2020
20-10367-KBO    Gemini Healthcare Fund, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10368-KBO    Hygea Acquisition Longwood, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10369-KBO    Hygea Acquisition Orlando, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10370-KBO    Hygea IGP, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10371-KBO    Hygea IGP of Central Florida, Inc.    2/19/2020
20-10372-KBO    Hygea Medical Centers of Florida, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10373-KBO    Hygea Medical Partners, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10374-KBO    Hygea of Georgia, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10375-KBO    Hygea of Pembroke Pines, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10376-KBO    Hygea Primum Acquisition, Inc.    2/19/2020
20-10377-KBO    Medlife Activity Center, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10378-KBO    Mobile Clinic Services, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10379-KBO    Palm A.C. MSO, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10380-KBO    Palm Allcare Medicaid MSO, Inc.    2/19/2020
20-10381-KBO    Palm Allcare MSO, Inc.    2/19/2020
20-10382-KBO    Palm Medical Group, Inc.    2/19/2020
20-10383-KBO    Palm Medical MSO LLC    2/19/2020
20-10384-KBO    Palm Medical Network, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10385-KBO    Palm MSO System, Inc.    2/19/2020
20-10386-KBO    Palm PGA MSO, Inc.    2/19/2020
20-10387-KBO    Physician Management Associates East Coast, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10388-KBO    Physician Management Associates SE, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10389-KBO    Physicians Group Alliance, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10390-KBO    Primum Alternatives, Inc.    2/19/2020
20-10391-KBO    Primum Healthcare, LLC    2/19/2020
20-10392-KBO    Professional Health Choice, Inc.    2/19/2020
20-10417-BLS    Cosi, Inc.    2/24/2020
20-10418-BLS    Xando Cosi Maryland, Inc.    2/24/2020
20-10419-BLS    Cosi Sandwich Bar, Inc.    2/24/2020
20-10420-BLS    Hearthstone Associates, LLC    2/24/2020
20-10421-BLS    Hearthstone Partners, LLC    2/24/2020
20-10422-BLS    Cosi Restaurant Holdings LLC    2/24/2020
20-10423-BLS    Cosi Franchise Holdings LLC    2/24/2020
20-10432-MFW    Suitable Technologies, Inc.    2/26/2020
20-10472-BLS    Roadhouse Parent Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10473-BLS    CraftWorks Holdings, LLC    3/3/2020
20-10474-BLS    CraftWorks Intermediate Co, LLC    3/3/2020
20-10475-BLS    CraftWorks Parent, LLC    3/3/2020
20-10476-BLS    Logan's Restaurants, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10477-BLS    Logan's Roadhouse of Kansas, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10478-BLS    Logan's Roadhouse of Texas, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10479-BLS    Big River Breweries, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10480-BLS    Brew Moon Colorado, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10481-BLS    Chophouse License, LLC    3/3/2020
20-10482-BLS    Craft Brewery Holding, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10483-BLS    CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries Group, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10484-BLS    CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10485-BLS    CraftWorks Restaurants & Breweries, LLC    3/3/2020
20-10486-BLS    GB Acquisition, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10487-BLS    GB Franchise, LLC    3/3/2020
20-10488-BLS    GB Kansas, LLC    3/3/2020
20-10489-BLS    GB Maryland, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10490-BLS    GB Parent, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10491-BLS    GBBR Texas, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10492-BLS    Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10493-BLS    Harbor East Brewery, LLC    3/3/2020
20-10494-BLS    Logan's Roadhouse, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10495-BLS    LRI Holdings, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10496-BLS    Old Chicago Franchising LLC    3/3/2020
20-10497-BLS    Old Chicago of Colorado, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10498-BLS    Old Chicago of Kansas, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10499-BLS    Old Chicago Oregon, LLC    3/3/2020
20-10500-BLS    Old Chicago Parker Crossing, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10501-BLS    Old Chicago Taproom, LLC    3/3/2020
20-10502-BLS    Old Chicago Westminster, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10503-BLS    Roadhouse Intermediate Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10504-BLS    Roadhouse Midco Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10505-BLS    Rock Bottom Arizona, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10506-BLS    Rock Bottom License, LLC    3/3/2020
20-10507-BLS    Rock Bottom of Minneapolis, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10508-BLS    Wadsworth Old Chicago, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10509-BLS    Walnut Brewery, Inc.    3/3/2020
20-10513-JTD    Lucky's Farmers Market of Ellisville, LLC    3/3/2020
20-10514-JTD    Lucky's Farmers Market of Lexington, KY, LLC    3/3/2020
20-10566-MFW    Bluestem Brands, Inc.    3/9/2020
20-10567-MFW    Haband Company LLC    3/9/2020
20-10568-MFW    Orchard Brands Sales Agency, LLC    3/9/2020
20-10569-MFW    Blair LLC    3/9/2020
20-10570-MFW    Home Forever LLC    3/9/2020
20-10571-MFW    Gold Violin LLC    3/9/2020
20-10572-MFW    Norm Thompson Outfitters LLC    3/9/2020
20-10573-MFW    Value Showcase LLC    3/9/2020
20-10574-MFW    Northstar Holdings Inc.    3/9/2020
20-10575-MFW    Bluestem Sales, Inc.    3/9/2020
20-10576-MFW    Appleseed's Holdings, Inc.    3/9/2020
20-10577-MFW    Bluestem Enterprises, Inc.    3/9/2020
20-10578-MFW    Bluestem Fulfillment, Inc.    3/9/2020
20-10579-MFW    Orchard Brands International, Inc.    3/9/2020
20-10580-MFW    Orchard Brands Corporation    3/9/2020
20-10581-MFW    Draper's & Damon's LLC    3/9/2020
20-10582-MFW    Johnny Appleseed's, Inc.    3/9/2020
20-10583-MFW    Wintersilks, LLC    3/9/2020
20-10701-CSS    BroadVision, Inc.    3/30/2020
20-10738-BLS    United States of America Rugby Football Union, Ltd    3/31/2020
20-10746-LSS    Rudy's Barbershop Holdings, LLC    4/2/2020
20-10747-LSS    Rudy's Barber Shop, LLC    4/2/2020
20-10748-LSS    Rudy's New York, LLC    4/2/2020
20-10749-LSS    Rudy's Hollywood, LLC    4/2/2020
20-10750-LSS    Rudy's Portland, LLC    4/2/2020
20-10751-LSS    Rudy's Southeast, LLC    4/2/2020
20-10755-BLS    Ravn Air Group, Inc.    4/5/2020
20-10756-BLS    Ravn Air Group Holdings, LLC    4/5/2020
20-10757-BLS    JJM, Inc.    4/5/2020
20-10758-BLS    HoTH, Inc.    4/5/2020
20-10759-BLS    Corvus Airlines, Inc.    4/5/2020
20-10760-BLS    Frontier Flying Service, Inc.    4/5/2020
20-10761-BLS    Hageland Aviation Services, Inc.    4/5/2020
20-10762-BLS    Peninsula Aviation Services, Inc.    4/5/2020
20-10766-KBO    Quorum Health Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10767-KBO    McKenzie-Willamette Regional Medical Center    4/7/2020
20-10768-KBO    MWMC Holdings, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10769-KBO    QHCCS, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10770-KBO    McKenzie Physician Services, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10771-KBO    Triad of Oregon, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10772-KBO    Springfield Oregon Holdings, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10773-KBO    Quorum Health Investment Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10774-KBO    Forrest City Holdings, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10775-KBO    Forrest City Clinic Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10776-KBO    Forrest City Arkansas Hospital Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10777-KBO    Ambulance Services of Forrest City, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10778-KBO    Paintsville HMA Physician Management, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10779-KBO    Paintsville Hospital Company,LLC    4/7/2020
20-10780-KBO    Phillips Hospital Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10781-KBO    Phillips Clinic Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10782-KBO    Mesquite Clinic Management Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10783-KBO    MMC of Nevada, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10784-KBO    Fort Payne Clinic Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10785-KBO    Fort Payne HBP, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10786-KBO    Fort Payne Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10787-KBO    Fort Payne RHC Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10788-KBO    QHC California Holdings, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10789-KBO    Hospital of Barstow, Inc.    4/7/2020
20-10791-KBO    Barstow Healthcare Management, Inc.    4/7/2020
20-10792-KBO    Blue Ridge Georgia Holdings, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10793-KBO    Blue Ridge Georgia Hospital Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10794-KBO    Hidden Valley Medical Center, Inc.    4/7/2020
20-10795-KBO    Fannin Regional Orthopaedic Center, Inc.    4/7/2020
20-10796-KBO    Anna Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10797-KBO    Anna Clinic Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10798-KBO    Knox Clinic Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10799-KBO    In-Home Medical Equipment Supplies and Services, I    4/7/2020
20-10800-KBO    Galesburg Professional Services, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10801-KBO    Galesburg Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10802-KBO    Granite City ASC Investment Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10803-KBO    Granite City Clinic Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10805-KBO    Granite City HBP Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10806-KBO    Granite City Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10807-KBO    Granite City Illinois Hospital Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10808-KBO    Granite City Orthopedic Physicians Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10809-KBO    Granite City Physicians Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10810-KBO    Edwardsville Ambulatory Surgery Center, L.L.C.    4/7/2020
20-10811-KBO    Marion Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10812-KBO    Memorial Management, Inc.    4/7/2020
20-10813-KBO    River to River Heart Group, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10814-KBO    Southern Illinois Medical Care Associates, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10815-KBO    Heartland Rural Healthcare, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10816-KBO    National Imaging of Carterville, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10817-KBO    Crossroads Physician Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10818-KBO    National Imaging of Mount Vernon, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10819-KBO    National Healthcare of Mt. Vernon, Inc.    4/7/2020
20-10820-KBO    King City Physician Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10821-KBO    Red Bud Clinic Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10822-KBO    Red Bud Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10823-KBO    Red Bud Illinois Hospital Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10824-KBO    Red Bud Physician Group, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10825-KBO    Red Bud Regional Clinic Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10826-KBO    Monroe County Surgical Center, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10827-KBO    Waukegan Clinic Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10828-KBO    Waukegan Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10829-KBO    Waukegan Illinois Hospital Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10830-KBO    Lindenhurst Illinois Hospital Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10831-KBO    Lindenhurst Surgery Center, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10832-KBO    OHANI, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10834-KBO    Jackson Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10835-KBO    Jackson Physician Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10837-KBO    Kentucky River HBP, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10838-KBO    Kentucky River Physician Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10839-KBO    Hospital of Louisa, Inc.    4/7/2020
20-10840-KBO    Three Rivers Medical Clinics, Inc.    4/7/2020
20-10841-KBO    Williamston Clinic Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10842-KBO    Williamston HBP Services, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10843-KBO    Williamston Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10844-KBO    Deming Clinic Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10845-KBO    Deming Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10846-KBO    Deming Nursing Home Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10847-KBO    San Miguel Clinic Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10848-KBO    San Miguel Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10849-KBO    Summit Emergency Medicine, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10851-KBO    Big Bend Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10852-KBO    Tooele Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10853-KBO    Tooele Clinic Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10854-KBO    CHS Utah Holdings, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10855-KBO    Ambulance Services of Tooele, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10856-KBO    Evanston Clinic Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10857-KBO    Evanston Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10858-KBO    QHC ARM Shared Services, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10859-KBO    QHC HIM Shared Services, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10860-KBO    QHR Development, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10861-KBO    QHR Healthcare Affiliates, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10862-KBO    QHR Intensive Resources, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10863-KBO    QHR International, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10864-KBO    Quorum Health Resources, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10865-KBO    Quorum Purchasing Advantage, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10866-KBO    Quorum Solutions, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10867-KBO    Quorum Health Foundation, Inc.    4/7/2020
20-10868-KBO    Our Healthy Circle    4/7/2020
20-10869-KBO    Quorum Health Corporation Political Action Committ    4/7/2020
20-10870-KBO    DHSC, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10871-KBO    Doctors Hospital Physician Services, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10872-KBO    Massillon Community Health System LLC    4/7/2020
20-10873-KBO    Massillon Health System, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10874-KBO    Massillon Holdings, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10875-KBO    Massillon Physician Services, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10876-KBO    QHG of Massillon, Inc.    4/7/2020
20-10877-KBO    Augusta Hospital, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10878-KBO    Augusta Physician Services, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10879-KBO    CSRA Holdings, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10880-KBO    Monroe Diagnostic Testing Centers, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10881-KBO    Monroe HMA Physician Management, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10882-KBO    Monroe HMA, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10883-KBO    Barrow Health Ventures, Inc.    4/7/2020
20-10884-KBO    Georgia HMA Physician Management, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10885-KBO    Winder HMA, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10886-KBO    Hamlet H.M.A., LLC    4/7/2020
20-10887-KBO    Hamlet HMA Physician Management, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10888-KBO    Hamlet HMA PPM, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10889-KBO    Blue Island Clinic Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10890-KBO    Blue Island HBP Medical Group, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10891-KBO    Blue Island Hospital Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10892-KBO    Blue Island Illinois Holdings, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10893-KBO    QHC Blue Island Urgent Care Holdings, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10894-KBO    Central Alabama Physician Services, Inc.    4/7/2020
20-10895-KBO    Greenville Clinic Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10896-KBO    Greenville Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10897-KBO    Clinton Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10898-KBO    Haven Clinton Medical Associates, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10899-KBO    Lock Haven Clinic Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10900-KBO    McKenzie Clinic Corp.    4/7/2020
20-10901-KBO    Ambulance Services of McKenzie, Inc.    4/7/2020
20-10902-KBO    McKenzie Tennessee Hospital Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10903-KBO    Sunbury Clinic Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10904-KBO    Sunbury Hospital Company, LLC    4/7/2020
20-10905-KBO    Big Spring Hospital Corporation    4/7/2020
20-10910-CSS    TZEW Holdco LLC    4/8/2020
20-10911-CSS    Apex Parks Group, LLC    4/8/2020
20-10912-CSS    Apex Real Property Holdings, LLC    4/8/2020
20-10913-CSS    Speedzone Beverage Company, LLC    4/8/2020
20-10914-CSS    Speedzone Holdings, LLC    4/8/2020
20-10915-CSS    Speedzone Management, LLC    4/8/2020
20-10916-CSS    TZEW Intermediate Corp.    4/8/2020
20-10927-MFW  Pace Industries, LLC    4/12/2020
20-10928-MFW  KPI Holdings, LLC    4/12/2020
20-10929-MFW  KPI Capital Holdings, Inc.    4/12/2020
20-10930-MFW  KPI Holdings, Inc.    4/12/2020
20-10931-MFW  KPI Intermediate Holdings, Inc.    4/12/2020
20-10932-MFW  Pace FQE, LLC    4/12/2020
20-10933-MFW  Pace Industries, Inc.    4/12/2020
20-10934-MFW  Pace Industries of Mexico, L.L.C.    4/12/2020
20-10935-MFW  Port City Group, Inc.    4/12/2020
20-10936-MFW  Muskegon Castings, LLC    4/12/2020
20-10937-MFW  Alloy Resources, LLC    4/12/2020
20-10940-LSS    Alpha Entertainment LLC    4/13/2020
20-10941-CSS    True Religion Apparel, Inc.    4/13/2020
20-10942-CSS    TRLG Intermediate Holdings, LLC    4/13/2020
20-10943-CSS    True Religion Sales, LLC    4/13/2020
20-10944-CSS    TRLGGC Services, LLC    4/13/2020
20-10945-CSS    Guru Denim LLC    4/13/2020
20-10950-BLS    Longview Intermediate Holdings C, LLC    4/14/2020
20-10951-BLS    Longview Power, LLC    4/14/2020
20-10953-LSS    SureFunding, LLC    4/14/2020
20-10973-JTD    Apogee Healthcare Holdings LLC    4/20/2020
20-11007-CSS    Superior Air Charter, LLC    4/28/2020
20-11033-KBO   Klausner Lumber One LLC    4/30/2020
20-11043-MFW  John Varvatos Enterprises, Inc.    5/6/2020
20-11044-MFW  Lion/Hendrix Corporation    5/6/2020
20-11045-MFW  John Varvatos Apparel Corp.    5/6/2020
20-11049-LSS    Techniplas, LLC    5/6/2020
20-11050-LSS    Techniplas Finance Corp.    5/6/2020
20-11051-LSS    Nyloncraft, Inc.    5/6/2020
20-11052-LSS    DMP Monterrey Holdings LLC    5/6/2020
20-11053-LSS    WEIDPLAS North America, LLC    5/6/2020
20-11054-LSS    DMP International Holdings, LLC    5/6/2020
20-11055-LSS    Nyloncraft of Michigan, LLC    5/6/2020
20-11056-LSS    DMP Exports, Inc.    5/6/2020
20-11060-KBO  The Aldo Group Inc. and The Aldo Group Inc.    5/7/2020
20-11061-KBO  Southwest Capital Holdings Inc. and Southwest Capital Holdings Inc.    5/7/2020
20-11062-KBO  Aldo U.S. Inc. and Aldo U.S. Inc.    5/7/2020
20-11063-KBO  Aldo Marketing LLC and Aldo Marketing LLC    5/7/2020
20-11064-KBO  Aldo Shoes West Forty Second, LLC and Aldo Shoes West Forty Second, LLC    5/7/2020
20-11065-KBO  Aldo 1125 Third Ave. Corp. and Aldo 1125 Third Ave. Corp.    5/7/2020
20-11066-KBO  Aldo 5th Ave. Inc. and Aldo 5th Ave. Inc.    5/7/2020
20-11067-KBO  Aldo 250 West 125 Inc. and Aldo 250 West 125 Inc.    5/7/2020
20-11068-KBO  1230 Avenue of the Americas LLC and 1230 Avenue of the Americas LLC    5/7/2020
20-11087-JTD    Sustainable Restaurant Holdings, Inc.    5/12/2020
20-11088-JTD    SRG Operations, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11089-JTD    Quickfish, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11090-JTD    Bamboo Sushi, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11091-JTD    Quickfish Pearl District, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11092-JTD    Quickfish SW Stark, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11093-JTD    Quickfish Slabtown, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11094-JTD    Quickfish Avanti (Bamboo Sushi Avanti), LLC    5/12/2020
20-11095-JTD    Bamboo Sushi NE Alberta, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11096-JTD    Bamboo Sushi Lake Oswego, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11097-JTD    Bamboo Sushi SW 12th, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11098-JTD    Bamboo Sushi Denver Lo-Hi, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11099-JTD    Bamboo Sushi NW 23rd, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11100-JTD    Bamboo Sushi Seattle Cap Hill, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11101-JTD    Bamboo Sushi U Village Seattle, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11102-JTD    Bamboo Sushi Embarcadero SF, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11103-JTD    Bamboo Sushi Bishop Ranch, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11104-JTD    Bamboo Sushi Kierland Scottsdale, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11105-JTD    Bamboo Sushi Commissary Kitchen, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11106-JTD    Bamboo Sushi Biltmore Phoenix, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11107-JTD    Bamboo Sushi Valley Fair, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11108-JTD    Bamboo Sushi Washington Square, LLC    5/12/2020
20-11119-LSS    CTTS Leasing, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11120-LSS    Comcar Industries, Inc.    5/17/2020
20-11121-LSS    CCC Spotting, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11122-LSS    CCC Transportation, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11123-LSS    Coastal Transport Logistics, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11124-LSS    Commercial Carrier Logistics, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11125-LSS    CT Transportation, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11126-LSS    CTL Distribution Logistics, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11127-LSS    CTL Transportation, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11128-LSS    Fleet Maintenance Services, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11129-LSS    MCT Transportation, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11130-LSS    Midwest Coast Logistics, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11131-LSS    16th Street Pompano Beach, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11132-LSS    Charlotte Avenue Auburndale, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11133-LSS    Comcar Logistics, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11134-LSS    Cortez Blvd. Brooksville, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11135-LSS    East Broadway Tampa, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11136-LSS    East Columbus Drive Tampa, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11137-LSS    New Kings Road Jacksonville, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11138-LSS    Old Winter Haven Road Auburndale, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11139-LSS    W. Airport Blvd. Sanford, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11140-LSS    Willis Shaw Logistics, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11141-LSS    WSE Transportation, LLC    5/17/2020
20-11142-LSS    Comcar Properties, Inc.    5/17/2020
20-11143-LSS    Coastal Transport, Inc.    5/17/2020
20-11144-LSS    Commercial Carrier Corporation    5/17/2020
20-11145-LSS    Commercial Truck and Trailer Sales Inc.    5/17/2020
20-11146-LSS    CTL Distribution, Inc.    5/17/2020
20-11147-LSS    Midwest Coast Transport, Inc.    5/17/2020
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